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Grey's Anatomy- What Men Know-recap

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Written by : published Saturday 8th October 2011

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Meredith tries to talk to Derek, who won’t make small talk. Derek comments in voice-over how the female brain and male brain are different. He has a surgery scheduled with Alex. Sloan teases Avery with a new conquest but can’t get over Avery getting Lexie. Karev fills out paperwork for the African patients.

The comic book convention has a huge accident and the trauma room is flooded. Meredith grabs a patient. Sloan doubts Hunt and says he is barely holding on. The doctors compete for the cases. Weber is anxious. Callie and Arizona take  trip leaving Mark with the baby.

The former chief has to go to skills lab but asks for Hunt’s grapes. Hunt hears the urgency of the cases and is frustrated to stick to the papers. When Alex says he is late for Derek’s procedure Weber gives him an excuse.

Alex comes into the surgery late and gets a huge lecture from Derek. Alex then says that he was in Maywood in 2212. Shepherd shuts up and so does the other doctor. Robin will kick Alex to the curb if he doesn’t publish the Africa paper. Derek is annoyed Alex just wants to log non-pediatric surgery. But in a critical surgery Alex solves a complex problem and feels the joy again.

Hunt says he has never done trauma in a tie. Weber claims the sexy zombie nurse. The makeup wounds make Weber calls fake surgical procedures.

One of th comic book victims lost an ear. He is playing a hobbit and falls in love with Kepner.
Derek snaps Alex back to the surgery. Derek orders an MRI. Alex makes a plan for the surgeon. Derek is angry that Alex wants to get credit for two non pediatric surgeries. Derek becomes so angry he kicks off the neuro.

Derek is called into an epidermal disagreement between a doctor and the nurse Bailey is dating. Shepherd tells the man (who used to date Bailey) how Bailey is now getting it on with the nurse and his magic hands. One of the surgical patients, Keith, is missing an ear. Keith argues with the man who got the best comic book. The patient loses the spinal fluid.

Hunt pushes paper but misses the thrill of the emergency surgery room. In the skills lab Weber Avery and Alex is operating on a grape. Weber says that he gets called into something complex. Alex Karev is anxious to work the paper. Karev comments that Sloane won’t let Avery finish a sentence in consulting or operating anymore.

Derek and Hut work on the house and Derek whines about how skilled Meredith was and how difficult it is to work with a clock puncher like Alex. Sloane sees the baby roll over onto the floor and freaks out. he brings the baby into Alex. Mark says that if he sees anyone in pediatrics thy ill call Callie and Arizona.

Hunt says his office is wherever he is. He disassembles the formal makeup of the chief of surgery;s office although Bailey stares furiously at him and takes a lamp.

Avery comes up with a great idea for the patient with an ear and a spinal fluid leak.

A violent patient who threw a bottle comes into the trauma room screaming at the conventioneers. The patient, Carter, who thinks he is a Hobbit and Alex realizes that he is there to meet Kepner. But the man interrupts when he patient

When Derek sees Sloane cut Avery out of the surgery for the third time and hands off his procedure. Shepherd offers Avery an opening with neuro. Sloane turns down an opportunity

The men hammer and sue powers saws and talk about their feeling. Derek and Hunt and Bailey’s ex and Avery lets loose all his feelings.

Weber and Alex operate on the injured hobbit Carter. Weber coaches Alex on his career moves. Avery uses the Mayfield in 22 excuse on Baley and Kepner is astonished. Karev finishes its paper and Weber wants to see it. Karev refuses to lt him see it but he grabs it.

Avery is torn between being big plastics and neuro trauma. Weber tells him to embrace it. Avery tells Bailey an excuse but Weber laughs when he realizes that Avery has overshared with his erectile dysfunction.

Sloan brings back the baby to Karev. Bailey’s ex gets irritated at Derek and irritated at Bailey for being happy with the nurse. Derek joins his fraternity for desk construction duty. Carter conks out with April but attracts the attention of the other comic book groupie.

Avery tells Sloane he was at Shepherd’s house last night working on his deck. Sloane offers the lead of the current plastic ear surgery to Avery, realizing he is passing up a chance at a talented resident out of resentment over Lexie.

Owen Hunt is on orders to apologize to the violent patient he hit but he refuses. He goes into the room a nd shuts the blinds. He tells the patient, whose jaw is wired that he feels god about what he did and he prevented a lot of people from getting injured. After assaulting the girl with the beer bottle and decking the patient Carter and coming through the hospital he doesn’t feel sorry.

Keith recovers from surgery and his friend comes back. He sold the comic book to pay his medical bills. The ear surgery was a success thanks to Avery’s suggestion.

Alex gets his paper back from the Chief and it is full of corrections. Avery takes pity on him and invites him to Derek’s to work it off. Avery yells at Derek when he comes to the house and sees Avery working there. he says that nobody uses his boy (Avery) and Avery is staying in plastics because of his talent and the investment he has made.

Derek says Sloane is not getting laid and that’s why he cares about Avery being stolen. Hunt holds the baby and enjoys it. Then Sloane is mad that when Derek decided on Chief of Surgery his name did not come up because he just had a baby. Derek implies Sloane would have made being a father second place to his job. Derek says he needs to man up with Meredith but he just can’t.

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