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How I Met Your Mother s07e03 "The Ducky Tie"

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Written by : published Friday 30th September 2011

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Reminder: The one where Ted meets Victoria (from six years ago) at a party, and Barney loses a bet.


At the Architect's Ball, Ted runs into Victoria, who he cheated on to hook up with Robin way back in the first season or so. She's catering the desserts. Since he still feels guilty about what happened, he offers to go back to her bakery and wash the dishes to make ammends. They're talking, and things start looking friendly, and she tells him that she's almost engaged. Nothing can happen. While they're talking, Ted finds out that the soon-to-be-finace in question was in her class in Germany, where she was while the whole thing went down. She insists that she didn't cheat on him with Claus, but she admits that she started dating him only a day and a half after they broke up. Ted now feels like he was cheated, but while they're fighting, they remember that what they had was good, and kiss. Which convinces her that Claus really is the one. So Ted takes her to catch her bus and lets her leavey again, though they do discuss the what-ifs. She tells him that none of his relationships have worked because Robin is there, and the way he and Barney and Robin hang out like nothing is wrong won't last forever.

Meanwhile, Marshall has a new ducky tie and Lilly has new pregnancy boobs. Barney wants to touch them, so he and Marshal make a bet while they're eating at a hibachi place: if Barney can do as well as the hibachi chef, he gets to touch. If not, he has to wear the ducky tie for a year. While Ted is telling the story of what happend with Victoria, Marshall and Barney go back and forth about whether or not Barney actually knows the hibachi tricks, and it comes out that he's been pulling a long con on Marshall, implanting suggestions in his subconscious, and has planned this out for months. In the end, Lilly gets him to lose by distracting him with a boob-flash to avoid a grope, and he has to wear the tie.


The episodes where Ted is forced to face that he's a little bit of a selfish jerk are usually the best episodes, and this one is in that category. By the end, there are stormclouds on the horizon for the Ted-Robin-Barney tirad, and Ted has realized that he missed a good thing ages ago. It would have been sad and bittersweet if it weren't for the Claus in the Class discussion that Ted and VIctoria got through really well, and the silliness of the Bet with Barney, both of which were hilarious. But he overall feeling of the episode is sadness, and a little bit of foreshadowing of doom. What will this season hold for these friends? How will everyone get through? And it's true that we've seen Barney, Ted, Marshall and Lilly in the flash-midways to Barney's wedding, but not Robin. Is she even there? What does it mean if she isn't, for the show and for the people in the show?

I, for one, can't wait to find out.

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