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2 Broke Girls s01e01 "Pilot"

2 Broke Girls poster

Written by : published Saturday 1st October 2011

Reminder: The first episode, where Max and Caroline meet, and Max gets a new roommate.



Max is a hard-working blue-collar girl with two jobs: one at a diner full of strange characters and frequented by hipsters, and one as a nanny for a rich lady uptown. She’s doing alright by herself, but she has no prospects and no ambition. The new waitress turns out to be Caroline, the now-broke daughter of one of the richest men in town, who was just arrested for a ponzi scheme that defrauded millions of dollars from the City. At first, they don’t get along very well, but Caroline needs somewhere to stay, and Max takes pity on her—until her boyfriend comes on to Caroline and she has to break up with him. Now she’s sad, she’s angry, and she doesn’t like Caroline. Caroline, however doesn’t give up, and by the end of the episode, they aren’t just roommates, they’re also would-be-business partners. With Max’s super-tasty cupcakes and Caroline’s business degree, they’re going to open a bakery…just as soon as they can save $250,000.

Also, there’s a horse named Chestnut living in the back yard.

This week’s total: $387.25



This is another surprisingly fun show this season that the ads made look stupid and stereotypical. In actuality, it’s sweet, a little sarcastic, a little bit of a social commentary, and actually really funny. Max is tough and self-sufficient, but she’s also a little vulnerable. Caroline is blonde and spoiled, but she’s also really smart, if not street-smart. The supporting characters are still a little one-note, but they’re different enough from each other and from other characters on TV that they’re entertaining, and there’s enough to them to support the show and make it funnier, which is their job.

All in all, a really fun start!


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