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Ringer-She's Ruining Everything-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 29th September 2011

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Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) impersonates her sister Siobhan, keeping a distance from Siobhan’s husband Andrew. They have marital difficulties that make this easy. Bridget does not know Siobhan was sleeping with Henry, her sister’s husband. Henry has noticed Siobhan is not the same and has to deal with Martin about financial affairs. (Bridget is now Siobhan). Henry says Siobhan is ruining everything.

Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffoad) works with Juliet’s husband Henry to settle the  (Juliet’s) financial affairs. The conflict is that Andrew’s wife must sign off on the co-owned property to sell it, and Juliet her sister must also sign. Andrew makes the appointment, but tells Henry he is not sure he can get her to sign it. But in order for him to transfer the property he has to convince the women it is worthless. Andrew is under pressure and isn’t sure he can convince Bridget/Siobhan to do what he wants.

Andrew’s assistant calls in Juliet. He wants to settle some paperwork the husband needs but he doesn’t want to tell her why. The assistant Olivia knows that the stake of the financial investment the woman Juliet has in the firm, and this could jeopardize the holdings if it was under threat of being removed. She also knows if Andrew messes up Juliet’s finances, Juliet’s sister Bridget/Siobhan, Andrew’s own wife will pull her money out of the business as well.

The assistant Olivia Martin dances around Andrew, clearly alert something is up. Andrew does not mention Henry is involved.

Meanwhile, the real Siobhan hits a bar in Paris and comes on to a strange young man. She is dressed like a glamour queen but volunteers no information. His legend holds up and she gives him her hotel room number on a napkin. But when he visits the next night after they start kissing she throws him out of the room. She takes a pregnancy test later, holding up  pink (positive)result) and calls Juliet’s husband, unable to speak.

Juliet invites and meets Siobhan in the warehouse fashion show and spoils her with the fashion day off. Bridget sees a man in an alley approaching her and a car drive up behind her, as if she is going to be abducted. Then Juliet pops out of an alleyway door into the warehouse photo shoot. The other woman is envious Andrew is doing this for her. Jarred, Siobhan asks too many questions.

Juliet questions why Siobhan is distrusting her husband’s gift of a custom made ball dress and the Swan Lake ballet tickets. Siobhan asks Juliet a lot of pointed questions about how bad the fighting between she and her husband has been. Juliet wonders why Siobhan is second guessing her husband Andrew so hard. Bridget is spoiled for choice of all the designer dresses.

Juliet and Bridget leave with the designer, but Bridget stays out of the taxi to take a call. A voice tells her she lost her scarf, and Bridget realizes this is the man from the mob hit.

Bridget/Siobhan pretends she has a trimester visit with her doctor and didn’t show up for lunch with Juliet. But she really had a phone call from the mysterious man on the phone who was watching her and demanded she put down the phone on  park bench. But she did not leave it there and took it with her, and later she calls a meeting with the FB agent to show the watcher how serious she is.

Juliet grows suspicious of the man who is supposed to be her 9Siobhan’s) husband, Andrew. She finds out about an attorney she was meeting with while finding pictures of herself and Ian in London. But she did not yet file for divorce. Before she gets off the elevator a woman (her sister) barely knows sees her and starts talking.

Since she seems to know her socially, she chats. But when she leaves she says they will do lunch and the other woman is shocked. (probably not a real friend of Siobhan’s). Bridget gets out at the divorce attorney’s floor. The other woman notices this.

Bridget scans her appointment book and makes an appointment because she finds a business card and checks up on it. She goes to meet the divorce attorney and craftily extracts what she was talking about. She finds out what was discussed. The animosity between Martin and herself was getting bad, and this was of concern to her, as was fears for her physical safety and fighting.

The questions she had about the property and the husband’s use of it make her wonder what Andrew is up to. Could Andrew be behind the hit on Siobhan?

Andrew finds out about the visit to the divorce attorney and confronts Bridget/Siobhan as she is searching the file in his desk for information. Andrew approaches her, angrily,  backing Bridget against the desk. She hides the file behind her back about the very property he is discussing.

Bridget senses a threat and tries to get a letter opener into her hand but Andrew gives up on her and says their marriage must really be over. He turns away. Bridget realizes Andrew is not the threat she thought he was. Andrew says for her to take her new buddy, the woman in the elevator to the ballet so they can laugh about how much divorce money she’ll get. He leaves.

Siobhan visits the property listed on the document Andrew wanted her to sign and finds it deserted with a notice to condemn in the rooms. She gives up  and almost thinks it is worthless. Then the man from the party who dropped the phone in the trunk comes into the abandoned building right at her, calling her name, and chases her. She makes it to the street and a taxi.

The Agent Victor Machado shows up at a very public place to meet her and they walk around. He is confused why she is there if she has no information for him. But Siobhan gets a call from her watcher and she tells him they both have a secret to hide and she’ll talk to the FBI next time he calls.

The man from the party  wants the phone. This is his connection to the mob murder Bridget witnessed. Meanwhile the thugs give the black man Malcolm Ward drugs despite his five year addiction recovery chip to get him to talk about who she is and where she is.

At the office, Andrew Martin works late and is surprised when Bridget shows up in the ball gown she should have worn to the ballet. She wants to be with him and start over and says she had concerns about their animosity and the business deal that took her to the attorney. She (Bridget) says it was the nicest thing anyone ever did for her.

(Bridget is in fact stealing Siobhan’s husband). This is a new side to “Siobhan" and Andrew meets her halfway and they come together looking out over the lights of New York City.

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