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The Vampire Diaries-The Hybrid- recap

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Written by : published Friday 23rd September 2011

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Elena stops by the mansion to find out why Damon isn’t returning her calls. Despite her confused pout, Damon won’t worship at her feet. Elena shares how Stefan called her on her birthday. Forbes traced the area of origin it was in Tennessee. Damon says Stefan is gone and not just geographically.

Damon says  he is busy burying his fake girlfriend. (He is really trying to shield Elena from the horror of what Stefan has become). Damon says he won’t cooperate and tell her anything. Then Elena knocks on Alaric’s door for news of Stefan. She says whatever Damon knows Alaric knows. Alaric says she should ask Damon but Elena says he won;t confide in her.

Elena says she is not the kind of person who checks out. Elena says she would never give up on her so she would never give up on Stefan. Rick says Stefan have been tracking werewolves along the Eastern seaboard.

Klaus taxes Stefan about his self-loathing mood. Stefan humps Ray’s body through the hills. Klaus locates Ray’s pack.They say he is the hybrid and Klaus is flattered his reputation has preceded him. The pack seem like a bunch of camisole wearing young adults fairly defenseless against the threat in their midst.

Ken’s mom Carol Lockwood taxes her son at breakfast on his lady friend’s walk of shame. Ken observes his mother saw her before she left the house. But Mrs. Lockwood calls Bill about a vampire situation. Later when Ken talks to Elena he notices nobody has seen her.

Jerry doesn’t like the idea of consulting his dead sister. But Matt forces the issue, amassing a spell and collecting personal items for the witch spell. He says she asked for his help when she appeared to him. Vicky is bothering him.

Elena questions Ken about where wolves hang out. He cooperates, and says Stefan’s in the mess because he bit Damon. Ken hasn’t heard from his girlfriend. Elena gets the GPS of the state park where werewolves like to hang out.

Elena threatens to go to the Smoky Mountains to track the wolf clan without Alaric. He says she is crazy to hunt a pack of werewolves during a full moon. Elena says she will be out of there before the moon is full. Then he says he’ll go but she is driving.

Klaus and Stefan demonstrate the hybrid effect when Ray changes under the coming full moon. Stefan observes the terror of the pack at what Klaus can do to them. Klaus is amused that he is front of a werewolf that can resist a full moon (Ray) and a vampire that can walk in the sun (Stefan). Klaus and Stefan need some human blood to complete Ray’s transformation.

Klaus says the woman they attack for the blood must join or die, and Stefan says he’d take the bite but he doesn’t know how to stop. Klaus finishes his snack and asks for the next hybrid transformation victim.

Ken waits at the Mystic Grill all day for Caroline. Ken realizes his mother has been slipping him vervane. Mrs. Lockwood receives Bill at her home. Bill wants to know what the rest of the Council knows.

In the smoky mountains, Rick leads Elena through the woods and announces the full moon will rise very soon. Wolfsbane and vervane grenades are exchanges. Elena gives Rick the ring left for if Elena has kids. it wont work on her because she is a doppelganger. Damon shows up and Elena is astonished Alaric told on her. Elena refuses to get out of the water without Damon doing as she wants.

Damon asks what her plan is. Klaus thinks she died since she broke the curse. he says she is not safe approaching the pack in the full moon he drops her voice and say “please’ in a breathy voice. Then Elena bickers with Damon as they hike through the woods.

Klaus concludes his werewolf transformation spree. Klaus watches the survivor phase through the transformation of hybrid slaves to form an army of soldiers and comrades. Klaus notices Stefan still has a chip on his shoulder. Klaus says he wants an attitude adjustment and Stefan will know why he has been kept around when Klaus is ready for him to know.

Smethign happens wrong with the werewolves hybrid ids ad they start bleeding form their eyes. Ray gets away and Stefan chases him but hears Elena talking. neither Alaric nor Damon nor Elena notice Stefan standing 200 feet off in plan sight.

In the mountains, Stefan gets bitten by Ray and chases him for the kill, but hears Elena talking and draws Klaus off. Ray’s bite is pure wolf and fatal, and Klause smirks that he won’t give Stefan the healing blood bite to heal Ray’s marks until he catches Ray.

But Ray catches up to Damon, who throws him down. They fight at super speed. Damon can barely hold off Ray with super strength. (Alaric is wearing the supernatural ring and not noticed). Alaric realizes Ray is a hybrid and Elena screams Damon’s name. Damon throws down Ray and stuns him unconscious.

