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The New Girl s01e02 "Kryptonite"

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Written by : published Friday 30th September 2011

The New Girl s01e02 "Kryptonite" main image

Reminder: The one where Jess goes back for her stuff.


After Jess accidentally breaks the TV, and has to borrow clothes because she's run out of the few options she has with her, she agrees to finally go back and get her stuff from Stewart, but their first meeting leaves her too weak to say anything about it, and she winds up instead taking the new girlfriend to the airport and agreeing to pick her up again in a weak. The boys are aghast, and convince her to go back and do it right--which she does, when they go with her. After driving around the block a whole bunch of times, she snaps and barges in to get her stuff, and finally tells Stewart off for what he did to her. And when he refuses to give back her shirt that he happens to be wearing, the boys team up to help her make her point.

Meanwhile, Coach has been replaced by Winston, a teammate, who used to live there before Coach did. Schmidt is now in his room, and he wants it back, so he spends the whole episode reverse-psychology-ing Schmidt into making the decision to switch rooms on his own.


Even with Damon Wayans Jr having to be replaced, since his other show didn't get cancelled, the show manages to maintain the feel and tone that they'd laid down in the previous episode. Schmidt gets to be a little more affable, even as he continues to be kind of greasy, but it's the way Joey was on friends--he's not smart enough for it to be meanspirited. Nick does a lot of yelling and pushing, but he's the first one to defend her when she needs the help. Winston is reluctant to get involved in the lunacy that follows Jess around, but by the end, her genuine heart convinces him to at least stand together with her against the jerk ex. Because, yeah, she's strange, and yeah, she's kind of a disaster, but she means well, and their lives are more interesting with her in them.

It's a little better and more together than the pilot, so it seems like everyone is finding their legs pretty quickly on The New Girl, and since it's on FOX, that's probably for the best. If they can avoid getting too charicatured by the end of the first season, they'll be golden!

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