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True Blood -And When I Die-recap

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Written by : published Monday 26th September 2011

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Lafayette (with Marnie inside) eyes Jesus and sites as Jesus promises they can have a magic free life if he wants. Marnie doesn’t eat and Lafayette watches Jesus wide-eyed and looks at him strangely. Jesus catches on too late that Lafayette is possessed and Lafayette (Marnie) stabs him in the hand with a fork dipped in egg yolk, paralyzing Jesus with Santeria magic.

Marnie then tortures Jesus and demands his Incan God because she needs to harness magic. But Jesus says she is just lonely for Antonia. But Jesus claims Marnie has no true fight or cause left to die for.

Sookie and Tara share coffee while Sookie keeps getting flashes of her grandmother dead at her feet. Tara shakes off these fears. Sookie returns to work and Sam gives her back her job, forgetting about  firing her. Sookie burnt her uniform, so she has to wear bunny ears for the Samhain Halloween dress up. Arlene is amused Sookie is back.

Alcide makes  a pass at Sookie at the diner, saying maybe they should both make a choice form their brains instead of their hearts for once. he gets an emergency call and runs off, and finds one of his construction foremen glamored. The garage concrete has been torn up and Nan’s chains disinterred.

At the diner, Marnie sees her fairy friend who also says she has been seeing her grandmother that day and having weird flashes. Just then Tara runs up and reports she has seen Jesus’ dead body and Lafayette is missing. Tara guesses Marnie is possessing Lafayette.

Sookie and Tara run to the bonfire where Marnie and Eric are tied in chains to a deadly fate. Marnie (as the Incan demon from Jesus in Lafayete has trapped them) is victorious. Marnie lights the fire and Eric and Bill begin to burn. Sookie and her fairy friend and Tara join hands and incant a charmed circle of antecedents to come and save them. They spread a salt ring and Lafayette is trapped outside of it.

Both Antonia and Sookie’s grandmother argue with Marnie to give up the ghost. Sookie’s grandmother takes the Incan demon out of Lafayatte and separates Marnie apart. They wrest the evil will from Marnie and she gets carried off and then Sookie begs her grandmother to stay. But then Sookie lets Eric and Bill feed off her to heal from the burns.

Sookie tells both Eric and Bill they are over. She can’t trust Eric  but she loves them both. They realize she is not having a relationship with either of them and she gives both of them up for good. She leaves the house, crying.

Bill Compton and Eric kill Nan when she returns to the mansion. She gets back to the mansion to find King Bill and Eric suitably chastened by Sookie’s rejection. Nan says about a thousand vampires wants Sookie’s fairy blood to save them and she has quit both the American Vampire League and the media concern. Bill feigns unconcern because Sookie is through with them.

Nan says she is supposed to have been giving them the true death. Nan Flanagan says there are many factions who want the league to fail. Nan wants to live through the night and threatens Sookie and calls them Sookie’s puppy dogs. Bill jumps her and Eric kills the stormtroopers.

Jason Stackhouse tells Hoyt about sleeping with Jessica. Jason confesses he drank her blood. He rips Jason a new one and flings him around, angry that his friend and his ex-girlfriend jumped into bed. Jason takes a beating and goes home to recover.

The waitress Arlene sees the ghost of her dead boyfriend who warns that her husband Terry’s old ghosts and new friend have brought some serious evil down and she should run. He is visiting her to warn her to get out. Then the husband comes out back and she is too shook up  to talk.

At the apartment, Pam is completely frustrated Bill still chases after Sookie and says she is so over Sookie.

Jason and Jessica have sex but she won’t let him drink her blood or drink his and he is frustrated she would rather go out and glamor a stranger. Jason says they talk too much about Hoyt. She leaves in a flash. Jason gets up when he hears the doorbell thinking she wants more of him, but opens the door to see the Reverend Latham disinterred and asking for an invitation inside for a quick drink.

Sam Merlotte attends Tommy’s funeral and meets a new friend. He can’t get his new lady love to stay the night and she goes home after a kiss. Sam isn’t sure life will be better for Luna after killing her last mate.

Sookie comes home to check the fridge for a snack and finds find Debbie roaming the house with a shotgun. Debbie moves to shoot Sookie, then Tara jumps in the way. Tara’s head is blasted to hell. Tara grabs the gun from Debbie and shoots her in the head. Sookie then helplessly hold’s Tara’s bloody corpse and screams for help.

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