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How I Met Your Mother s07e02 "The Naked Truth"

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Written by : published Tuesday 20th September 2011

The one where Marshall has to get past his embarassing youth to get his dream job, Ted has to choose between two girls, and Robin wants to go to a party.

This second ep of the season, the nested flashbacks are back to a reasonable level. Marshall gets a call from his dream job's boss saying that they're very interested, and as long as he passes background checks, he's in. This makes him Google himself, and he discovers a video online from his college days where he was not only naked, but entirely drunk. He goes on a quest to find the guy who put it up--someone he knew in college-- and get it taken down, and winds up with a duplicate video that also now mentions his prospective boss's name. The guy's a kook, though, and seems more amused than anything else, and hires Marshall after all.

Meanwhile, Ted has been using his recent fame to get dates. He hangs around newstands where his picture is on the front of a magazine and uses it as an icebreaker to pick up chicks. This results in two dates with different girls on the same night, and Ted unable to decide which one he should keep dating. There's some of the old slightly jerky and selfish Ted in this episode as he tries to decide.

Meanwhile again, Robin distracts herself from Barney trying to get back with Nora by trying to get Ted to ditch both girls and take her to a gala, because she wants to meet Lenny Kravitz, who is supposed to be a guest there.

Barney goes on a date with Nora but she catches him lying to her again and tries to walk out. She demands to know all the other lies he's told women, which he does. She still doesn't believe he's trying to change, so he vows to stay in the diner they had their date in until she's won over, and he's still there at the end.

Another solid episode, but it seems like this episode covered not much time, and left a lot of ideas floating. It's set-up, which is fine, but set-up is less interesting to watch than fallout. Still, this is a fun episode, and the show has managed, once again, to maintain the tone--somewhere between sweet and totally irreverent--that made this show so much fun to begin with. And it'll be fun to see how it all plays out as the season continues.

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