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Community: "Biology 101"

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Written by : published Friday 23rd September 2011

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The one where everyone is in Biology now, Jeff gets kicked out and Pierce comes back.

I'm still amazed that this show is allowed to do pretty much whatever it wants. It's the first time it airs after months, and it opens with a musical number that turns out to be a daydream? Sure! Why not!

This episode, they've just started to accept that Pierce isn't coming back, when he does, and he wants to join the class and the study group, but there's no more seats. Jeff gets himself kicked out almost immediately, though, and Pierce steps in, which leaves Jeff on the outside. There's the usual middle-of-the-episode weird stuff--Chang is living in the air vents, and Jeff chases him into them after Chang steals what he thinks is proof that Pierce paid off the teacher and turns out to be something racist, and for some reason there's a whole baked ham. And in the end, Pierce takes pity on him and lets everyone think he's still the villain, because Jeff had a much harder time in that role than he did.

Meanwhile, Abed's stressed that Cougar Town got moved to midseason, because that's never a good sign and Britta gets him hooked on the original British version, Cougarton Abbey, without telling him that it's only six episodes long and they all die at the end. He shuts down, until Britta fixes it by intorducing him to Inspector Spacetime, a British scifi show that's been going on since 1963 and happens to be a fabulous knockoff of Doctor Who. I really hope we see more of it, just because of that fact alone.

Also meanwhile, the Dean has just discovered that all the school's money goes to the much-more-successful-than-anyone-else AC Repair School, and winds up crushed under the heel pf the Vice Dean in charge of it, played by the ever-wonderful John Goodman and his amazing voice. So now the school has even less money than ever before. Since Chang can't live in the airvents and Dean can't pay anyone to be security, Chang is now working the job for free in exchange for room and board, and that can only end poorly.

Also, the table they meet around may or may not be magic.

Man, I've missed this absurdity! This episode was pretty middle-of-the-road as far as this show goes, more of a reminder of what it's like than anything super-important, and it was still fresh and strange and clever and metafictional, and not at all like anything else on TV. And it's good at it. It's a good argument in favor of channels giving more control of their shows to the writers and creators, really, if they all can make the shows as individual as this one is. The new season should have lots of strange adventures, emotional entanglements, and pushing the envelope of what it means to be a sitcom.


A few great quotes:

  • "You could have lived the rest of your life in blissful ignorance and died a happy pansexual imp!" - Vice Dean
  • "Sure, this little group has sprouted some legs, but why are we so eager to leave the tidepool when all that awaits us are the sands of time and the hungry seagulls of slowly growing apart?" - Jeff
  • "Huh. Interesting. So this is the year we all die." - Jeff

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