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2 Broke Girls s01e02 “The Breakup Scene”

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Written by : published Saturday 1st October 2011

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Reminder: The one where Max wants her closure and Caroline has an issue with boundaries.



To pay Max back for letting her move in, Caroline is trying to help her out. She contacts a local café and starts to make a deal to get Max’s cupcakes sold there. She starts trying to get a buzz about the ones at the diner going. And after the boyfriend tries to come back, she calls him to pick up all his stuff so Max doesn’t have to do it. But Max wanted that scene—the only good part about a breakup is telling the guy how much better off you are without him—and the fact that Caroline took that from her makes her mad enough to kick her out. Only Caroline doesn’t have anywhere else to go, and she comes back drunk and apologizes. They make up, and they’re back on track to founding the business, though they’re further behind than they were before.

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The skewering of hipster behavior continues, which is great. Max wears fabulous bracelets and rings through the whole episode. And Chestnut starts to get a personality of his own, with only one (extended) poop-joke about the fact that there’s a horse living in their back yard. I call that a successful episode.

While Max seems to have backslided a little, it’s in character that she’d put her walls back up as someone tries to help her out, and the process of getting back on her good side isn’t just a retread of her previous day. The best scene in the episode, though, was the one with Drunk Caroline, when both their defenses were down. It was sweet, it was silly, and it showed that they both have a stake in what happens. It’s nice to be reminded, when there’s so much snarking going on, you know?


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