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Gossip Girl- Yes then Zero-recap

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Written by : published Friday 7th October 2011

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Nate and Chuck enjoy the California yacht bikini women but the invitations to the wedding intrude. Nate hides them. Serena brings coffee as the movie shoot of the Beautiful and the Damned goes well but the assistant writer Marshall takes it out on the new assistant, Serena. The producer asked him her thoughts on the scene. Serena placates Marshall. Serena asks Chuck for support standing up for herself.

Dan gets the invitation to Blair’s save the date for the wedding while he plays softball in the Hamptons. He wonders if Chuck has been invited. Dan’s story about Dillon Hunter is proofed in a piece in an upcoming Vanity Fair and Jim talks about how it is very like his writing. It is anonymous. Dan realizes the excerpt is actually from the novel he wrote.

Blair and the Prince return to New York. Louis says he will be there for her. They have spent a blissful summer. Blair is not quite a royal yet. Blair wants peonies in her bridal bouquet. Louis does not stand up to her. Blair is not sure this will work out. The seamstress for the wedding dress notices her sizes have changed and she is pregnant.

Vogue Paris wants a picture of Blair. Louis’ mother demands that Blair wear her own Royal wedding dress. Blair has her own reasons for not wanting to wear the smaller woman’s dress. Louis does not support Blair’s ideas. Dorota scans the Gossip Girl site for the baby test news. She gapes at the latest. The Gossip Girl blog says the baby will show soon. Dorota offers Blair a prosecco and is suspicious when Blair doesn’t drink.

Serena sees Nate and that Chuck holding up and he looks good. They live on Allegra Versace’s yacht which Chuck won in a power game. Chuck has a new philosophy of saying yes to everything. Chuck urges Serena to hold out for what she wants. Serena talks to Jane the producer and gets more responsibility. Marshall acts like an idiot.

Serena also declines the alcohol  offered by Chuck. Serena hears from Blair that Sophie is impossible. Dorota wants to discuss the pregnancy rumor. Serena gets Nate an audition and Chuck runs off with a stuntwoman. Chuck gets an ugly bruise. Marshall gives his work to Serena to get him out of the doghouse with Jane.

Dan says Vanessa stole his story. Dan outlines the story is about Blair the future Princess of Monaco. Dan realizes only Louis can help him stop the story breaking in Vanity Fair. Louis says he is trying to give in to his mother too much. She says she needs proof Louis is with her for her. Louis says she will accompany for the General Assembly gala. This was for Royals only.

Blair’s mother discovers Blair is testing Louis and thinks she is going too far. Blair says she is a Waldorf woman and needs her own voice. But Louis runs into Dan on the steps leaving for the gala and says that the story about to be published by Graydon Carter in Vanity Fair could end his Royal fairy tale. Dan implores Louis to help stop it.

Serena gets the director his medicinal marijuana. Nate Archibald flounders and bleeds a little stress to Serena. She says everyone that comes to Hollywood transforms themselves. Chuck learns from the stuntwoman that the director is weed-happy and needs a minder. Chuck finds Blair’s wedding invitation on the boat which Nate hid. He gulps. Chuck resolve to take more risks to forget Blair. He wipes out on the Hollywood Hills in a motorcycle.

At the director’s party the lights shine bright. Serena gets the star Patrick  the weed but Marshall erases this from the list to frame her. Nate Archibald gives a reporter (Liz Hurley) the tour of the house. He pretends it is his own home to impress her. She knowingly guides him into the master bedroom. She is the owner of the house. Nate finds this out after they get out of bed.

Serena gets the star of the movie the weed after asking Nate what the names of it mean. She delivers it to Patrick but finds the insurance agent talking to Marshall at the party. Marshall smugly advises Serena that Patrick being caught with the pot is a terrible idea, he is risking the completion bond. Serena realizes Marshall has framed her to get the marijuana to be called a risk and put out of the movie.

Marshall tells Serena that she doesn’t need the job and he does. He says she could get ten job offers just by doing a circuit of the room. Marshall says he has college loans and a car payment. Serena confesses to the insurance agent that she got played for a practical joke. Chuck comments later this is the first time she has owned up to anything.

Blair, in New York, comes to the loft to talk. She says to Dan that she wants to break up with Louis and call off the engagement. But when Louis appears she demands answers. Blair finds out about the book. Louis has managed to stave off the publication. Blair explodes at Dan for keeping the secret. Dan has a new story about what happened between he and Blair. He writes about what really happened.

Serena and Nate hear Chuck be a genius. Chuck hides the bruise. Nate comes back to the party house and gets his cellphone back. The woman teases him but before he got there she ended a phone call saying how she planned the whole thing and will see him in New York.

Serena comes to the movie set to pack her things but she is told by Jane she is needed with the director for the next movie. Serena tells Chuck and Nate she is staying In Hollywood. Chuck breaks open champagne from the limo.

Nearby at a bistro a young man tells his girlfriend Ivy how lucky they are her uncle left her all that money. Ivy turns to wait tables but sees Serena and tosses the waitress apron away. The boss yells at “Ivy" to hurry and they laugh and walk out. But Serena calls Ivy her phony name, Charlie, and marvels at what she is doing there.

Blair’s mother walks into her boudoir and confronts her about a maternity book she found in the pantry. Dorota steps forward and says she is pregnant. Blair and her mother relax.  Louis surprises Blair at the photo shoot with the peonies of her choosing. Blair realizes if the seamstress knows, by the time of the wedding everyone will know.

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