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Supernatural-Meet The New Boss- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 1st October 2011

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Castiel lays out the new order, casting Sam back into some pit-pain. Dean is astonished Cass is gone. Bobby tries to bow down but Cass knows his heart isn’t in it. Castiel says that Dean didn’t completely protect him so Sam will feel some pain.

They try bowing down but Castiel lays that won’t work if they just fear him. Castiel casts his trenchcoat to heaven, where all the angels are dead in black suits. Castiel confronts a church where the tongue in his pastor is stuffed in his mouth. News reports that the KKK had been forced to disband. Cult and new age motivation churches are getting killed.

Dean tries to fix the car. Sam is not fully saved because he tried to stab Castiel in the back with the angel dagger. Dean says when Sam wakes up the car will be in good shape and they will glue him back together too. Sam wakes up and is surprised he is OK. Sam can’t seem to pass the room threshold of the angel room. Sam also has weird visions and orientations.

Cass visits a church and the worshippers hear him in amazement. When God /Cass comes into the church he casts down the sinners but when he leaves he hears a weird voice (Dean’s voice). Cass puts his hand on a pew but it burns black where he touches it. He turns and looks at the source of the voice, a stained glass window of St. Thomas. When Castiel leaves the glass window has changed from a saint to trench coated man who looks like Castiel.

Crowley sits in a devil marked trailer watching the news. He watches the leprosy record healing and other “God" works of Castiel on the news. Castiel appears at his side and Crowley is upset to see him there. Castiel says Crowley looks stressed. Crowley says the jig is up. Castiel says the scratches are useless and does he fancy a drink before smiting him. Castiel has plans for Crowley.

Castiel has a new deal ready, and Crowley is amazed. Castiel says now takes whatever souls he give him and Castiel controls the flow. Crowley notes that Hell is being downsized. Castiel needs a threat to hold over the enemies and they need to keep Michael in Lucifer; cage.

Sam gets another vision of being dragged down t Hell. he calls for Dean and Bobby when it ends.
Dean and Bobby look over the reworked car. Bobby directs Dean’s attention to Sam being weird. Dean says somehow Sam is OK. Sam makes it out to the garage but hears Bobby and Dean talking their suspicions about him.

Bobby says the news is too weird the body count is stacking up, they got to hunt, they got to get Castiel the sumbitch. Sam says maybe the demon bag had some other weapon that could kill Castiel. Dean says they don’t know of anything that could get Castiel but maybe someone.

In a red pentacle circle, the man in a suit appears. He screams no, no, no. Dean summons Crowley who can’t believe it. He says Castiel is his new boss and he is going to kill him. He warns them off conspiring. Dean wants a spell to bind Death. Crowley says that is way too much firepower for them to handle.

Dean wants Death. Crowley says only Lucifer could stop Cass now. Death is the only player on the board left to take Cass. Only Crowley can handle it. Crowley asks why should he help on a suicide mission?

Castiel heals a blind man, as a true believer, who wonders what is wrong with Castiel’s face. The voices inside say it is a mistake and to let them out. The souls inside want out and Castiel can’t handle it. he says “No!”.

"Who feels like hog tying death tonight", Dean asks. Bobby says they need to make a run for some of the stuff in the death summoning recipe from Crowley. The Folgerite is a miracle crystallized. Bobby finds the bidder who won the thing and they have to journey for 9 hours to get it. They assemble in the owner's study.

Dean knocks out the guard and finds the miracle mineral. Dean introduces Dr. and Mrs. Weiss after tying them up.
Bobby invokes the spell and the place trembles. Death is there. Dean offers him a pickle chip. He says he assumed this is about Sam’s hallucinations and Dean says “what."

Death says “Sorry Sam one wall per customer.” Death demands being unbound. He is in silver filament chains. Dean says “We need you to kill God”. Cass then appears and says he has to kill them now. But Dean says Cass can’t kill them because Death is their bitch. Death calls them (Dean, Bobby and Sam) amusing protozoa to Cass.

Death looks at Cass and the bruises on his face. “Your vessel’s melting, your going to explode”. Cass grimaces and Death says he says he is more a mutated angel than a God. Death says to Cass that there are things much older than souls in Purgatory and he gulped them too.

Dean wants to know what things are buried in Cass along with the souls. Then Death says that Leviathans were the first beasts. God built Purgatory to hide them. Castiel is the thin membrane between the beasts and human existence. Cass said he did a service taking “his” place. Death scoffs.

Cass said he was cleaning up mess after mess. Cass asks Death if he is just a fly swatter. Death grunts and then at Dean’s behest causes Cass’ death by snapping his fingers. Death then says “Should we kick butts now?”. He says he had a tingle he would be reaping someone every soon. Cass disappears.

Cass appears at a lobbying company where a politician's speech and quotes says the Lords name in vain. He wants to see the Senator about abuse of power.

Back in the lounge, Dean watches as Death finishes his snack. Dean asks for more help.

Death tells Dean to shut up and that he is not there to tie his shoes. Death says that he warned Dean in enough time. death says maybe he should have spent his time on a better planet. Death goes to leave. he says if dean tries to bind him again he will die before he tries. Death says that “little angel" Castiel is arrogant, and dean taps into his feeling for that.

Dean says they have to have some way and Deaths says everything they need is in the lab and then Sam says they need a door. Bobby says the eclipse is over and only that opens the door. Death says he will make another Sunday at 3:59 a.m. and to be punctual.

Castiel wakes up in a pool of blood. He has been possessed by the monster souls and committed a bloodbath in the politician’s office and dead bodies strew the floor.

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