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The Good Wife-A New Day- Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 28th September 2011

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Alicia is called upon to defend a Muslim student accused of killing a Jewish student in campus riot. But when Alicia gets the student to claim he was in his car at the time, the red light violation photo is used to accuse the student of committing a religious profile hate crime murder.  The campus Muslim organizer is a heavy hitter who brings a hate email from a Jewish fraternity that provoked a fight at the interfaith rally.

The Muslim benefactor has $10 million to send on a campaign against anti-Muslim bigotry. The unsolved murder of a Jewish PolySci major student seems like a crisis in the making. Eli wants to know if he is hiring him because he is a Jew or because he is good at crisis management. Both Eli and Grace notice Alicia is happy.

Cary asks for millions of dollars for the hate crime bail. A student accused tells Alicia he was not even at the riot. Cary backs the student into confessing he was not there in order to accuse him of the murder. The Muslim student will not plead to a murder when he as at the library.

Alicia tells Cary her client is a scapegoat. Alicia says cross racial witness profiling is the bias against the man and that Peter has to find a better way to safeguard campaign contributions. Sophia Russo drops off a photograph to Cary to give to Kalinda Sharma. Sophia begins to think that Sharma dumped her not because she was married but because of Cary. Kalinda gets the picture of the red light violation of the Muslim student accused.

Eli links the Arab Spring to American Revolution for the pro-Muslim campaign. But an old Jewish writer friend comes into Eli’s office and vilifies him for taking the Muslim client.

Peter says to his staff again and again they are running a clean office. Clean, ethical honest but not weak. The strategy is no plea bargains. Florrick introduces Sophia Russo as he investigator to cut costs. Florrick tells his attorney no deals for anyone. he tells Cary to fight Alicia on the case.

Alicia points out to her client he couldn’t have been in the rally fight if he was driving the car. But Cary uses the admission to accuse the student of the Jewish student murder of Simon Greenberg. Then the case turns to the college roommates of the accused Muslim student. They had use of his car.

Grace does not want a tutor but her grades are not good enough for her to get into a safer private school. Grace hangs out with the inexperienced tutor. The tutor jumps up on the subway to dance at the Bollywood soccer players. Alicia’s daughter Grace is bemused but amused. Zach’s girlfriend Nisa want both Mr. and Mrs. Florrick over to dinner but nobody knows yet they are separated.

The State’s Attorney charges only one Palestinian student out of all the fighters. The client dangles his heavy contract with a legal competitor over their heads. The man wants to work with (Jewish) Eli Gold even though he is Muslim. Alicia is asked to get Will to step in. Alicia smiles to learn that Will is late in to work after their night together.

Kalinda comes to cary to see the crime scene photos and he says he’ll think about it. Sophia drops heavy hints about them sleeping together. Sophia then follows Kalinda around questioning the roommates and witnesses. Kalinda questions Emir the religious roommate.

Alicia discovers that the killer drew a swastika backwards in the victim’s blood. Alicia and Will have “day after” conversations. They proceed to be alone and have sex while maintaining

Eli is accused by his Jewish friend that he is running a Muslim anti-Palestinian campaign. Eli recommends that he did not hire him for his campaign and his political activism. The $20 million Jewish League Fund. The writer says it has been 4,000 years and they are still their own worst enemy.

Kalinda and Alicia see Cary produce a video game programmer  with website codes showing Tariq and Emir online. But Alicia shows that the programmer had to reduce game privileges because the players fought with each other. Alicia identifies the fact that prior association between the accused student and the dead man does not exist.

Professor Noah Feinman says the accused showed  a particular zeal for the topic of Israel being a criminal regime. But the professor only actually lectured twice and believed him a zealot because he asked the Professor questions because of the attendance sheet. The Professor only taught two sessions. Alicia shows that Tariq forged Jamaal’s signature,

Cary produces a video game manufacturer who tracked the roommates playing a MMORPG with suicide vests in a political setting online. The “Gaza Strip" game shows a Palestinian revolt. They show the accused on the video game fighting with Simon Greenberg. Kalinda says the roommate let other one share his roommate’s game account. Sophia is relieved that Kalinda dumped her for Cary not because she was married.

Alicia says it is not about middle Eastern politics. Kalinda says she will check it out.  But Jewish Judge Cartman governs the war between Alicia and Cary. Alicia says he has shown bias against our client by reason of his religion. She asks for him to recuse himself because Judge Cartman gave money to a Jewish organization. Peter Florrick counsels Cary to move sideways.

Michael the Jewish writer is angry Eli is doing the Muslim campaign work. Eli wants the Jewish Defense League  business from Tarkovsky and Associates. The Muslim benefactor is upset about how the Muslim student case is progressing and withdraws his sponsorship, leaving Alicia responsible.

Eli comes up with a great pro-Muslim campaign and when the Muslim benefactor says he is free from the case but Eli says he already cashed the check. The man is astonished and tells a “joke” about  Jew and an Arab going into a bar and killing each other.

Will acts so tough against Alicia that Diane says he is too rough on her. Alicia demonstrates that the game players used the suicide vest as a power construct and not a political statement. But Alicia and Kalinda show that Simon Greenberg and the other player has an online flameout, the link of prior association that can be used to frame a murder charge and free the accused.

Judge Cartman return to the courtroom. He won’t recuse himself but before he can rule Cary speaks. Cary jumps up and says that Alicia is trying to manipulate the court. But Cary says tomorrow is the Rosh  Hashanah holiday. There will be no Jewish judges in court to get the case assigned. The judge refuses to accede to the recusal request on these terms and explicitly states he is disappointed in Alicia.

Peter smirks when Alicia is turned down. But she says she will win the case. They discuss the dinner invitation for Zach, which they turn down, and Graces’ eclectic  tutor.

Tariq is discovered in a gay bar by Kalinda and Sophia the detective. They know the men (Tariq and Simon) met in a gay bar. The murder was not about politics but gay love. Kalinda spoke to the bartender. They were there a lot together. The man stabbed him over being rejected and made it look like a hate crime.

Eli sits in Peter’s office going over a governorship campaign. Peter hears about the gay Muslim man they just caught. Eli tries to tell Peter that whatever was between Will and Alicia is gone. Peter reacts by saying he just wants a candidate for governor who is not divorced.

Michael the Jewish writer comes back to Eli with his business. Eli jokes his Arab Spring commercials will be like “Irish Spring”. Eli pretends they will have to dump the Muslim campaign because of it and wangles more money from him. The man Michael says he will bring the firm of Eli six months of the Jewish Defense League (and implicitly Florrick’s campaign money). The man says Eli is a son of a bitch, but Eli sys ‘yes, but now I’m your son of a bitch”.

Sophia and Kalinda accuse the student and frisk the man as he tries to escape and are stunned to hear the Muslim student say he wrote the swastika backward at the crime scene because he thought that was how it was done. This settles the case. Florrick picks up the kids for a visit from the apartment but has to wait in the hallway as Alicia speaks to him and they act civilized. Alicia is left with a empty apartment.

Will meets Kalinda in a bar and says they need to be detectives together. Will remarks how he feels disconnected from his emotions. But he says he needs to be somewhere by 8:45. He leaves and then Alicia is shown watching the clock and applying makeup at her apartment with the kids gone. As the sound of knocking is heard at the door, Alicia isn’t sure what she is doing.

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