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Survivor: South Pacific Episode 3 - Liars and Hantzes and bears, oh my!

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Written by : published Thursday 29th September 2011

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Really?  A group meeting at Upolu?  Brandon would rather make friends than a million bucks?  Ozzy tells Keith he has an Idol?  There’s a guy who gives himself a nickname, and that nickname is Papa Bear?  Where have all the Boston Robs gone in the game of Survivor!

Please get caught up by watching Survivor: South Pacific Episode 3, and then be sure to read my Survivor Examiner Episode 3 recap!

Summary.  Oh, it’s a sad season thus far for fans of strategy.   Only a handful seems to have any potential at being true game-players, while the rest of the bunch seems to not have a clue.  I love and hate the first few episodes of each season…on one hand we get to know all of the characters, and many important moves are made that establish the aliances that will go to the end.  On the other hand, we have to suffer through a few episodes, knowing full well that a few contestants are not long for the game of Survivor.  With Redemption Island now, it seems that this aspect will drag out even longer.

Savaii Tribe.  The biggest strategic move at Savaii in Episode 3 was Ozzy revealing his Idol to Keith.  It shows just why Ozzy is not a good Survivor player…he thinks he has friends out there, when he should know he’s playing a game.  Having the Idol gave Ozzy a huge edge, and now sharing it with Keith (who then passed the info along to Whitney), could have major consequences for his future.  The most revealing part of the whole situation was Keith going to Whitney.  Is Whitney the one running the show at Savaii?  We haven’t seen too much of her yet, but I feel that it was of vital importance that we saw who Keith’s true loyalties lie with.  As for Cochran?  Other than being good for the show in terms of entertainment value, he has done little to show me he’s going to be a good player.  Next week’s preview does have me excited that he may flip the table on Ozzy.

Upolu.  Poor Brandon Hantz.  It’s his show over at Upolu, and he is taking all of the heat off of everybody else.   He has made bad decisions again and again during his short time on the island, in ways that I don’t think he will recover from.  Should Brandon make the merge however, he could be seen as a true Hantz…in other words, an ideal player that you want to take to the end, who has no shot at winning.  I still say Stacey is the next boot at Upolu, and Coach somehow, someway, is now seemingly running the show over there.

Next week we will see if Cochran can get into the game a bit more, as well as the continuing paranoia of Brandon.  We’ll also see if Papa Bear or Christine will be the next to go.

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