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How I Met Your Mother s07e04 "Stinson Missile Crisis"

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Written by : published Thursday 6th October 2011

How I Met Your Mother s07e04 "Stinson Missile Crisis" main image

Reminder: The one where Robin keeps getting drunk under tables, Barney has to dismantle his Bimbo Delivery System and Ted stands in for Lilly at a brithing class.


This is the narrator-Ted's flashback of a story Robin was telling to her court-mandated therapist, and includes a flsh forward to when Lilly is in labor and a flash back to Ted and Marshall sharing a room in the dorms in college. It also features Barney wearing the Ducky Tie from last week. Go continuity!

Here's what happened. Robin was arrested for assault, and it all goes back to Barney. Nora went out of town, and Robin jumped on the chance to prove that she's still worth noticing, and volunteered to help Barney get rid of all the ways he has set up to deliver dates. He's oblivious to her the whole time, of course, and in the end, it comes down to the choice of sending one last girl to ruin Barney and Nora's date when she comes back, or to stop her from interfering. She sends the girl, but then thinks better of it and get arrested trying to stop the girl.

Meanwhile, Lilly loves her doctor, who's some sort of eastern European and allows Lilly to have "a little bit" of just about anything she wants, including sushi and wine. Ted gets intrusive about the whole issue, and Lilly gets mad, causing her to skip the birthing class Ted signed them up for, so Ted has to sit in for her. While they're tere, Ted and Marshall worry about not listeing to Lilly's wants in this situation, Marshall realizes that it's his job to keep her happy, and Ted admits that he always thought he'd be married and having a kid at the same time. So they go back and apologize.


This is one of those episodes where you can see the writers trying to shake up the pattern a little. It's also one where they can be a little self-aware--it's from Robin's point of view, but it includes the Milly and Marshall storyline anyway, because it's actually Ted's flashback, and through the whole thing, she keeps insisting that it all ties together, even though it doesn't. Cute. It's one of the ways the writers pay off watchers for keeping watch.

It was a pretty good episode. Not really the sort of thing you'd want to base your real-life behavior on, but when is it ever? And it's hilarious that Dr Sonja is so unconcerned about all the things that are supposed to mess up a forming fetus. It lets Lilly be a weird mom, and it sets up for a huge freakout later on when they have to wonder if anything is wrong with the baby.

And Robin's continued poor management of the Barney situation creeps ever closer to something huge and dramatic having to happen, which I'd probably expect around midseason. What a great episode that should be!

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