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Modern Family "Our Children, Ourselves" reviewed

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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While the 3 story lines didn’t intersect this week it’s okay because it was quite funny on its own.

To start things off Alex earned the 2nd highest score in her class on a test. She was very upset because a boy in her class named Sanjay beat her test score as he normally does. She has resigned to the fact that it’s her fate to lose to him since his parents have impressive jobs and hers don’t.

It takes Phil and Claire awhile to realize that they have been insulted by Alex but also starts to worry she might be right when it kicks in. So what does Claire decide to do about it? She heads off to the theater to watch a French movie to better educate herself instead of the 3D film she originally was supposed to watch. Unfortunately she falls asleep during the movie and then worries it may have an effect on Alex. Later, Phil and Claire feel much better about themselves after they see Sanjay’s dad in the lobby struggling to figure out how to validate a parking pass.

Jay also isn’t happy because they have been asked to dinner by a couple that tracked them down from their vacation and invited them to dinner. Gloria has invited them to stay over which really frustrates Jay so how is she going to rectify his bad attitude? She tells the couple that her husband is senile which helps to ease their thoughts.

Cam and Mitchell run into the former’s ex which turns out to be a woman. He slept with her at their ten year high school reunion and fears that she had his child when he sees her kissing a small redhead from a distance. He decides that it’s the right thing to do to be a part of his sons life to only find out that not only is it not a child but his ex has married a midget. Talk about embarrassing.

Keep watching the show to see all of the new and exciting events yet to come.

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