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Hell's Kitchen- 2 Chefs Compete-final- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 21st September 2011

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After Tommy and Elise lose the pass challenge, they are eliminated. Will and Paulie, the best chefs, go to the dorm and gleefully drink champagne and work themselves up. Will toasts to the journey and what is to come. Paul recalls how for five years he wanted to get on Hell’s Kitchen and how he promised his mother before she died that he would win. Will says he is so close to the win he can just taste it.

Will and Paulie plan their menus and work with the chefs for presentation. Paulie has an old school split filet bronzino dish and Will works some finesse with quail eggs, pecans, and truffles into his menu. Ramsay says they need to de-stress. The groups are taken for a dinner out with Ramsay in Los Angeles. But each have their own waiting limo.

Will’s limo has his wife and mother, and Paulie’s has his brother. They join each other for lunch at Velasco, a new Los Angeles restaurant open four weeks. At the Los Angeles restaurant Ramsay meets them and asks the chefs if they want to go look at the kitchen. Inside the kitchen the entire crowd from BLT steakhouse in New York and fans are waiting for a five entree cook off. The kitchen is a nightclub soiree with cheering fans and spotlights and velvet ropes.

The challenge is to make in one hour 5 plates of dishes that could be on th menu at BLT steak in new York. A seafood appetizer, a salad, seafood entree, a bone in entree, and a filet steak. Both men work like crazy to get the dishes ready for the crowd. A separate judge is brought to judge each dish. With 15 seconds Ramsay reminds them to plate up.

Victor Albisu is the first judge. Will’s scallops with citrus trim wins. Next comes chef Brian Moyers Will’s champagne salad and Paul’s mixed greens with potatoes. Paul wins. Will’s Dover sole goes up against Paul’s Bronzino of meat. Paul wins. For the meat round, Cliff crooks is the judge and Paulie presents the buttermilk ribeye (lacking salt) goes against Will’s grilled ribeye with gruyere cheese. Will wins. With a tie the men put their meat up to the pass.

The President of BLT steak judges the final round. Paul presents braised frites with superb truffle sauce beef. Keith puts truffle chased filet mignon from Will with red grape ju and buttered Brussels sprouts and he wins. The crowd screams an goes wild. Will winds the first choice of the brigade chefs back at the Hell’s Kitchen. Paul resolves to win the next’s day service and win the chef’s job.

Will has a list of the competitors ranked to choose from. Tommy is Will’s first choice. Paul is Elise’s first pick. Elizabeth is Paul’s second choice. Jennifer is picked third from last and is not unhappy to not be with Elise. Jonathan is picked by Paul. Natalie is picked by Will.

Will chooses between Carrie and Krupa. Will choose to pick Krupa, and let Carrie go to Paul hoping Elise and Carrie will brew up a fight. Paul is not thrilled and will make the best. Paul wants Elise to do apps to be free to help on meat later, her strength. Paul says he has oil and vinegar, matches and dynamite. Paul is very focused.

Paul admonishes Elsie and Carrie not to fight or he will straighten them out. Paul outlines his dishes and so does Will to his team. Will makes drawings that look like sexual body parts. Early in the morning Paul and Will start training the brigades early. Will sees that Krupa is not prepared and he has no experience cooking with her. Will trains her on the pecans.

An hour before dinner service Chef Ramsay goes over the menu items. Paul has garlic poached shrimp, a carpaccio of tomato, and a grilled swordfish set of dishes that Ramsay says needs work. He says the meat is dense and boring. Ramsay says he has seen dishes come back with more food that Paulie is putting out.

Paulie says he did not taste any of the dishes. Paulie goes into the back for a meltdown. After Ramsay wants upgrades to Paul’s menu Elise goes calling for Paul who is upset. Later Ramsay bids the kitchen be opened and guests crowd into the divided tables.

Paulie calls appetizers for Elise. She needs six minutes but cooks the shrimp with to much stock. Elise refires the shrimp and causes a fire. Then Elise starts again and Paulie is panicking. Ramsay shouts at Elsie that she is a talented cook and to use her brain. Elizabeth then ruins the scallops more than once. 45 minutes into service Paulie is dying.

In Will’s kitchen Natalie is sending out good appetizers. Ramsay is nervous Will is anticipating the entrees to rush the dinner guests. But Krupa overcooks the Dover sole and Ramsay notices the fish is shredding. Jennifer can’t lag the dishes slow enough to let the fish cook. Krupa is very slow and confused and spills an entire tray of important sauce. Krupa crashes and burns.

In Paulie’s kichen Jonathan is wrecking th meat station and delivering raw meat. Elise challenges Jonathan cant cook and Jonathan says “Don’t talk to me like that”. Jonathan needs help from Elise but doesn’t take it. After two raw services Paulie sends Elise to the meat station, her strength. In interview, Jonathan says “get the bitches out of the kitchen and let me get back on my game”.

Meanwhile Krupa is sending raw steak to Will’s tables, and Krupa crashes and burns. Will replaces Natalie onto Krupa’s station. Krupa gives Natalie a cooked fish but Natalie points out it is raw. Natalie gives Will the bad news that all the fish are started from eight minutes out. Tommy asks Natalie if she is really eight out and Natalie responds yes. Ramsay is amazed.

Carrie gets confused and Paulie puts Elise on the garnish station to do Carrie’s job. Carrie is not clear about what’s going on while Elise keeps putting out food. But Carries does not fight with Elise. Finally Paulie has thirty seconds and two entrees to go.

Paulie says he picked all the people for a reasons and they should show Ramsay why he shouldn’t have kicked them. Paulie’s brother says from the nearby table that he got it, and Paulie gets congratulations and a handclasp upon finishing service. Paulie and Will embrace as good sports.

Tommy finishes the meats for Will. North Jersey Will has waited too long and too late to replace Krupa and slowly Natalie’s fish comes out. But the tables are all served. Paulie finishes and says the service was his hardest dinner service in his entire career. But he says he is the only person who could get Carrie and Elise to work together without fighting.

Chef Ramsay dismissed the brigades after thanking them and retires to review the comment cards. Later Ramsay tells Will he is the most consistent, across the board, and belongs in a kitchen no doubt . Ramsay tells Paulie that his passion in the kitchen is unquestionable. The men get behind the doorknobs to await the final decision.

The men get behind the door. Gordon Ramsay awards the prize to Paulie, with a word for how proud his mum would be for him. Paulie had the passion and the finesse to run the BLT Steak House in New York City. Ramsay comments to Will it was not his best service.

Ramsay says Paulie’s enthusiasm is contagious he will be a success anywhere. Ramsay also comments that Carrie and Elise didn’t fight for one night in a million and Carrie responds “Hell froze over”. Ramsay kids around over champagne during the afterparty about Tommy letting his girlfriend graduate from high school and he should concentrate on himself.

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