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Sons of Anarchy - Una venta - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 9th February 2012

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Tara catches her husband journaling. She makes light of her tough gunrunner husband writing. He tells her he is going down to Mexico for  a bike show. He asks if she wants to know more and she says no it is too early. He is going to get the coke for the Galindo cartel and deliver the guns. Clay sees that Gemma’s flower bed has burned from too much sun and she gives Clay his insulin. Gemma and Clay have a strained goodbye.

The trucks roll own the road. Gemma tells Clay to ride safe and says goodbye to Jax too. Clay rides carefully and Jax gives him shots for arthritis on the way. By Arizona and the Border Clay is very stiff and finds other SAMCRO members waiting. The other chapter meets and greets the long riding chopper riders. Clay’s grip is unsteady. A fight breaks out at the truck stop in the middle of the night.

Clay discovers that the southern members are dealing crank. The men say they (SAMCRO) mule and they sell, so what?. Clay says to shut it down but they say it is not his club and not his call to make. Jax is shocked. Clay is shocked that the men are cool with dealing crank and have been for four months. The men said they would never have involved charter with crank but for SAMCRO and the guns. They say that SAMCRO is the only charter getting rich off the cartel.

Jax finds out it was a close vote and the men feel they have no choice but to participate in the drug trade to survive and support their families. Clay wants the SamTaz men to shut don the crank operation because it will run his operation with the Galindos. Little Paul was killed due to this vote.

Gemma visits the flower shop where the Sherriff’s wife Rita works. Gemma asks about the gardens. Chuckie with the rubber hand comes in too and is weird. Gemma asks about Mayor seeing the sign about her opposing the community support against the Charming development.

The Gold Circle club is for more than $5,000 donations. Gemma asks if her being a biker’s old lady qualifies her out. Rita says she just wants the money and the support. Gemma says she will come back with her dead bulbs. Eli Roosevelt hangs around and voices his sympathy for Gemma;s garden bulbs. He says he is Nick Stackhouse when he meets Gemma Teller. Gemma is intrigued to learn about the zoning board reconveyance to the land.

Armando says they approved the crank operations the vote when Reggie what and Little Paul left. Clay wants to send a message to the other clubs they don’t deal. But they say muling and dealing are the same thing. Romeo does not show up and Clay learns from his henchman that a tail is following them from the narc squad. The red auto detailing van is the watcher. Clay is angry the drug dealing has attracted federal cops to spot their gun deal delivery.

Evading the watcher the other club captain observes Clay’s weak right hand grip and pulls ahead a breach of club riding protocol he gives him the finger. They pul off behind a rocky ridge and put out a flaming gas truck full of gallon drums onto the road in the way of the oncoming red truck. Eli Roosevelt is upset they blew up a grease truck. Roosevelt suspects the henchman was part of Romeo’s military unit.

Clay and Jack visit Reggie at the bird shop. he patched out because they approved some crank action. Magic moves to knife the bunnies. Reggie was sleeping with an old lady and got threatened. They shut down a cookhouse and assumed operation of a cookhouse.

Romeo calls Clay and wants to meet.

Tara finds Piney asleep in the clinic. He mentions the questions she was asking about John a few months back. Tara wants to know about the material now that she was talking about. Piney says he wants to keep the club in hand. He says he have a right to read the stuff because John was his friend. he says he need a God damned leverage.

Gemma walks in and interrupts this meeting and she is not pleased to see Piney. Tara says what does she want and tells Piney they are not finished. Tar pulls Gemma into another room.

Roosevelt orders the background on the first lieutenant with Romeo in the Galindo organization, just as the man meets in Mexizona as he closes the deal with Clay and Romeo. Romeo and Louis Torres meet with Clay as Roosevelt (In Charming) outlines his master’s degree in superior education in armed forces. Romeo says they can trust Clay as far as they need to.

Clay says the big ticket order from the Kings in Belfast is moving ahead and they want a face to face for that order to happen. Romeo says he is always available. Jax says the next order will have a lower profile and the Tucson club will run security.

SAMCRO show up at the Tucson club meeting. Achy is accused by Clay and Jax of killing Little Paul and blackmailing Reggie out of the club. Huff and Bennie convinced the club Little Paul was killed by gangbangers. Clay and Hunson are disgusted. Clay accuses the VP and sergeant of using MC to their own ends. Blackmail and murder of a club member mean a revote for the crank.

Clay says that their club got into crank in a lie. When Achy tries to get up and leave he calls Clay a little bitch and grabs him in the nuts. Clay says is he having trouble with the grip? Clay and Jax leave the men to settle the matter and wait at the truck stop. (They hope the crank will be stopped).

Piney wakes up in intensive care. Tara gives him a lecture. But then she asks Piney to tell her about John Teller, what was he like. Angry, impulsive righteous, as hell, book smart, and read a lot. Piney wants to know why his best friend was afraid when he died.

Tara said he wanted to get the club out of the gun business. He had said up a meeting in Belfast with some members and a priest. Piney knows the priest. (Quellan Ashby, Maureen Ashby's father) He wanted to stop the club from selling guns and John was killed before that meeting happened. Piney needs leverage.

Then Gemma comes in and Tara changes the subject and says they will run more tests on Piney. Gemma wants Tara on the committee on the Charming gardens Committee. But then the doctors call Tara because Piney has collapsed.

Later Gemma says to Piney to give up whatever truth he is trying to get from Tara before it kills him. Piney says that is half the reason he is doing it.

In Mexizona, Clay and Jax see the Arizona club bodies roll out from the aftermath of the crank betrayal reckoning. They have lost a third of the club. Clay is shocked to find out they voted again and the crank operation passed. The men have had a taste of the money. The leader promises to keep the crank issues apart from the guns delivery tasks.

Clay is stymied the Arizona charter will be compromised with the crank operation. Munson is very anxious about the event but Clay tells him not another word. (Munson was sleeping with the woman Ellen also, the one that Reggie was blackmailed for). Munson is very emotional about the crank involvement but suppresses this.

Gemma comes back to the flower shop and gives Rita a Gold Circle club membership application for Dr. Tara Knowles, her future daughter in law. The $5,000 is in twenty dollar bills.  Rita is touched that Gemma is doing that for Tara.

Roosevelt impersonates a sherriff and talks to Delaney in the holding cell on drugs. He speaks to a comatose man on the floor about the woman Ellen’s death. Traces of semen in the dead woman is in evidence, and the DNA of Robert Munson were found in the dead woman. He says in 87% of the cases the person having sex with the victim is the perpetrator. Meanwhile Munson is watching the coke with a strange look in his eye on the delivery.

Jax and Clay notice thick security on the end of the gun delivery. Romeo says that Lobos Sonora doesn’t know about the deal. Romeo pays up and makes another deposit. Jax asks should they be taking the same precautions. The 30 keys of uncut Columbia cocaine is the mule ride back. The risk is huge, and Cray orders the coke loaded up. Munson eyes Clay strangely

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