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CSI: New York- Indelible- Recap

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Written by : published Monday 26th September 2011

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Sergeant Messer scans a crime scene while Flack questions the bar owner. There is a dead man in the street. The lookout man at the door is dead on the ground. The bar owner says about $2500 was taken and the waitress Devon left earlier. They say two men rushed the bar with shotguns and robbed them and shot the man at the door later.

Mac daydreams about his dead wife Claire and taking her to the opera. On Mac’s first day in the Piper lab Mac’s lab partner asks about his wife Claire. Mac reacts to the questions. Mac is doing DNA research and extraction techniques because over a thousand victims remain unidentified from 9/11. The lab tech is upset they have only identified one victim.

Flashbacks show Mac’s wife Claire getting out of the South Tower and calling him but then after the second 9/11 plane hit she was no longer on the phone. Lindsay catches Hodge watching Jo introduce another candidate to replace Mac around the lab.  Jo is the interim boss. St. Clair is interviewing successors to Mac.

Sid pulled some evidence out of the gash on the victim’s forehead. Hodge extracted a slug from the victim. They use this to find where the cellphones that were drop phones were used before they were burned. They track a cellphone by a local carrier to a former location of a call. Flack and Messer roust the premises.

Flack and Messer get perps, property, bloody clothes and a gun. Mike Black and Mike White are a black and white man respectively. Flack interviews the men. But they deny the killing.

Jo Danville interviews the other man. They say it is a phony murder story. The men both deny that they shot the guy. They confess to the robbery and the white Mike hit the door man with the pistol. Sean Peterson the dead man was shot from a different gun, however.

Mac meets an old friend Joe at a diner. The man remembers his son was a cop who lost his son on 9/11. Mac says they are doing something significant and he has made a friend. Mac says they are a grumpy old fireman with no personality and charismatic charming cop who came together to build something that will last forever. The man says “charismatic my ass”.

Mac goes to pick up event passes for the people at the crime lab. he goes through the folder an Mac finds Joe Vincent’s pass and realizes he does not intend to be at the memorial. Flashbacks show Danville and Mac reacting to street and headquarters situations of actual 9/11. Danville and Mac meets in the coffee shop in the lobby. They talk about the bar shooting robbery case.

Danville says they both know she is just keeping the seat warm until he comes back. Mac says he is not coming back. Mac says measure twice cut once. This is their crime scene motto. From the crime scene there is a smudge on the wall that puzzles Jo. The drying of the blood is inconsistent with when the person leaving would have brushed it flat.

Danville demonstrates that contact was made with the blood ten minutes after the blood was sleeve. The skeletonization of the blood drops prove Devon didn’t leave until after the blood was poured. Lindsay points out the door man would only have opened the door to people he knew, to go for a smoke, or to let someone out. Danville says Devon is lying because she would have been gone down the block well before the shooting unless she was lying.

Flashbacks show that Flack and Messer met in the ash of 9/11 under the Ground Zero explosions. But Mac meets with Joe again and urges him to go to the memorial event. Flashbacks show that Mac and Joe met when they were searching for those they loved dying on 9/11. Joe gets th pass from Mac but says he won’t change his mind about attending.

Devon is questioned about the Black Mike and White Mike. Flack and Danville say that she told them when to come to the bar to get the counting out cash. Devon says they came to the door too late. They came in the door and say to Devon “Everything all right?”

Sean knew she had set it up but she shot Sean right away because he saw she was involved.
White Mike gave her the gun. Devon left the bar and went around the corner and waited for the men to come out. When she came back to see if they came out Sean came out and she shot him. Devon says she owed White Mike too much money. Devon promised that no one would get hurt.

Danville says it is fitting that the last thing she will remember for the rest of her life is the look of an innocent man dying. Danville and Flack are disgusted that Devon has no idea what 9/11 means to them or to the city. Danville says Don Flack is one hell of a detective but he says the jury is still out on her.

Syd writes a coroner’s body ticket on a John Doe (present day)  and writes 9/11/2011, and flashes back to writing the same ticket on 9/11/2001. Syd flashes back to the Towers scene at 9/11, watching Mac say eternal vows of rest in peace over the manwho was  Joe’s fireman son, who dies in front of them of ash inhalation from the 9/11 tower rescues.

Adam, Lindsay, Messer, Flack, and Hodge get ready to attend the memorial ceremony. Adam confesses he slept through 911 and is ashamed of telling people lies for years because he was so drunk he woke up on 9/11 after it was all over and the world had changed. Adam says he went down to the ground Zero and sat with construction workers for bucket brigade.

Lindsay says she joined the bucket brigade as well. She says she saw the bucket brigade on TV and came from Montana because fire trucks were driving. At the memorial ground, Mac speaks form the heart at the new tower dedication. the portraits of th 400 first responders on the Brooklyn wall of remembrance which will live in their hearts forever. (real families from first responders are in the crowd).

Mac says they are resolved to stand together as one family of Americans.

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