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An Idiot Abroad 2: A review by Andy Bremner

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Written by : published Sunday 25th September 2011

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Usually I try to make these reviews a regular occurrence and have them link with some current TV event and keep it up to date. Recently the one television programme that I have been bum-squeakingly excited for has been "An Idiot Abroad 2." Last night was Mr Pilkington’s triumphant return.

 The thing about programmes like this is how they take off. The last series of An Idiot Abroad was called "ball-achingly dull" by critics from the Guardian. Yet while I was in student digs the amount of talking about Karl's travels was amazing the amount of people crowding into small student bedrooms just to catch a glimpse of a man with a head like a fucking orange. Yesterday our student flat was a rush of attempting to get sorted for the live showing of An Idiot Abroad when that failed getting it on demand was the only option. All of us huddled round a 15 inch laptop under a quilt.

 This is an amazing feat of television these days. The days of everyone crowding round to watch a programme have long gone, dead with the idea that a abandoned package is a freebie, a roofie is a bloke who fixes your roof tiles and that long winded jokes actually have a punch line. Yet Gervais' creation is bringing people together.  I think the reason we enjoy it is that as much as it seems like Gervais and Merchant bully Karl we all do that to our own friends. Honestly think about the last thing you said to a close friend. I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to confuse my friend with directions so she ended up in a field instead of a shopping centre. It is sadly how people bond and now imagine if you were incredibly successful. Say you had won the lottery. Or you had written several incredibly successful television sitcoms, podcasts and films. You would up your game and splash some of that cash on your wind-ups.

 The first episode was brilliant and seeing Karl laughing was always on my Bucket list and yes the concept to last year is something of a change but actually somehow works better as there is a lot of scope for actually making Karl do stupid things but if I see one more tribesman’s knob I may have to gouge out my own eyes.  Quite frankly though An Idiot Abroad was one of the best programmes of last year and it is getting set to reclaim that title this year and it is definitely in my Television Hall of Fame but does that really help you? Probably not, I must admit that lots of people have said to me they just don’t get why Karl is funny they do find it dull and to the doubters I say this entertainment is subjective not everyone finds the same things funny or entertaining and other people are just proper gumpsticks. You can decide for yourself which category you fall into.


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