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Weeds-Quantitative Spatial reasoning- Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 21st September 2011

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Nancy breaks with Silas but tries to get her customers back. Silas makes the same phone calls as they try to get the territory. Nancy redecorates the drug loft and hires Keiku and Scott. Silas needs MILF weed but reconnects with Emma, who has been bailed out by her parents and kicked out of law school. Silas bargains for Emma’s customers for 20% of the net. Silas explains Nancy’s involvement in the drug bust.

Shane Botwin stops by detective Mitch Ouillette at the police precinct and brings Billy the man’s estranged son. When Detective Ouillette is out of the room getting root beer, Shane beats Billy with the baton and tells Billy to behave with love because Ouillette wants to be treated like a father. Mitch is stunned and thrilled to have Billy in his life again.

Andy decides he wants back in on the drug business. He tries to negotiate between Silas and Nancy but gets Silas after Nancy only offers him an eighth of an ounce. Shane brags to Nancy that he has played Mitch Ouillette like a fiddle, distracting him with his own son. Nancy makes sure Shane is done with the detective.

Silas discusses with Andy how Nancy has let him down again but the operation needs MILF weed. The normal stuff is not good enough. Silas is living with Emma now. Emma says Silas will need people on his side. Andy and Silas go to Dmetri to get more weed. Andy and Silas beg Dmetri for more weed. They give Dmetri a business card. Andy and Silas compare Nancy to an old horse in the horse race.

Dmetri  watches Andy feel his bicep and  says he doesn’t want to cross Nancy and he’ll think about it. Then he closes the door to where Nancy is listening. Nancy is blown away at both Andy and Silas selling her down the river. Dmetri eggs her on then makes a sexual overture. Nancy remarks about his timing and eaves.

Dean himself is the courier for the MILF weed. Dean wants to see the Lion King despite Halia shutting him down. When Halia delivers the MILF with Dean into the bike shop alley, two men in Sarah Palin masks rob them. Halia pulls a gun and they grab Dean and pull him from the car. Halia gives up her gun when Dean is taken and the men leave with the pot.

Andy watches Silas take a call from Halia. She hangs up on him and Silas wrecks their office in rage. Learning the MILF is gone screws him up. Silas’s old feelings of insecurity and not being good enough rage.

Nancy makes a pitch to the hedge fund directors. She uses Keiku’s models to pose as the couriers for the drug delivery business. But the FCC woman shows up and Doug (Kevin Nealon) has to distract her. Doug makes  a move and the FCC woman attacks him in lust. Nancy sells the idea because she brought a new investor to the triple angel fund. the men balk at home delivery being an extra but Keiku’s models delivering the MILF premium weed in town cars seals the deal.

Andy has been trying to become Andy Sussman, the Hamptons millionaire. In the hospital Andy gets a call notifying him that Richard is dead. Charles Van der Ells. Andy must wear purple to the funeral. He resigns from Silas’s end. Halia gives Silas a few days to make it right. That’s when Halia takes Dean to see the Lion King.

Nancy plays sex games with Demetri but is surprised to see him in  a bed full of pot. Nancy discovers the pot Dmetri stole came from Halia. Nancy immediately leaves a message for Silas but Emma gets it first. Silas is so upset at Nancy’s betrayal he swears to get the one thing that Nancy can’t fight. Nancy cares about one thing: Stevie.

Dmetri says his military buddies are antsy and they hacked Silas’s phone and found out where the drugs were being delivered. Nancy says he has to take it back (crossing Halia is the end of the line). Nancy instructs Dmetri to give the weed back and leaves. Nancy gets a call from the custody judge saying that the documents are in order for a way to get Stevie back. A letter from the FCC and the SEC of commendation surprises the judge.

But at the police station Emma reports to Ouillette how Nancy used him. Emma says Nancy used Mitch to get rid of the competition. She wants a reduction in the charges. This happens just as Nancy takes a huge white apartment just for her and Stevie.

Silas picks up Jill , Nancy's sister, at the airport (Jennifer Jason Leigh) at the airport and immediately knows what a bad idea this was. Jill Price-Grey talks on and on, leaving Silas to ponder what a disastrous move this is.

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