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Blue Bloods-Friendly Fire- recap

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Written by : published Monday 3rd October 2011

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It’s a family affair as the police commissioner (Tom Selleck) must interdict his son for shooting another cop. Reagan gets bitched at by his wife for not mowing the lawn after a midnight tour. He goes to work and gets steamed when his sister Erin tosses a case on unreliable witness. Erin says they cannot spend money prosecuting cases with witnesses the defense will throw out. She says making those calls is why

He shouts in the middle of the precinct they might as well shoot the perps in the head. A lot of people hear this. At the office Reagan tosses junk left in the car to another cop who didn’t fill the tank. people notice he is on edge. Then there is a case of the weapon being a cantaloupe.

On the street Reagan is cuffing the perp but a young man comes running down the subway stair. He says a man with a gun is hooting. Then another man comes down the stairs holding a gun. The man ignores repeated warnings they are police and not to shoot. Reagan shoots the man twice and he falls down the stairs.

After Reagan shoots the man he finds he is a cop. Jackie calls in the shooting and they call an ambulance. Two rounds in the chest. The Police Commissioner Reagan gets a call and his father observes it’s a bad scenario. They have to remove part of the lung from the man who got shot and fell down the steps.

Jackie tells Danny it was a good shooting. Reagan has to watch Tedesco’s wife at the hospital. The man did not identify himself as a cop. Danny feels bad but Jackie says the cantaloupe people were in the way of her shooting first. The investigation announces that Danny is entitled to union and legal representatives in the interview. In the interview Danny admits the train was loud and he can’t be sure how many times he yelled to let down the weapon.

The Commissoner arrives at the hospital to meet Tedesco’s wife and son. Tedesco was off duty. He lives in the vicinity. The Press rush Commissioner Reagan at the hospital. Reagan urges that the handling of the friendly fire details happen with tact. the Press flack tries to herd the press away. Jackie sees Danny head into a depression and Erin comes to talk to him.

At the precinct they see a TV report of the shooting where the Commissioner speaks. But Danny and his wife gape when the cantaloupe woman who says Danny was out of control. Witnesses on the street describe Danny as agitated and out of control. The Commissioner orders the shooting investigator to run a complete investigation. The press flack says the Commissioner is not doing enough in the Press

Danny shows Jackie photo surveillance of the subway. The young man is running on the platform with no train. They see him dump a gun in the trash barrel. They move to chase down the gun.

As Danny goes with Jackie to get the gun word comes down from the Commissioner’s office Danny is on modified assignment. Danny is floored to learn that he needs to give up his gun and stay at his desk because his father pulled the plug on his active duty. Danny meets his father on park bench.

The investigator talks to Derek the investigation. Erin doesn’t give him anything to work with. Derek then revisits Danny’s remarks. The gun they found in the subway trash can has no prints of value but blood on it. There was a 911 call moments before in the area. A woman was screaming. The chief says the call doesn’t mean anything, they come in.

Jackie gets mowed down by Derek in the questioning. She urges derek not to press the case. She says they have a unique dynamic and the cops were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But Jackie visits the 911 call house where a woman claims no screaming was done. but Jackie fakes a need to call in and calls Danny. She then sees a picture of the young man on the subway platform in the house, it is her son. Jackie brings in the woman for questioning. The woman says Tyler is on drugs. The son wanted money and stole things to sell. Tyler pulled a gun on his mother.

Tedesco came over when Tyler pulled the gun on his mother for money. She didn’t know he was a cop. He stood up for her and ran off when Tyler ran off with the gun. Jackie asks why the woman didn’t call the police. The mother whimpers she didn’t call the police because it was her son.

At Danny’s home, Derek questions Danny’s wife. Derek tries very hard to get his wife to say he was in a bad mood or unusually tense. The wife didn’t clean up the vase shards Danny knocked over and left them in view. Derek asks how the vase get broken. The wife then bitches to Danny about being railroaded by IA. Mrs. Danny wants the Commissioner to step in and say something.

Jackie calls Danny and says the gun in the subway was linked to a robbery. A local robbery changes the slant on Tyler to a known criminal. He used Tedesco’s gun for a holdup. Jackie asks where Danny is.

Danny is sitting on Mrs. Lee’s house. Jackie gets mad and says Danny is on modified duty. She says that Danny will get ended if he is found. As Danny moves to go he is cornered by cops answering a call of a suspicious car. he says he is on the job but has no shield. The Commissioner s upset to get a call about it.

At the family dinner table Danny’s son Sea asks grandpa is if he will fire his dad. His wife speaks righteously that he shouldn’t be fired for doing his job. Henry says in his day they turned his head too much. The Commissioner says he is being held to a higher standard. The man says he worked the street without his shield and it shouldn’t matter that is the Police Commissioner’s son.

Henry speaks to Jamie about an armed assault during a confrontation. Jamie says he had an incident. He says two Reagan cops with a bad shooting in on week. The Commissioner steps in and says it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. he says he is most proud when Jamie comes home safe.

Jackie says to Danny that Tyler’s girlfriend Lydia has been found for questioning. Danny says that she has been high so much she is numb to the outside world. Danny says there is a police officer on life support with a wife and son and a baby on the way. Danny says she can smoke every rock in the city but he will never get this off her conscious. The girlfriend was across the street.

She said that Mrs. Lee grabbed Tyler’s gun and whacked office Tedesco in the head. The woman said that he received the blow before the foot chase. The head trauma explains why officer Tedesco didn’t respond to announcements of the police. The IA investigation releases Danny from modified duty and he can go sting the Tyler suspect at the girlfriend’s place.

Jackie says he kind of liked Danny staying in the office. The coffee was better. They watch as Tyler’s girlfriend wanders around. When Tyler shows up Danny stands there and lets him get a good look at him, although they are supposed to be stealthy. Jackie and Danny run through the crowd. A foot chase endangering the public ensues. Danny nabs Tyler and calls him a dirtbag.

In the hospital, the office Tedesco awakes from surgery to find the Commissioner and Danny waiting. Tedesco is OK. Danny and Tedesco shake hands, and Danny says he is not a great shot, ruefully.

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