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Blue Bloods- Mercy- recap

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Written by : published Sunday 25th September 2011

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Erin goes to dinner with a friend Lisa whose husband Cole calls her and can’t make dinner and he pretends he is busy working. He says he is in Albany. The man actually drops off his car in a bad neighborhood and has a thug watch it. He goes in the apartment. Later the  man Cole is dead in a car.

The Commissioner Reagan gives his assistant his formal resignation for delivery to the new mayor-elect. This is a formality for all big hitters in government for ever new administration. Reagan isn’t sure what will happen. Erin says this just a formality.

Jamie is groomed for undercover duty at clubs and bars where underage alcohol and drugs are being served. Their job is to observe, blend in, and report. His sergeant says the uniform does half the job. So his eyes need to be out there.

Jamie and the others must contribute certain hours toward trying to bust the sellers to underage buyers in the club scene. Drugs are being done in the bathroom. The girls come on to Jamie but their angry dates make getting their confidence and busting them tough. Jamie can’t behave like a tough drinker and keep his two drink minimum. The barman overcharges for “minors”.

Jamie’s youthful appearance makes him a good fit but tension with the other drinkers makes the job tough. Jamie meets a man who knows him from prep day school but can’t remember the name to his face, and Jamie is uncomfortable waits to get nailed. Jamie remembers the man Noble Sanfino from an infamous party scene years before. The man vows to remember the name. But when Jamie about how to score drugs, the man says the man behind him is a cop and he can always spot a cop.

Later Erin gets a call from her brother Danny that the man in the car is dead. He is the husband of her friend. Cole has been found dead by a hooker in parked car. Erin tries to get her friend out of the restaurant but she knows something is wrong. The woman demands Erin tell her what Danny said right then and there. Her husband Cole is dead. The woman whimpers on cue. Erin goes home to stay with her and her three children.

Danny realizes this is big news because the new Mayor had the dead man working for him. Erin tells her father that the dead man claimed he was in Albany but the car was found well South of there. The dead man Cole and the Mayor were close friends. Erin is involved as District Attorney prosecutor and asks at be part of the crime scene visit. Mike says no but she can “run into” his partner Jackie at the scene.

Erin appears in a beautiful dress. She accompanies the Police Commissioner to the Mayor’s first  ball function where Tony Bennett is playing. Reagan’s daughter in law Linda comments they should both start dating someone else. Reagan is not sure what the future holds with the new political administration of the City.

Reagan and Erin come into the ball and meet the new Mayor who wants a word with Reagan aside. Carrie Underwood sings a duet with Bennett, who gives a shout out to his old friend Reagan and asks on the microphone can he do something about some parking tickets. The crowd laughs.

The Mayor comes to the point: he wants to use Commissioner Reagan’s official capacity about the murder of Cole Farragut. He hints that the scandal would hurt him and to make it go away. Reagan is very stiff necked and refuses to play ball. The resignation is pending....Henry is amused at Frank’s hesitation. Henry says the P.C. is always news.

Erin accompanies Danny’s partner Jackie to the apartment on the Lower East Side street address where the dead man Cole parked his car and got a lot of tickets. Danny gets called to court again.

The dead man’s picture is in the scandal sheets due to his working for the new Mayor. Jackie chases the thug who watched his car. The street thug points out which apartment he was watching the man’s car for. Jackie starts asking Daryl the street thug if he killed Cole. Daryl has  parole officer and doesn’t want to get involved. But Cole didn’t want his car towed.

Erin shows up as Jackie finds the apartment. The superintendent says he heard fighting and that the girl was seeing the man who is now dead. Erin asks why didn’t the superintendent  do anything.

They find the apartment of a hooker pretending to be a little girl. Teenager posters and baby perfume is in the air. Pink things denote a clearly girl environment. Cole visited often. The landing pad is empty but they find a blood stain and Jackie calls in the forensics lab. The apartment is researched. This was the scene of the murder.

The crime scene shocks Erin. Pink fluffy rings and pillows and teenager props are everywhere. This is obviously a place for sexual assignations. Danny works the office for backup investigation. They use fingerprints to find the missing prostitute and track her to another apartment.

The girl, Tatiana, comes in and freaks out when she sees two cops with guns on her. She is upset at first thinking that they are from her pimp, a Croatian named Kyrill, and he is so vicious she will not give him up. Jackie tries to get the girl to say where her pimp is. She won’t.

The widow wants an update. It is very hard for Erin to tell her friend the circumstances of the husband’s death scene. The news of the crime scene is leaked to the Press, and the Mayor jumps on Commissioner Frank Reagan’s back to hush it up.

Erin conducts the interviews. The wife of the dead man listens in and observes the interrogation of the prostitute, who had an arrangement with the dead man for sex. The dead man was trying to get her away from her evil pimp Kyrill. Danny can’t believe the tawdry details. But the Mayor wants it framed as a carjacking and Frank points out nobody took the car.

The details are so tawdry the widow wants the investigation stopped because the press will embarrass her and humiliate her children. Mike and Jackie have their hands tied both by red tape and by not knowing what the Commissioner wants to do, and how City Hall is playing it. Commissioner Reagan gets an offer to keep his job but goes home to talk to the family about it. His being Police Commissioner affects all of them in their jobs.

Meanwhile Jamie works the club. The other cops don’t have any luck convincing anyone they can be trusted. The man comes back and tells him he will score. But the man gets a taste and starts blurring and weaving. He has a heavy overdose and his nose starts bleeding and he starts passing out. Jamie tries to help him but the barman won’t call 911 for an overdose and kicks them out. Jamie drags the man to the street, bleeding. He then calls for an ambulance.

Erin gets the prostitute to give up Kyrill. The police bust him and bring him in from a gambling joint where Croatian football is shown. When the police come into the bar all the men hide their faces and kyrill fronts and starts screaming for  lawyer. Brought to the station, Kyrill sees the prostitute in the interview rooms and screams he will kill her. Danny orders him locked up.

But immediately the deportation bureau of Homeland Security walks in and takes Kyrill out. He is being delivered directly to Croatia on extradition where he will get a noose and judge forthwith and never be seen in New York again. Erin and Mike are shocked at the fast handling and obvious City Hall tactics to brush the scandal under the rug. But Erin tells her friend nobody will ever hear about the scandal because of this. Her friend says she must make a new start.

Jamie and the Commissioner go fishing off the pier, and a policeman tells Reagan to put out his cigar or pay the fine. Reagan looks up and the police officer apologizes. Jamie reminds his father he is the police commissioner. Reagan puts out his cigar, mentioning that the man Jamie saved has been calling around trying to find out about him. This could threaten his undercover work.The bar has been shut down, which Jamie says is a good thing.

At the Commissioner’s office, the (black) Mayor drops by to get Reagan’s take on the job and the situation. Commissioner Reagan is not exactly pleased the Homeland Security friends of the Mayor’s acted so precipitously. But Reagan accedes the Mayor has friends in high places. Reagan makes it very clear he is not playing ball in the future and did nothing to advance the Mayor’s agenda. Commissioner Reagan makes it clear he will be accepting the P. C. job on his own terms.

The Mayor reminds Reagan that when budget cuts closed his neighborhood basketball courts when he was a youth, one cop unlocked the courts daily against the Mayor’s orders. That was the first time the (now) Mayor realized a white Irishman could do good things for a black person. The Mayor says the cop was Reagan and if he doesn’t remember him, the Mayor certainly remembers him from long ago. Reagan is a little stunned to hear this.


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