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Sons of Anarchy- Dorylus- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 21st September 2011

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Tara asks Jax if they can afford another high chair and Clay and Gemma smile because she doesn’t know about the gunrunning cash windfall. Jax says there is money in the secret place where the storage key is. Clay follows Tara into the bedroom, right behind her as she gets the key. Tara turns to find him right next to her. Clay thanks Tara for announcing her pregnancy at the clubhouse wreck. Squirming to get around him she leaves the bedroom.

The federal man meets with the Sherriff. He has intel of a Galindo drug cartel war financed by a strategic force of which Romeo is chief military man. Muling the blow is what Romeo is doing to fuel the war. Eli moves to Plan B to take out the Sons of Anarchy and wants a history of organized crime in the town to prove the RICO case.

Roosevelt gets a file showing that Juice has a father in jail with crime ties. The Sherriff opens the file of Juice and sees that his father in prison is fact a black man. (The gang think Juice is Mexican).

The Sons of Anarchy are now the primary RICO target. Romeo reached out to the Sons in Stockton to secure a relationship. In Modesto a security cam captured the Russian connection known to frequent Charming but who recently returned but he disappeared. They plan to get the Sons doing racket business and Roosevelt suggests that they line up one of the men for inside information about the gun running.

The guns are being packed at Happy’s aunt’s place when one of the men gets distracted by a couple of black hoods with a roll of cash playing basketball for bets. The other men are in an argument because Happy is  a neat freak about cleaning up after making pancakes. The basketball thugs steal the guns in the truck after knocking the gang member out playing hoops. The gang is notified and Jax and his team come on choppers.

Clay visits the work shed where the gun crates are made to match car part boxes for the gun run. The lumber box making men grouse. Tig wants in some action. Clay discovers Miles ate too many bad burritoes and needs some quiet time with Munson. Juice plans a colonic and a clear passage for Miles at the dispensary he owns part of.

Clay needs to talk to Munson and  gets him away for some quality time. Munson wonders how Jax could sign off on the drug deal. The man says he smells the gun deal is bad and knows why Clay is doing it. Munson says Clay just wants to get rich and run away, leaving the gang with the bad mojo from the Galindo cartel.

Clay says it isn’t about gettin’ rich it’s about gettin’ whole. Munson says  Jax has gone too into his head. But Clay says he wants out, but will give the gavel to him if he lets Jax thinks he got away clean. (Clay is really doing this for Jax to get clear of the gang life). Munson thinks this over. Obviously Clay is doing this for Gemma.

Clay offers to hand over the gavel but before Munson can answer an Indian woman from the tribe organization sneaks up behind them. (Did she hear them?) She says she can lead him to Charlie Blackhorse. They get held up for more money by Charlie for the Wajiwa tribe. Charlie says they are being charged too much. (Clay is giving the Galindo cartel a markup on the Wajiwa-supplied bullets).

The Chief leads Clay and his friend to where the Russian man is buried in the dirt. This is the man the feds were tracking. He is buried neck deep in the ground and his slobbering head is covered in ants. Clay asks polite questions. The Chief makes them drink some liquid to connote a ceremony to the man in the ground. The Indians evidently are angry the Russians are trying to get back into Charming.

Clay and Munson wonder why the ant farm treatment for the Russian. Charlie hints that tribal matters involve greater bullet demand. The Win-Tu language gave Charlie a sign that means “morning war”. The Gods chose death by ants for closure. Charlie leaves and Clay continues to discuss leadership of SAMCRO.

Clay is charging 50% more for the same ammo the Indians are selling them. Clay kills the man in the sand so he won’t repeat it to Charlie.

Chief Charlie (Randolph Mantooth) returns and says the man should have suffered a few more days. But Clay swears on his word, looking into Blackhorse’s eyes, he isn’t making money on the deal. Munson watches Clay lie earnestly. The Chief says OK, the order will be processed.

Betty meets Wayne Unser in the chapel. Gemma explores Tara’s office but Tara moved the key. Gemma calls Tara a bitch and keeps searching. Wayne Unser stands watch but sees the Sherriff and his wife come out of the elevator. They are upset and Wayne looks around and sees they are leaving the fertility clinic. Evidently the Sherriff has his own problems.

Another woman, Margaret, Tara’s boss, finds Gemma in Tara’s office reading files. Unser sees this and curses. Unser then interrupts and makes the woman go away. Later the woman returns with a job offer from another town far away for Tara. All the references check out. Margaret says that Tara has to get out sooner rather than later. Tara has confessed all her problems to Margaret. Then Tara checks out the key. The J. T. letters are safe.

Jax is livid about the missing gun crate because the Mexicans want a full delivery. The SAMCRO crew chase the theft of the truck into the black neighborhood.  Vivika the negro fence for the guns is the only way for black people to fence stuff. . She says she doesn’t have the guns. But then as the SAMCRO leave, the car with the Brewster and Frecks pulls up to the house. The choppers take off.

