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The Good Wife- The Death Zone- Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 5th October 2011

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Alicia defends a mountaineer whose book claims his brother was killed on the Alps peaks. A British man is defamed and sues to get the book as told libelous. The British man took his oxygen tube to get to the top but the man was on the phone with his wife. The other mountaineers claim to be pure climbers and not use equipment.

Mount Everest is the climb and the video shows a group climbing. The man died of oxygen deprivation. Evidence says the book is untrue. Hypoxia may have held to hallucinations. The British lawyers after Alicia wins at close in with British libels laws with emphasis on burden on the defendant. Alicia is now in a legal case under British court law.

The book now is being sold in Britain because the British law firm has bought copies online to make the libel case apply. Cardiff took the man’s oxygen tank. The phone calls to his wife show that the last moments of his life show that the British man could have saved him instead of taking his oxygen.

Eli gets a chance to handle a spin crisis for a big campaign manager. But Eli is a known Democrat. Kalinda tracks the man meeting with Mickey as a subterfuge client in an SUV. Harold Burke is an ex-senator is the client who the crisis and scandal with the nanny. But Eli can’t figure out why Mickey doesn’t hire him. Then he realizes that Mickey doesn’t have the money.

The British attorney runs circles around Will, Alicia and the Irish attorney they are suing for the English case. They have to run the case on British time. Alicia loses her temper because the British attorney plays to the British rules and his lordship the judge eats this up.

Eli is being harnessed by Mickey to get the goods on a politico Eli couldn’t actually work for. Eli catches the man trying to win his new client on the back of Kalinda’s judgement. Kalinda says that the man has not been hired and Eli calls him on it. Eli is not known for working for a Republican. But he says if he gets the job he will be hired after the fact. Mickey is amazed Eli will work for a Republican but Eli says he is not bad.

Florrick calls Diane into a bid for a huge piece of legal business for the State’s Attorney. Cary sits in on the meeting. Three firms go in. But part of the qualification is a full audit to get rid of doubts regarding Lemont Bishop drug money. (Alicia and Florrick are divorcing and their financial records are pertinent). Diane is not sure where this is headed.

Florrick has his son over for dinner. Florrick makes food while Zach watches him. Zach wants to know why his mother kicked his father out. Zach says she doesn’t kick someone out for no reason. Zach wants to know what Florrick did. Florrick dances around telling the truth but Zach guesses. Zach realizes his mother is standing up for herself.

The climber’s case is devised around the laws of the Death Zone where climbers can pass over others dying to achieve their climb. Will says the case is giving him American revolution fantasies. Alicia offers to dress up. they plan to have sex in ten minutes in Will’s executive bathroom. But Diane casually sees them before they can escape into an assignation.

In the British case, the judge is a lord who watches from video cam from Britain. Alicia and Will go afoul of the niceties.

Diane suggests to Will  they offer to open their books to an independent accounting firm to get the State’s Attorney’s business. Will says Florrick is trying to run a clean office but shoots a worried look to Alicia. Diane finds out that only their firm has been asked to open their books.

Zach comes home and helps Alicia with dinner. Zach wants to know if Zach is like Peter. She says he is very different. Zach is starting to perceive his father may have given his mother more than just a hard time. They are interrupted by a knock at the door.

Diane stops by the Alicia “family" apartment saying she is looking for Peter. When she finds out that Florrick isn’t there she asks for a private word. (Diane doesn’t know they are split). Diane suspects that Florrick is probing their affairs for personal reasons. Alicia advises against going with the audit. Diane fears blowback on the firm.

Alicia gets Eli to circumvent the British libel laws with nonstop Tweets in the English press. This makes the events of the past climbs available for court discussion. Since the climber will step over dying climbers against ethics then the book is warning for future climbs.

Eli is very impressed with Kalinda’s work but can’t think why she seems familiar and why they haven’t met before. Kalinda knows Eli is the only one who doesn’t know Kalinda slept with Peter and ruined the Florrick’s marriage.

The British man suing for libel gets questioned about past climbs when he took equipment from other dying climbers to get to the top. He explodes because he would have died carried him down. he says “We all know we can’t be carried out”. The British man passed a dying climber. The suit is dismissed.

Diane tensely has a meeting with Will. She wants to know if having Alicia work for the firm works against them. Will says it isn’t. Diane is very unsure. Diane says they can’t have the State’s Attorney as an enemy. Will says if Alicia starts to work against them then they can fire her. Diane says the firm is her life.

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