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Community s03e02 "Geography of Global Conflict"

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Written by : published Saturday 1st October 2011

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Reminder: The one with two model UNs.


Annie meets another Annie who is just as smart and competitive as she is. At first, she pretends they're friends, but when Other Annie steals her model UN idea and makes it a reality without her, she gets angry. With Jeff's help, she forms a competing model UN, but since there can be only one for each school, they have to have a world-peace-off to see who is better at it. They're neckin-in-neck for the whole round, and then someone farts and it disrupts everything. Annie has a fit--literally, the way babies do-- and runs off. Jeff goes to calm her down and explains that she hated Other Annie because of strong feelings...like the strong feelings he has for her, that make him act like a creepy older brother... He says he can't keep acting lihe that forever because she has to grow up sometime, and they almost decide to keep on the way they are, except that it's creepy since they both like each other.

She goes back to find that Abed has figure out how they can win: Since it was established in the rules that this is an alternate-earth situation, they can bust through and offer peace to the other model UN. Other Annie wants to win, so she turns them down, but since the real UN is based on rhtoric and empty gestures, Annie's UN wins anyway.

Meanwhile, Britta has a crisis where she wants to go back to protesting just at the same time when Chang wants to be a real cop, and they set up what looks like the beginning of a very strange romance based on her being crazy and him arresting her.


A strange one, no doubt, but it plays to the strengths of the characters perfectly. And also their weaknesses. Annie wants to win so badly that she can't even function, and Jeff's speech of the night is scattered and lame, but it all still works out in the end because Abed thinks outside the box and everyone likes each other. In the B-plot, Britta is still shallow and opportunistic, and Chang is power-hungry and petty, but they go together in a way we've never thought of before, and it could be all sorts of bizarre fun watching that play out.

The Jeff-and-Annie thing is not quite a romance, and it's rife with awkwardness, but it's progressing, and that's really all we can ask for, since most shows do their best to stall out things like that.

This was not the best episode we've ever had from Community, but it was a good one, and it's full of fun.

Some quotes:

  • "If embarassment was rich zinc deposits, I'd be Zaire." "There's nothing to be Zaire about." - Annie and Jeff
  • "She reminds me of a younger me." "You mean the younger you that took so much Adderall she tried to straighten the lines of the football field in the middle of the game?" Annie and Troy
  • "Wow, Annie. How progressive of you to have a multicultural evil twin?" Jeff

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