The SAMCRO men chase the white Chevy through the black neighborhood alleys. But the black youths run a light and screech out in front of a police car. The black and white chases the Chevy with sirens blazing. The choppers draw to standstill. The Sons of Anarchy can’t pull up or closer because the youths will talk and Happy’s aunt’s house is the staging place for the guns and she’ll get busted.

The man who got the truck jacked, Kozik, drops his jacket and pulls a hood over his head, saying he’ll handle it. He rides on and approaches the pull-over of the white Chevy, shooting the police car. Kozik then rides off and the police chase him. The Sons ride up and ask the black thugs for their license and registration.

Later Kozik meets up with them again and slaps the hell out of the black men in the trunk for hijacking the truck. The Sons pick him off the men. Tig urges the men to talk, who lie at first then say Viveka was the fence and they were coming back for the rest of the money.

At the hospital,  Tara makes copies of the letters and returns to her desk to find Gemma waiting. Gemma produces the note that fell out of Abel’s coloring books. Gemma starts to interrogate Tara. But tar claims Gemma already knows the answers to her questions. Gemma says that letters from John Teller would be painful for Jax to read. Gemma says John was in love with Maureen and Gemma was already in love with Clay.

The gang of choppers returns to Viveka’s and tells her the men say that the guns were for her. She denies it but Jax accuses the others of making a deal Viveka doesn’t know about. Luther and Vandross the black sons organized the robbery as a secret surprise to buy her a truck. Viveka is gobstopped. Her sons have crossed the line behind her back.

One of the black men on the porch levels a gun on Jax in the yard and the other gang member pulls it up but it goes off.  The gang members snicker as Viveka hits her sons Luther and Vandross in anger. Then one of the black men comes running out of the front door of the house, with blasting machine gun, shooting blindly, screaming “Momma!”.

She pulls the gun out of his hand and yells for them to stop. The Sons of Anarchy have jumped in the bushes to avid the gunfire. Jax recovers and yells at Viveka, and says the police will come because of the shooting, but Viveka says no, they won’t.

Screaming for a family meeting inside, Viveka peels off some cash and tells Jax she is sorry about the mess and the guns will be given back. Then the gun truck drives up. Viveka says that she will send Happy’s mother some tomatoes. Jax laughs as he leaves, joking with Tig, saying she makes Gemma look like Donna Reed and suddenly he doesn’t feel so dysfunctional.

At the hospital, Gemma confronts Tara about the letters. She says she was left alone with J.T.’s sons while John stayed in Belfast with Maureen. But at 19 she made a choice to stay with Clay even though J.T. was with the gang in Belfast. Gemma says that wherever the letters lead it is bad for the family and rips up the note she found. Gemma repeats it is bad for the family that Jax read the letters.

The Sherriff comes to the colonic clinic to arrest Juice while Miles watches. Juice has some marijuana on him which violates his parole. In the police precinct, Juice wants to lawyer up but the Sherriff says he doesn’t care about he weed. The Sherriff acts like he caught fish with his father at Rockaway Pier in the Brooklyn. But Juice says Rockaway was full of medical waste and wonders what this is all about.

The Sherriff asks Juice if he ever met his father. (No) He shows Juice the picture of his father. The man is black. The Sherriff wonders what the club would do if they found out he was black. The Sherriff says the club will throw him out, remove the patches and get rid of his Anarachy in to say the least.

Juice says his club is loyal. The African American sherriff threatens to expose him. He says Leroy will hassle him forever. Juice is not happy at the prospect. Juice is released with the threat the fed intended to get info on what SAMCRO is doing.

Gemma returns to the clubhouse to be told by Piney that Clay wants them running drugs for the cartel. Gemma is dumfounded. Piney asks Gemma to talk to him.

Gemma confronts Clay when he and JT return from their meeting. Gemma starts criticizing Clay and he physically puts her away from him, saying he doesn’t take orders from her. She says drugs are not what they do and Clay says she doesn’t the him what they do. The other SAMCRO men watch.

Jax is told by Opie that his performance in the hood gets his vote, and Miles’ and the former addict Kozik. He says when Jax is president it will be clear. Jax nods, knowing he won’t be there to deal with the fallout of the gun deal after he leaves with Tara and the kids. Inside the clubhouse, the men vote heavily against the gun running and drug mule agreements.

Clay calls the club to vote. Tig votes no. Chibbs is a no. Opie votes yes. Kozik votes yes. It votes six-five and passes. Juice swallows heavily but then votes nay on the drug deal, knowing the Sherriff will close in. The vote of the VP, Jax, and the President, Clay, carries the Sons of Anarchy drug and gun business for the Galindo cartel.

On leaving the clubroom, Clay tells Piney he’ll slit his throat if he ever tries an end run around him through his old lady again.

At the storage locker, Tara stores the old high chair and hides the copies of the letters in the bottom of a storage box. Gemma smokes heavily as Tara drives up to the SAMCRO clubhouse and stands next to her. They watch as the tense club members comes out by the bikes.

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