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NCIS: Los Angeles-Lange, H. -recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd September 2011

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Callen tells his partner that he remembers the beach because he was born there. Callen remembers his mother getting shot next to him. Hanna is shocked to realize that Callen has remembered the beach memory in operation Cmescu. But Callen describes the territory like he has been there before. Callen leads the Prague team to a deserted warehouse to regroup.

Meanwhile at NCIS HQ in Los Angeles, Vance directs the computer wizards to find out what is going on, although they use off-the radar code so it it not a official order. They find another file that Hetty had on the Cmescus, although they thought she dumped the main file. The Hetty rules do not apply, and Eric enjoys coffee and Oreos in Ops.

The team shootout in Prague reports on the ops wire. Nell and Eric find no data on the hard drive and cannot find Hetty’s trail. Vance says they only have one agent in Prague, agent Hunter. Nell asks for news from agent Hunter who is supposedly hunting Hetty officially.

The NCIS crew, on the beach in Romania, act to count heads and map out the perimeter by watching the beach house and the guards outside. Hanna wants more answers from Callen. But Callen says he has 30 minutes to arm up for the raid on the Cmescu house. Callen says the memories of the toy soldier were from the beach they were just on. Callen says this is where he is from. Callen remembers the murder of his mother.

Hetty Lange has submitted to the Cmescu household and is speaking with its matriarch. Hetty spins a story that she was born in a concentration camp and raised by Romany foster parents. The woman does not believe her. Hetty asks her how the feud started. She says then she will reveal why she came.

Meanwhile Nell and Eric decode a secret file with photographs of the Cmescu family. Nell finds the file Hetty really left for them to find. Nell and Eric scan the servers for the hidden file. Hetty has craftily left it in plain sight.

Callen and the team see a mysterious woman arrive to the Cmsecu compound. She is well known to the guards and a friendly face to them. Deaks is stunned to look through binoculars and see...Agent Hunter. Kenzi is shocked too.

At the same time Eric and Nell decode the NCIS file and decrypt the photos. One of the photos is blurred. They scramble the Cmescu family portrait to find Agent Hunter. Agent Hunter is the niece of the Cmescu crime family matriarch Alexa. Vance walks in to see what they are doing.

Hanna says she must be undercover. Callen learns that Hunter is part of the Cmescu family group. Hanna says having her in the house changes the plan. Callen says the plan is to kill them all.

The Cmescu matriarch tots up Hetty’s kill tally. She tells about how Callen’s mother was born. Then the escape to America ended their chances. The father swore on his father’s grave to end the father’s bloodline. Hetty says that Callen won’t go easily and the woman says no, he won’t, it is in his blood. The woman was killed leaving two children behind, a girl and a boy.

Hetty reveals that after the Cmescus sought revenge she was not able to shield Callen’s mother from the Cmescu vengeance. Meanwhile the NCIS crew spread out.

Hetty must make amends to save Callen. The Cmescu matriarch show Hetty pictures of the NCIS team hitting the airport and says she is lying. The Cmescu matriarch says she knows Callen better than he knows himself. Alexa meets briefly with Elena/Hunter, who does not speak up for Hetty or recognise her.

Deaks and his partner pretend to be on the honeymoon taking pictures. Kenzi has problems with their back story. Deaks tells Callen that Hunter went in and the guards are closing in. Deals watches the house while Kenzi doubles back to the warehouse. Kenzi listens as Deaks says he is being approached. Hanna scans the guards and says they need a diversion.

Director Vance asks Nell and Eric to hone in on Agent Hunter’s satellite tracker. They run a trace on the address. The Cmescu cellphones are traced. They find cellphones nearby grouped in one place. The Romanian camp s where Hunter is and Nell wants to know how she went to the beach house and why hasn’t she called.

Deaks spots the gaurds coming for him and runs he runs to the warehouse where the NCIS crew is hiding. He runs up the stairs and where the group is, shouting he has three prisoners. The men rush the interior where Callen speaks in Romanian and they shoot to kill. Kenzi and Hanna insist Deaks got made but Deaks pulls the airport photos out of the dead man’s pocket. They know who to look for.

Hetty speaks candidly with the head of the Cmescu family. Alexa says it was a mistake to let Callen grow into  man. Hetty asks what Callen’s first name is. Alexa says that the OSS man sent to kill her grandfather for being a collaborator in the war was taken vengeance upon. Callen is the grandson of that man.

Vance activates the cellphone data trap. Eric snoops on the phones looking for the agent Hunter cellphone. They check for callbacks. The company that owns the beach house has four phones. Nell says the phones are in the light industrial and are burn phones, supposedly bought in Prague. Vance asks Eric to text message the four NCIS officers to call him.

Hanna debates what to do with the prisoner Dracul Cmescu. Callen may want to kill him. Dracul demands to know about Elena. Dracul says this is his cousin. Callen is stunned and then all the team’s phones ring. Callen rings Eric who puts him n speaker to Director Vance. Callen denies he is an agent. Eric and Nell tell Vance that Agent Hunter is Elena Vadim.

Nell and Eric triangulate the cellphones of the Cmescu family as Callen and Hanna interrogate Dracul Cmescu about who Hunter is. Dracul says it is his cousin Elena and they played together as children.  

Eric and Nell open the photo file to show Vance who this is. The photos go back much further than the three months Vance says that Hunter has been gathering intel. Vance and Callen debate whether or not Hunter turned on them. Vance doesn’t want to believe it. Vance says the Cmescu deal in human trafficking.

Then Agent Hunter calls Callen at the warehouse from the family compound. Hunter/Elena wants to know where Callen is. Callen asks her what she is doing. Callen take a breath and trusts her with their location.

Hetty keeps Alexa talking while Elena/Hunter runs the guard out. Lots of shooting happens.
The NCIS team rush the house. Lauren Hunter has a gun. Callen runs for Hetty.

Gunfire erupts outside, as Hetty and Alexa stare at each other. Hetty is shot by the matriarch under the table, before Callen is able to get there. Callen rushes Alexa, who says she knows everything about who he is. But as he turns, Elena/Hunter appears in the doorway with a gun.

Behind him Alexa pulls a gun on Callen but Elena shoots her dead. Then Hunter gets a laptop out of the closet to show Callen why she appeared as the family cousin. She says the real Elena is married in Argentina and wants nothing do with the family. Hunter says that there is a reason.

But then Hanna notices that Hetty isn’t breathing or speaking, and she shoots a bloody hand across the table. Callen realizes Hetty is shot and dying

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