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Spooks-Series 10 Episode 4 -Recap

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Written by : published Monday 10th October 2011

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In prison, a group of Muslims chant ritual prayers. In London, Erin says goodbye to her little girl and kisses her mum goodbye as a prison mullah across town telephones black men sitting in cars outside her home. The prison mullah gives a young man a mission and he says to the men atching Erin;s hosue that she will be taken care of.

Harry briefs the grid on the Gavriks and Tariq’s death so the partnership with the Russian get messy. The Americans want the favor of the Brits. harry says they cant kick them around like a second rate banana republic. Cullum makes glib remarks about the 5 of them being up against the CIA. Ruth is tasked with exposing Jim Culver.

Harry talks about the mullah inciting hatred about non-Muslims. Harry says the prisons policy lets the mullah use the prison as a finishing school for extremists. the Home Secretary says he would be worse off ranting on the streets. The Home Secretary calls off the close sharing with the Americans on the debriefing side.

The insider comes to meet with Erin but the help bringing out his daughter  abroad. The man says the people threatened must blow themselves up. the handler is due to call at midday. Erin breathlessly says they have to figure out the op and get the informer out of danger. She gives him a transmitter which is also a tracking device. Erin says it will all be over very soon and promises he will be reunited with his daughter.

Erin briefs the grid. Sayeeda the mullah was incensed by Bin Laden’s death. His second appeal has been denied. Prisoners will be used to put an attack on London. The man in Eastland prison is an informer for MI-5, he was a Pakistani lecturer with a daughter held by the Sayeeda group abroad. Erin has promised the man safe passge for his daughter in exchange for cooperation. Erin prods Ruth to appeal to the Home Secretary for help with the red tape getting the informer’s daughter for him.

The chosen martyr questions the informer. He says his family won’t talk to him. But the man with the daughter tries to talk the martyr out of doing the job. The young man thinks being related to Taliban is a being a rockstar. The professor pleads peace and the young martyr suspects he is a turncoat.

Ruth says she has figured out how to get the proof against CIA spook  Jim Culver. But Harry is distracted by a reminder from Ruth that Erin wants the daughter saved.

Hary ponders the Jim Culver mess. Ruth wants to help about Culver but she’d need Elena and Sasha to help. Ruth goes to the home secretary and evidently Ruth has accepted the job. She hasn’t told Harry first. Ruth finds out the Home Secretary will only approve the transfer with a positive outcome. He says Ruth will learn the game of politics in time.

Meanwhile Harry later speaks to Gavrik with the Home Secretary present about how do you go forward sharing secrets. Gavrik wants to know if the Americans know they are sharing intelligence. Harry says no and wonders whether the FSB killed JFK. Gavrik responds the CIA and the Mafia. Gavrik says he thought everyone knew that.

Sasha and Elena meet Ruth and Harry. Elena agrees to be bait for a trap for Jim Culver. Harry intends that Culver think Elena is trying to warn him that Harry is knowing about them. Ruth and Sasha watch as Elena sits on a park bench. Culver comes but goes away after leaving the American woman operative to kill Mrs. Gavrik. She misses. Sasha comes back from the bushes while Ruth watches Harry and Elena embrace in fear. Ruth gets the license plate number.

A man from Eastland prison is caught and admits to selling high grade explosives. The detonation is close. But the man with the daughter doesn’t want to answer the phone call call rushing him to martyrdom. Erin wants the call to trap the handler. The martyr gives the lecturer a chance not to go on with it. The martyr says for the first time he feels like there is a higher purpose and things make sense. The plant ditches the transmitter. He goes to talk with Erin while the roommate showers.

The lecturer talks to Erin while the bombers cleanse and prepare. The college lecturer says Mani the martyr doesn’t deserve to die. Erin says he has to stay with them. The Pakistani professor says he keeps coming back to the same place, the same destiny. Erin says nobody is going to die today. As Callum and Erin listen the minders arrive. They’re off to meet the handlers.

Erin sees the Middle Eastern men led behind some heavy metal walls and the broadcasting from the bug stops. The handlers are the men in the car n front of Erin’s house and they know she is MI-5. The handler says he can’t trust him and the plan has changed. The handlers show his a phone call of his daughter. The martyr gets upset and says they are not traitors.

The martyr is held by the handlers and cites holy scripture about not harming old people nor children or women. he says Aseeda would never have authorized this and the handler says nothing can interfere. The Sudanese handler has been responsible for the bombings abroad. Erin resolves to follow Rashad. But she loses him in the train tunnels. She follows him and is seen.

Rashad stuns Erin with a blow while Callum gets a flash from Karachi, the men have swapped cars. Harry says they are running out of options and to throw everything they have against them.

Ruth meets Jim Culver by the river. Ruth says it was a favor to Harry. Ruth admits to TrepTile park where Gavrik’s parents were murdered. Ruth says Harry is paranoid. Culver says because he knocked up Elena he wanted to extract Mrs. Gavrik. But Culver leaves in a car with matching plates from the murder attempt on Mrs. Gavrik. Ruth calls Harry and says she has the proof he needs.

The handlers prepare to kill the Pakistani lecturer and make a bomb. The martyr watches helplessly as events unfold. Mani calls his brother and Callum tracks the call. But his brother hangs up the call. Callum works some radar magic. Harry orders Demetri and Erin to go there.

The Sudanese handler comes into the room and catches his making the call. he shoves the Pakistani informer in as well. he says that MI-5 has been onto them from the beginning when they left the prison. He shoots Mani and grabs the informer and runs. Erin finds Mani and calls for help. Erin begs Mani to tell her where the attack is and he says a square.

Dmetri gets attacked by Asher escaping and says he got away. In Trafalgar Square, helicopters range overhead when camera look for Asher. But the Pakistani informer wanders in a  daze, wired  up with explosives. Erin meets him and he hands her a cellphone here her own daughter is now waiting with Asher.

Harry tries to intercept the car. He says if they try to save lives and leave the area she dies. He demands MI-5 allow it to happen. Or Erin’s daughter will die. Callum runs a trace. Dmetri leaves the scene to go for the handler. He is 2 kilometers away. The strike team for the bomb takes position. Erin starts crying because she cant move or leave.

Demtris get to the Asher apartment. Harry is begged by Erin not to fire. Demetri acquires the target and kills Asher. Erin sees a red line cross the informer’s head and he is shot. Erin is petrified until Dmetri advises her daughter is safe and the target is down. Erin crumples in relief and then waits to be reunited with her daughter again.

Erin falls into Dmetris’arms. E goes to quit. Harry says for her to remember why she joined the service in the first time. Dmetri and Erin talk to each other. Ruth admits to Harry about the Secretary’s job offer and Harry says to take it because he doesn’t want her involved in what’s coming up.

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