Tyler goes home and wants to know why his mother put vervane in his coffee. Mrs. Lockwood says she knows Carolyn is bad and that she can’t let Tyler be with her. Tyler explains how his uncle has the family curse and so does he and she has to see for herself. Carolyn is not the monster.

In the mountains night is falling. Damon, Alaric, and Elena  tie up Ray in chains but see the blood come out of his eyes and him go crazy. The hybrid change is not working. Ray morphs back and forth supernaturally and even Damon is unnerved. Elena realizes they need to leave the mountains and gets Damon to stop torturing Ray in chains. Elena puts her arms on Damon a few times to get him off Ray and back to the real world.

At home, Tyler chains himself up. Mrs. Lockwood sees Tyler chain himself anticipating the change to a werewolf. She screams as he transforms into a werewolf and explains the family curse. She screams “what’s happening”. (The full moon works it magic)

Running away from the chained werewolf, the Smoky Mountains are too big for Alaric, Elena and Damon to run and hide. Elena trips and when Alaric and Damon look back, a full fledged actual wolf is staring her down, inches from her nose. Elena doesn’t move but freezes. Damon cries at the wolf and flees at super speed.The wolf chases him. (It is Ray)

The wolf Ray has even stronger powers as the moon waxes and wanes, and catches Damon in a death grip. Stefan comes behind him and takes Ray’s heart from his chest while Damon watches Ray falter. Stefan asks Damon to take Elena home and see if he can keep her there this time.

In the car, Elena is angry to sit in the car doing nothing, while speaking anxiously about Stefan. Alaric says she is a sucker for a lost cause. Elena gives him a pep talk and he says he is keeping the ring. Elena sees Damon come back, who rushes them away.

Damon doesn’t mention he saw Stefan. Elena embraces Damon in relief. Stefan watches this, and Elena can feel him. She looks where Stefan is and can barely make out something. They drive away. Stefan goes bac to the werewolf camp, where all of the hybrids have been eaten by Klaus or have died.

Matt is tormented by the ghosts. Jeremy says that they took away the last moment with Vicky and the memory of how she died. Her brother confesses says he can’t remember the last moment he had with his sister before she was vampire either. Vicky appears and says she can come back. Matt demands to know what Jeremy is seeing and what she is saying.

The window breaks violently and shatters. But then Jeremy hears his name called, and comes around and sees (dead) Bonnie,  who says to him “don’t trust Vicky”.

Klaus is angry all the hybrids are dead. Stefan is dying of the wolf bite., Klaus is angry and says he broke the curse and killed the vampire and the doppelganger he should be able to change them. Klaus says he did as he was told. Stefan almost can’t hide his satisfaction. Keeping Elena alive paid off. Klaus suddenly realizes Stefan knows something.

But Stefan makes out his expression is due to the wolf attack, and says that he had to kill Ray, it happened too fast. Klaus watches Stefan, then makes a bottle of his blood and the dead werewolves carcasses for Stefan to drink and announces they are leaving. Klaus says it appears he is the only comrade he has left.

Back at the mansion, Elena comes out of the shower and finds Damon in her bedroom. She says he has got to be kidding. He says he was wrong. Elena says did he see Stefan and is he O.K.? Damon says of course Stefan is not OK.

Damon says Stefan is an insufferable martyr, but he saw that Stefan couldn’t let him die so there is something left to save. But Damon wants to know why she came back off the mountain with the traveler and the ring and everything to save them. Elena says she does care about him and was worried about what happened to him. She wants to know why he needs her to say it.

Damon says he does need her to say it, because when he drags Stefan back from the mouth of hell he wants her to remember that she did care. Damon almost kisses her, and leaves, just as Alaric comes back up the stairs. Rick asks Elena is she knows what she is doing with Damon.

Tyler is still in the basement and transforms back from a werewolf. Mrs. Lockwood says to her son, lying in chains, that she’ll take care of it and calls Bill back. She says to him that maybe they made a mistake. But Bill says she doesn’t understand but his family has been fighting this curse for 150 years and it is too late to take care of Carolyn any other way

Carolyn is shown in chains in a dungeon, and the man Bill comes in. He comes out from the shadows and says “Hello, Carolyn”. She looks up in relief and says “Daddy?”

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