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Spooks-Series 10 Episode 3-Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 5th October 2011

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Tariq is dead but the investigation efforts turn to a dirty bomb in the hands of a known anarchist. Ruth says he has the means to blow up London. Harry says the play is for the sister. The man Grier has a sister who lives in London and does internet dating. Dmitri is set up as her Internet date as a man called Ryan. Honeytrap is the ploy. On the date she says she has no brothers.

Harry asks Callum to track Tariq’s killer concurrent to the investigation. Dmetri says he is not comfortable to Erin but she says men all over the world are lying to women to get them into bed, don’t overthink it. He buys her another drink and they go back to her place.

She puts the moves n him and she ignores the phone ringing. She is upset to realize her brother is the one ringing and Dmetri feigns concern.  While she rings for a cab he reads the message and then when she comes back puts the moves on her to stay close.

Ruth goes to leave and Harry has a few words to say. Elena’s communiques must be collected. Can Ruth go and get them from her? Ruth agrees.

At the embassy, Elena tells Sasha to give Harry the messages. Sasha starts crying and says “Why did you do it?”. Sasha admits he killed Anatoloiy. He wants to know why she betrayed them. She says that her mother and father told me their coffins were closed because their car had caught fire. Three months before they died they were photographed in a park talking dissident in park. they were executed by the KGB.

Demetri wakes up in Grier’s sister;s flat in bed. He feels guilty. He gets dressed and looks through the house.

Ryan finds his Geiger counter and scans Grier’s clothing. The positive radiation from his clothing proves he is the source. He sprays his jacket. Callum scans Grier’s signal. They realize he is investigating Ryan’s legend and he needs to be at the estate agent;s in 5 minutes before Grier can track him. the contact tells Grier an address and Grier drives there to find him.

Grier flags him down as he tries to leave and says he won’t be around much. The Grid plans 8 teams of surveillance from Control. Eric tracks a meet and they flag a phone call. several old Grier contacts start massing as Grier collects friends and meets with them around London.

Ruth tracks the people in the park using age recognition software. So many contacts means too any people to track and they tap other resources. Erin tasks an Osprey to photograph the park from overhead. A lot of people with backgrounds in terrorism appear.

Meanwhile Elena visits an Impressionist museum. Elena notices that Harry loves her. Ruth reveals her real name. Elena says that Harry doesn’t trust anybody completely even himself. Sasha comes to gte his mother and Ruth’s feelings are involved.

Pearce says that Ryan/Dmetri has the sister’s trust. Pearce says they face a dirty bomb threat. Harry says with a separate operator like Blakeson the threat is huge.

The Home Secretary calls Ruth to tell her to write her own ticket.He is still offering her Harry’s job.

Dmetri finds his date, the sister at home. They want to go for a drink. He searches the place and Grier catches him. He says he lost some money. Dmetri says to her it might be a good idea to get her mad brother on side if they are going to be seeing each other. Ryan/Dmetri needs to find the notebook.

While they are at the bar the team from the grid search and sweep the apartment. Johnny talks about corrupt and vicious dictators and talks mad nonsense. Ryan/Dmetri ignores him as he freaks out and ticks off some footballers.

Ruth finds a Kislov ballet where Ilya has a cover. one of the messages does menton that night. harry realizes Jim Culver wrote the messages and traced Elena into thinking it was Harry he was involved then he knew about the hit.

Callum finds the notebook just as Johnny Grier starts a fight and gets them kicked out of the bar. Grier grabs his bag and says he has stuff to do. The girl says that he is supposed to be falling udner spell. She wants to go way but he can’t because he wants to track Johnny. Ryan/Dmetri plays along.

Sasha and Harry meet. Pearce reveals it was CIA man Culver. Sasha says he needs a name. Harry won’t let him involved himself further. Sasha does not understand why Harry came himself. Harry looks longingly at his(secret)  son Sasha and says ‘No particular reason”.

Callum breaks the seal on Tariq’s apartment. Callum checks up on Tariq’s last computer operations. He wants to know what he finds.

The Home Secretary meets Ruth for dinner. Ruth says her life has been small. Home Secretary said his pet hate is stifled potential. He insists she call him William. he says he does not want to be a homewrecker. Ruth says she is sick of secrets it stops you from knowing people and everyone ends up feeling alone.

Ruth tracks Grier’s operation. A company called Vellummont is a part of the big three. The CEO is an arrogant man called Reddon. They mad each a  billion trading yen. Letters from Natalie are suicide goodbye letters and Harry orders Dmetri/Ryan to stick to Grier’s side.

At Thames House emergency breaks.

Dmetri is told that he must track Grier and Nathalie is longer the priority. They need the target off Grier and then his cover is blown. Ryan fakes a lot of anti-Establishment doubletalk.He finds Grier has got pancreatic cancer. Dmetri speaks to Grier about hi smuggling heroin and radioactive material into the country. He finds out the hedge fund is the target and he has about 20 minutes.

Erin and the Grid open an empty truck. The bomb squad has nothing to work with. Dmetri realizes Grier had him bugged all along.Dmetri figures out they were after Reddon and the Mi-5 team told him to stay off the protected channels. Dmetri says eh will go after him.

Redodn comes through t eh glass doors as Johnny Grier comes up to him with a radioactive isotope in a tube. Dmetri comes running up and demands a weapon from the security. Grier confronts Demetri. Johnny doesn’t listen. Dmetri says for Johnny to die alone in the building means nothing and nobody’s watching, and nobody will learn anything.

Johnny breaks the tube and the explosive affects him.The incident  is reported as a chemical spill. Erin gives Dmetri a Dear John letter to use on Natalie. Johnny Grier lies in a plastic tube bed. But when Natalie calls Dmetri dumps the phone.

Callum calls Harry, Ruth and Erin to review his results. He shows them the bug on Tariq’s computer. He finds that the woman who met the courier with the briefcase was a CIA operative also at the Gavrik reception. Callum and Erin are stunned to learn of Harry’s involvement. This means the CIA killed Tariq and bombed their computers and stole data.

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