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Supernatural-Hello Cruel World -recap

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Written by : published Monday 3rd October 2011

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Dean is on the lab floor, and looks at Leviathan Castiel and says “How many of you ass clowns are in there? “ “A hundred? ” Bobby is passed out and Dean struggles to right himself as the lab sees the Leviathan ooze black blood and the consciousness takes over Castiel. With blood dripping from his hands he senses the vesse si weak and he must go.

Lucifer confronts Sam in another hallucination where he says that Saint Dean will cure him again with more magic amnesia. Not. Lucifer taunts him that the dimensions in between are set dressing and that Sam is still in the cage with him. Lucifer says Sam is his bitch. Dean rights Sam from this hallucination. Dean says they have to button this up.

The bloody trenchcoated one called Castiel staggers out and then descends into the lake water supply. Bobby says they are in the pipes and got themselves a highway to anywhere. They lift up Castiel’s trenchcoat, he is no more. Dean mourns Castiel as a dumb son of a bitch. Bobby says he was friends with them and they don’t come much dumber than that.

The municipal reservoir has connections everywhere. The locals ignore the danger. Various manifestations occur where the pipes connect to people. A Mexican mechanic gets possessed. A little girl drinks from a public fountain and becomes possessed. A local pool gets the vibes. Bobby puts out feelers to the Mothra type destruction he expects.

Dean wakes Sam from a twelve hour sleep and gives him water. Dean is angry because Sam acted like he had everything under control. Sam confesses to seeing through the cracks of Hell. Sam said he was trying to hold onto the safety bar. The hallucinations are getting specific. Dean argues with the apocalyptic mess Sam sees. He can’t fight it.

On TV, the possessed little girl sees a soap opera where a doctor takes whatever organs he wants. the little girl smiles. The surprise eclipse is coming. Bobby turns on Sam’s GPS in case he tries to fly the cuckoo’s nest. Bobby and Dean debate whether dealing with Sam has any value at all.

At a high school gym, two Leviathans inhabit some twins swimming in the pool. They lock the gym door and attack the other team swimmers because they are too hungry to care. The high school swim team got attacked. Sam and Bobby track this lead.

Sheriff Mills is in the hospital expecting surgery. The other patient explains how inept the surgeon is. She says the surgeon can make mistakes and nobody knows. Dean travels to investigate the attacked swim team. Dean reports back. Sam continually loads and reassembles a firearm.

The little girl swings on the swing set alone. A man greets her who is another Leviathan. They are unhappy with the vessels they have found. There is a boss and a plan. They are hungry but don’t know how to feed. The one in the little girl is the leader. The swim twins have caused a scandal. They need to be discreet. The man calls her boss. The Mexican man says he doesn’t like bringing “him” bad news. The girl says she needs his help.

The little girl goes to the surgeon at the hospital in waiting room. He wants to know where her parents are. Behind the curtain, she accosts him. The little girl cuts into the surgeon at the hospital and inhabits the surgeon, transforming into him. She says she wants to be a surgeon when she grows up and she wants to grow up NOW. She assumes the surgeon’s appearance.

The surgeon next to Mills comes for the other patient to perform an unscheduled surgery. Patient (Sherriff) Mills watches this and says “Not weird at all”. She follows the “surgeon” down the hall where he takes the gurney of the other patient. She sees the evisceration and feeding of the other surgeon through a window. The surgeon takes out the organs and ate them raw.

When she runs for a nurse she gets down the hallway but can’t speak and faints. The doctor comes in and she is to scared to say anything more. He makes jokes about going in her stomach again. She is terrified.

Dean comes home, grabs a beer, and gets Sam to come with him. Sam is surprised Dean thinks he is competent to help. Dean says he just has to keep the engine running at the hospital door.

Sam is curious why Lucifer won’t end the dream. Lucifer says the sweet spot is tormenting Sam. When Lucifer starts taunting him, Sam shouts and Bobby says is he having a bag lady moment. Bobby says he isn’t in Hell anymore, he is there with them. Lucifer stands behind Bobby, smiling.

Bobby gets the call from Sheriff Mills, from her bed, who says at Sioux Falls general the eating is getting good. Mills was no friend of his, he knows what she is saying is true. She says he knows he is the man to handle it. The nurse at the hospital drugs Mills but she says no way and gets her purse but starts to pass out from the IV drug.

The surgeon at the hospital escorts the others into the back rooms. He shows the Mexican man and the swim team twins around. The setup is perfect for consuming random organs. The Mexican man says this is exactly what the Boss ordered. They proceed to feed on the hospital staff while the Mexican Leviathan needs to go about other local business.

The real Dean comes home and finds Sam gone. He wanted to know why Lucifer kept torturing him. Lucifer is keeping Dean distracted keeping track of Sam’s marbles.

At the hospital, Bobby puts the Mills woman in a taxi and then goes inspecting the bodies. Bobby Singer finds a trove of organs like a doggy bag. The surgeon comes in and sees this. But he knows him and says he saw Bobby through the angel’s eyes. This means the doctor is a Leviathan. Bobby shoots a few rounds into the doctor. The surgeon recovers from the bullets, leaking black ooze, and Bobby runs.

But the fake Dean drives Sam away and turns into Lucifer and gets Sam in a office building and taunts him into shooting at air. Dean follows the GPS to the office building Lucifer has led him to. Dean comes in and Sam almost shoots him. Dean says this discussion does not require a weapons discharge. Dean says he has been to hell and he knows a thing or two about torture.

Dean presses the hand that they sewed up in hell to get Sam’s attention. It makes Lucifer flicker. Then Sam starts to press the wound in his hand. Dean says this is real, the contact is real.

Sam presses the pain in his hand while Dean talks him through it. Lucifer flashes in and out while Sam presses the palm of his hand. The wound starts to bleed and Lucifer gets weaker. Lucifer flashes and Sam’s cellphone rings.

Bobby reports the thing at the hospital bled black ooze. Sam says Bobby’s got a live one. Bobby heads to the auto yard.

They get to the regroup place at the auto yard, and a huge crater is found smoking. Was bobby inside? They find some of his materials nearby, charred.

Dean and Sam split up, calling for Bobby. Dean calls Bobby’s direct line and leaves a message. The Mexican man is impressed with Dean and says he warrants an eye to eye meeting. Dean shoots but the man’s face turns into a huge mouth with teeth. He scampers for Dean and throws him across the yard.

Dean falls against a car, stunned. Sam comes up and decks the Mexican Leviathan and then screams for Dean. Dean punches the button of the mechanism, and an auto is dropped on top of him. the Mexican man flattens under it. Black ooze flows.

The ambulance arrives and takes Sam to the hospital. In the ambulance Sam starts to see Lucifer again The ambulance takes both Dean and Sam to Sioux Falls Hospital. When Dean hears their destination eh freaks out, but the EMT load a syringe to calm him down.

At the auto yard, the dead Leviathan’s hand starts to move.

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