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PYT Pretty Young Things

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Written by : published Saturday 12th February 2011

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Meredith and Lexie are startled to hear from Bailey their father is in the hospital. Lexie discovers treating him that he has a new girlfriend her own age from AA. When the woman starts dscussing sex positions her father and she were doing Lexie freaks out and leaves. The fear is that he is rejecting Meredith's liver transplant. Meanwhile Mark and Arizona boss Callie around and she doesn't like it. They outvote her saying she can't have coffee.

Karev calls the new OB-GYN a nurse and references the transplant patient as a vegetable.  She bans him from the case.  Callie and Hunt treat a man with a dislocated pair of hips caused by  a Youtube extreme video action stunt, having slammed into a brick wall. Callie wants coffee but can't have it. His cameraman never stops filming.  Hunt is annoyed at the pointlessness of the injury.

Cristina is asked to do the heart surgery on the transplant patient. Avery is on Mark Sloan's service. Sloan talks about Avery's green eyes and cheekbones, annoying him. Mark is used to flexing his looks to serve himself. Callie struggles at going off caffeine. Lexie tells Meredith their father is doing the same thing he did to Meredith. She points out that her mother had an affair and Lexie's mother died of cancer.

Mark senses something is going on with Lexie and gets Avery to follow up. Avery still has a hankering for Lexie and wants to practice medicine, not be Dear Abby. But Mark tells Avery Lexie's Achilles Heel (Chocolate peanut butter cups) and Avery intercepts Lexie's tirade about her new stepmother. They get to be friends. Avery sees an open door when he learns Callie is having Mark's baby. Avery holds Lexie's secrets to himself, and uses Mark's advice, batting his eyes at Lexie himself. Sloan may have just given Lexie away.

Meredith is asked by the Chief to conduct a clinical trial to evidence base the studies and research found in her mother's journals. Meredith isn't sold on the idea. Derek and the Chief ask her to think about it. The Alzheimer's trial testing continues. Karev freaks out at being left out and Cristina does the transplant on the unborn baby. Lexie softens on her father's crush a little bit. The stunt jumper finally figures out how stupid he is and orders the camera turned off.

Hunt orders April to get Callie coffee when she goes cold turkey. Cristina's envious of Meredith and her studies but Hunt tells she'll just have to live with a loving husband. Karev and the young, blond blue eyed Ob-Gyn doctor bond while the transplant is in surgery. Turns out the physician told the mother to really push to get the baby out, then had to tell her the baby died. April's perkiness and Karev's concern show different sides of the race for Chief Resident.

Callie tells Mark and Arizona that the baby gets a vote and so does her birth canal, outvoting them three to two on anything. Meredith rejects her mother's work as a project, disappointing the Chief.  Meredith comes home to Derek, who is pleased at her choice.

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