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CSI NY Smooth Criminal Recap

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Written by : published Monday 14th February 2011

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A man walks into a bar, talks to a girl, then shoots three people. An ex-con and a ex minister are killed execution style, but the killer kidnaps the woman and takes her to his apartment. He tells someone on the phone, he needs to renegotiate the price. He has a ton of arms and money in his place. He blindfolds her and ties her up.

The killer gets polled by his super as the woman from the bar gets shoved to the door, and then fakes they are busy. At the same time the CSI team knocks down the door of the man who left hairs on one of the victim's. he is a ex-con but clean.  The killer left his gun in a pizza oven at 700 degrees, creating ash and no prints. But he shoved a pin and a hat in there, which leads to a tip.

The CSI Dr, Hawkes knows the kidnapped woman, Camille. He says she called him recently and she was the girl next door. The CSI team go to her apartment which has been trashed. They find a huge trunk of pharmaceutical pill bottles in her closet. All the bottles have different names on them. They contact her employer, Pleasant Green clinic.

Her boss says she was fired for stealing meds. Painkillers, cancer medications, stolen bottles of pills. The director at the hospital  Dr. Kumi, (Adrienne Barbeau) says that Camille was fired for giving patients fake meds. The patients came in not healing and worse. She didn't called the police.  The two killed men in the club had nothing to do with the clinic. The bartender was presumably killed because he saw the killers face.

The con man says that his contacts in the NYPD know about the drugs. he questions the kidnapped girl, Camille. The killer is looking for Janice Scott. This also someone the CSI team identify as a person of interest. The killer gets Camille to put on a sequinned party dress after giving her food. He says her continued cooperation guarantees other people won't get killed. Then he goes to a club dressed as a bouncer where the women dancing all wear the same party dress.

The squad finds Uranium in the dead targets blood. The fake meds had magnesium stearate. The sophisticated scheme of giving homecare patients fake meds looking like the real thing makes the CSI team look for someone higher up. A number on Camille cellphone is Janice Scott, who owns a nightclub. They find her dead but see the killer, a smooth criminal. They make a sketch of him and send it out.

Janice Scott also had a deadly disease which was progressing despite her taking medication. The CSI team think that the cases are somehow connected to the state of their non-healing. The radioactive blood came from the pills. Diabetes, cancer, antidepressants, all the meds had the uranium taint. The hat and pin shop owner knows them man in the sketch. The smooth criminal with style was referred to the specialty store with the hat and pin by Theola Kumi, Camille's boss. She did not call the police about the fake medication.

Danville checks Kumi out. Theola Kumi was arrested in Armenia for fake medical billing and medical fraud. She is the Camille's manager from Pleasant Green clinic. When the CSI labs traces the blood samples to a factory used uranium to color false teeth. They go to the factory on a sting and find Theola shredding documents and automatic weapons on the men fleeing the clinic. The dead people are all those used with the tainted meds. The place is gun battle but they arrest Theola. Shredded papers and medical pills are everywhere.

Mac and Danville interrogate Theola, who says if Camille is all they've got on her it's going to be a short conversation. The killer calls her to tell her she sensed hesitation before but it's gone. It's Messer listening on the other end and he freaks when they hear shots. As they rush the apartment a flashback shows the Armenian killer came to finish the witnesses off. The style killer killed him, then ran out without killing Camille, whom he had learned more about the victims from. Mac corners Mr. Smooth in an alley and arrest him.

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