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NCIS: Los Angeles- Cyber Threat- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 28th September 2011

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A wealthy man and his wife leave a downtown fundraiser while he complains he would have had more fun losing the money in Las Vegas. A van pulls up and kidnaps the man. Hunter orders a recon. Dennis Calder dropped out of MIT and lives in Beverly Hills. He has been developing intelligence systems for the private sector. College buddies want to sue him. But they realize the woman at the party was not his wife. The driver was shot.

Nell open a secret instruction nobody else sees, left in case she is dead. Callen returns to the boat shed without Hetty, depressed. Nell says Hetty is at home recuperating. Nell is designated to a mailroom employee when Acting Operations manager Hunter puts a NSA operative in the intelligence room with Eric. Nell reminds Deaks about his forms and timecards. They feel like Nell is in on a Hetty type observation. Hunter orders them to develop a situation report.

Hunter ignores Callen’s requests for information. Agent Callen wants a data analysis on the Cmescu laptop.Three months since the attack Callen wants to know why the Cmescu people wanted to kill him. Hunter says it is Vance’s decision. On the way to research the kidnapping Callen and Hanna discuss the new vibe around the NCIS organization in Los Angeles. Callen and Hanna detail to the wife of the kidnapped man how to proceed.

Hetty sends a message and so does Hunter just as they are discussing them. Callen does not like the vibe and does not trust Operations manager Hunter.The kidnapped man was an expert in security systems. The son of the man is a computer expert and the man was getting sued by people he had been in business with. The wife does not recognise the woman in the images of the kidnapping. Naval Criminal Investigative Service is on the job.

A high level hack was attributed to the missing man. The wife says he has a discreet companion. Callen and Hanna track the woman to her job but the computer is missing. The driver of the car was dead.  Calder’s driver had cocaine in his system. Nicholas Del Amico was a deputy who was responsible for missing evidence. Callen and Hanna find the kidnapped man’s computer is missing from his office.

Another cyber attack happens on the NSA system that is very serious. Eric tries to stop it. Agent Hunter brings in an NSA specialist, Patricia,  to replace Nell in the ops room. Callen says bringing Mis Michaels into NCIS is wrong and that is what the baot shed is for. Hunter says Deaks is an outsider, “just a cop”,  and calls the NCIS operations a game. Nell interrupts their fight to state the driver was killed by a munitions weapon of a high caliber.

Callen and Hanna go to the road to chase the case. They get a text from Hetty about the shoes worn by the missing woman from the kidnapping. These are very unique. They go to the boutique and identify the owner of the remaining shoe at the kidnaping scene as a customer.

Callen and Hanna find the woman who wore the shoes, Elizabeth, who tries to run away and gets away from them when they come to her house. They talk to her about the kidnapping. She says she knew he was a married man and just ran away from the whole situation.  Calder was a gambler but gave it up. She says he was not with organized crime or gambling.

Another very serious attack happens on the NCIS servers. Deaks gives  a tennis lesson and has fun with Calder’s son while Eric fights the computer attack. Miss Michaels also tries to battle the cyber attack. The IP address is found by Eric from the person trying to break into the Calder’s home security system.

They track the computer operation to a computer at Santa Monica Community College Library. Over 270 computers are in use. Callen and Hanna go there and chase the man. The Chinese man in the library notices the webcam on and shuts his computer and leaves, and runs and outside and gets hit with a car. Callen grabs the man’s computer thrown on the ground.

The man driver gets out and says the man jumped in the road. But Nell points out later the security cam shows he deliberately ran into the Chinese man to kill him once his security was compromised. Miss Michael scoffs at Nell’s contribution.

Hanna thinks the family might be in danger too. The team organize identity covers for the squad to be in the house for additional security. Deaks is  tennis coach and Kenzi is a tutor. They find the Chinese man seemed like a normal student.

But Kenzi realizes the son was capable of cyber attack. She searches for his computer and has Eric check it. They realize Eric is responsible for the hacking that his father was kidnapped for, including the government sites of Brazil, China, and France.  Dennis Calder’s wife is appalled at what her son has been up to. The son realizes his deeds online were what got his father kidnapped.

Callen demands of Calder’s son how and what he hacked after he hacked the foreign government sites. Callen think that the Chinese might have kidnapped Calder thinking him responsible for the hacking attacks.

Nell tracks the driver of the Chinese student’s  drive by killing to the Garden of Peace and Wellness. It sounds like a good cover. Eric and Miss Michaels use a satellite signal of thermal signatures in the building. Kenzi and Deaks infiltrate the building. Kenzi starts a fire alarm to empty the building. Nell climbs up a telephone pole and cuts power to the building and the lights turn off. Callen and Hanna come in armed and shooting starts.

The man Calder is found inside the building chained to a laptop. The Tibetan separatist group is blamed by the Chinese government. Agent Hunter has kind words to say about the team’s work.

Callen visits Hetty at home. he wants answers and he knew things she never told him. She says if she didn’t tell him something it was for his own good. He says he deserves the truth. She says the truth is not so simple. Hetty says she doesn’t want to give him false hope. Callen gets called on the packet Nell gave him and Hetty says that she might trust him or open the packet. Callen says he will find out the truth about his family on his own and Hetty breathes a sigh of relief.

(But Callen has lost respect for Hetty).

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