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CSI: New York- Cavalino Rampante- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 9th October 2011

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Policeman Messer briefs his patrol shift about a new ring of luxury car thieves who target now only Ferrarris. New York City is seeing a mammoth amount of these thefts. The crime rings are getting beyond the most sophisticated technology somehow. He sends out the patrols.

Two women gear up in sexy dresses and then cruise a Ferrari outside a bar. They steal the car using a high tech security device with a code readout and smile and drive off. But Messer and his partner find the stolen car running. It is parked in a parking garage. They also find a dead body of a young blonde in the trunk dead. Then Messer produces a run red light stop police camera photo with the some girl driving the car earlier that night.

Mac shows up at the crime scene. He says now all they have to do is find out who killed her.
Danville and Flack discuss how lucrative it is stealing the Ferrari car for parts and resale. There is an unusual kind of powder on the controls but Jo Danville says the girl might not have been killed for the car. Mac orders an autopsy. But the superficial contusions don’t show actual cause of death. Toxicology is clean. Nothing suggest a cardiac episode.

Flack screens a man with a stolen car and other victims of Ferrari theft. The owner of the stolen ferrari, Purdue wants to know about any damage. Other car theft victims had stories to tell. Flak catches one of the victims who framed the theft to collect the insurance money. Mac presents pictures of the two women but nobody recognizes them. He investigates who they are.

Danville rolls up under the Ferrari. The registration does not match the Purdue ferrari. Adam shows  Mac and Danville how the security code cloning gizmo fools the receiver by transmitting every code in existence and eliminating the ones that don’t work. Sequence coding approval isolates the right code. Changing the VIN of a stolen car with equipment from a clean car further masks the theft.

The code descrambler device was very damaged and Adam finds a latent print. Danville and Mac think the competition muscled in. The print is of an ex-con wanted for car theft. Flack knocks on the man’s door but sees he is much older and sick in a wheelchair. Flack is puzzled until the man says “I guess you are here about my daughters”.  The two girls are the daughters of a slick car thief.

Arthur used to be a felon inside for car theft. He didn’t give his kids a good childood. He says he made the device to help them because they couldn’t get an even shot at life, but he regretted it later. He says he hasn’t seen or even spoken to them. Mac turns the remaining sister to say where the surviving thief sister is. Syd still can’t find the cause of death.

Messer watches his colleague Cooper process paperwork due to a faulty collar. Messer says the time consumption will go into overtime and cause him to miss time with his family. Messer dresses her down and Mac watches. Messer glances up to see Mac there. Mac commends Messer on being a good boss. Later Cooper invites Messer for drinks with the crowd.

The lab finds a the powder is a wound treatment. This is a cellulose flesh glue that masquerades as a flesh regrowth agent. Mac recognizes the science from biotechnology and requests the source. They investigate various local labs. The powder regrows wounds but has special side effects.

Adam and his colleague suggests Krav Maga as the cause of death. Possible the dead girl was strangled using Krav Maga advanced knowledge pressure points and her gall bladder. She was deliberately made to suffer sadistically. Mac and Syd review her cells in a microscope and see her cause of death was electrocution through her leather jacket. Syd says 0.1 amps were needed. Mac says the cloning device was adapted to become a stun gun by a clever killer.

Who would use Krav Maga? The suspect is Dominic Yanos, an Interpol criminal and now a ghost. He is wanted for drug and weapons charges and human trafficking. Janos killed a guard when caught shoplifting in his teens. He was then sent to Israel and abroad for prison.

He escaped using Krav Maga. Jans was recently a Medellin enforcer with a specialty in killing using electric shock. He was a killer in his teens. Dominic was supposed to have been burned in a yacht crash from which nobody survived. But if he was alive, the powder could mask the burn tissue.

Mac realizes one of his theft victims was actually Janos. Mac realizes that his interview victim was light sensitive. Flack and the police crew trail Yanos to Arthur’s apartment where death is all around.The man in the wheelchair is dead and the remaining daughter missing.

Purdue was being investigated for Cayman Islands money laundering. Purdue has reinvented himself in New York using the Nathan Purdue identity and a new business. Mac is frustrated. Danville and he conclude something was in the car important enough to make him break cover and put a target on thieve’ backs.

 Paint chips were also found in the crime scene. They see the other daughter was dialing 911 under the bed when they find her phone. Fingernail marks are seen on the carpet. Danville says she was not a car thief. Mac says she was taken for leverage against the other car thief, Nicole. Adam then comes in and reports that day Nicole has stolen a car with a vehicle recovery system.

They track Nicole to the stolen car, where Nathan has gone to meet her. Nicole wants to ransom her sister back. Janos wants revenge. Purdue says he will shoot the sister if does not get his car back. Mac guns down Purdue, who is suffering from side effects and weakens.

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