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Fringe-Neither Here Nor Then- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 25th September 2011

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Olivia and Fauxlivia exchange boxes of information about their respective universes. Despite Peter not being in the scenes, there is something missing and the group feels it. Olivia tells Fauxlivia not to assume she knows her just because she stole her life before. Dunham gets called away to a suspicious murder scene. Walter does not trust Walternate.

The Observors meet in the diner. Traces of Peter remain. The Observers say this is impossible and that the timeline has been rewritten. Traces of Peter continues to bleed through. It is their responsibility to change back the timeline before the *intervention* of one of them. The Observer nods in aquiescence. He must fix what he has changed and is handed a sequence of metal parts.

Meanwhile Agent Lee is dressed like 1950‘s G-man and is in the FBI. His partner breaks out with him from the man’s house, where his wife and kids know Agent Lee well. Then Lee and his partner for a mission chasing a bad guy down a series of pipe tunnels. When Agent Lee subdues one man, another man in another chamber gets to his partner. The man kneeling over the dead man is translucent with see through skin. Agent Lee stops in horror, and the dead man has been contaminated with this translucence. Agent Danzig is dead.

Olivia Dunham comes to the scene and introduces herself to Agent Lee as the Observers watch and say that he used to know her. Before things changed. Olivia Dunham does not tell Lee what Fringe Division is about. Dunham states they will be taking the remains back to their facility. Agent Lee becomes very upset his partner is dead and they are taking him away.

Back at the lab Walter bugs Astrid about something felt different. It has been a week since they agreed to work with the other side. Fauxlivia and Olivia exchange boxes of information and the Walter and Fauxlivia are in glass covered cells in the lab. Fauxlivia does not seem enthusiastic  either.

Walter insists he sees a man in the mirror (Peter Bishop). Agent Lee enters to hear this fracas while Walter shot a serum into a dead pigeon and it flies around the room out of Agent Lee’s hands. It falls t the floor as Olivia Dunham angrily, comes in to find him there. Agent Lee gives Dunham traffic photographs and she says he is part of the investigation. He threatens to call the New York Times about a Harvard lab that can make dead birds fly.

Dunham gets a call about another body from Broyles. They find another translucent victim. Broyles meets Agent Lee back at the lab with updated clearance and does a full body scan. Then they show him a warehouse full of dead translucent bodies from the last few days. Olivia discusses missing her partner and says that is why she is letting him help.

Astrid goes to the scene and observes the body. Walter goes over the body via telecamera and gets the lab coroner at the scene help her check the anus. Nadine park is a commuter who parked her car and was struck dead behind the wheel. The car hit the lamp post. Agent Lee points out that one of the women on the park bench is staring and does not notice the hubbub. Dunham goes to investigate.

The woman gives a sketch of the man with a freaky see-through look. Back at the lab, Walter comes out of the flotation tank sopping wet. He has seen the man in the mirror. Agent Lee is concerned for Walter’s health. Astrid and Olivia calm Walter down.

Olivia tells Agent Lee how she got Walter out of a mental institution after her partner disappeared and only Fringe Division found answers for her. Olivia says Walter is often quite brilliant but never had anything to tether him to the world. Walter says there is nothing more sad than two people who were destined to be together who stay apart. Agent Lee realizes there is deep water underneath these mysterious department levels.

Walter gets latest results after searching for Agent Lee’s common denominator of health problems among the deceased. He finds heavy metal poisoning is among the 30 odd victims and not a coincidence. Walter says the levels of metal in the bodies have been cleaned of particles. Someone needs a lot and the scene shifts to where a translucent man works and cleans off his own fingernail which turns to metal when removed.

Walter comments finding healthy specimens is difficult. Agent Lee is furious that Fringe withholds the bodies. Olivia says too many weird deaths would draw attention to the Fringe division. Agent Lee illustrates to Olivia what it would be like to have a hole in your life. Walter says people die, sometimes they even die twice. Agent Lee realizes they have felt a loss he can’t see.

One of the dead people’s victims registered a charge. They realize the metropolitan commuter points are where the killer is selecting his victims. Four kill zones are centered around the commuter outlets. Dunham cedes respect to Lee for the hint.

At a radio and TV parts store, the Observer selects random metal and plastic parts. The repairman finds an extinct radio tube and the tube given him from the other Observer fit into a device like a radio. The Observor tasked with getting rid of the last traces of Peter fits the device together. He sets up the device. The Tv man asks what the parts are for, and he replies "to erase someone from history".

Dunham and Lee chase another team to where an attack and flight of the translucent man is tracked. Lee watches while he thinks Dunham might be kile but she is safe. Dunham captures one of the men in a violent fight and Agent Lee subdues and kills the other one. As they get the bodies out of there an animated Grace Parker watches from the refinery stairway, her skin and bones gleaming translucently.

In the park, outside the Fringe Division, the Observor activates his radio gauges and twists dials. Walter gets into bed and looks at the TV. As the Observor tries to erase all trace of Peter again, Walter catches a glimpse of Peter in the off TV screen. Walter screams in fright and the security guard comes to calm him down. Walter has thrown something at the TV and the screen can no longer be seen.

Lee is unnnerved by the types of security leading to the bowels of the Fringe Division. Dunham confronts Fauxlivia with the information about a new kind of human shapeshifter.  Agent Lee is astounded to see another Olivia and the day/night windows of the connected universes. The torn universe lab still stands with the machine in the middle of it. Agent Lee sees out of the ceiling windows on one side where a Hindenburg flies over and on the other different clouds and a different sky exist.

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