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The New Girl s01e03 "Wedding"

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Written by : published Sunday 9th October 2011

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Reminder: The one with the wedding, of course!


Everyone is going to a wedding. Whose wedding? Doesn't really matter. But Jess is going to be Nick's date because his ex Caroline is going to be there, and he wants her to know that he's fine. Everyone stresses to Jess that she needs to be as normal as possible about the whole thing, but that means pretending she's someone else, and that doesn't last long.

At the wedding, Jess's fawning makes Caroline jealous and Nick goes to win her back based on that jealousy. They hang out together through the whole wedding, he gets his hopes up, and then it comes out that she's got a boyfriend and she shouldn't have been doing any of this. He's crushed, gets drunk, and retreats into a photobooth. Jess saves him with a simple question: is he going to let this ruin his night, or is he going to get over it and move on, finally. He decides to move on, and tells Caroline that they have to break it off properly. Then he goes to dance with Jess, even though he said he hates dancing.

Meanwhile, Winston is feeling the stress of being unemployed and takes a job as an usher, but he gets entirely shown up by an eight year old boy. This leads to competition that ends in the kid crying and running for his mom. After that, he goes to visit Jess when she's bummed before everything works out, and tells her that the other guys won't say so, but everyone is glad she's around.

Other meanwhile, Schmidt is trying to avoid an offputting woman who he winds up going home with everytime he goes to a wedding, and is lying his butt of to try to seduce the girl he had the hots for in high school. The latter is blown when the crush mistakes Jess being weird for a threat, and he winds up with the former. Again.


At the beginning, the intentional obnoxiousness was just as annoying as ever, but once they got everyone to the wedding, it improved drastically. It's almost like the writers wrote it less obnoxiously, but Zooey kicked it into high gear until the plot of the episode took off. And by the end, it was back to being heartwarming again. The part in the photobooth where she very calmly and rationally talks Nick down, followed by his sweetly asking her to dance was exactly what this show needs to be all the time: sweet, charming, and a little off-the-expected, without anyone being a total dweeb intentionally.

But you know, the more I watch this show, the more it feels like her weirdness is meant to be intentional. Like it's a defense mechanism that they haven't gotten around to tackling yet. Because if she can be so calm and rational at the end of the episode, it means she could have been at the beginning, and that sort of cuteness is way more real than the overblown attempts at the beginning when she's stalling.

Let's hope that's how it goes, and not the other way, into sheer annoynace.

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