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Downton Abbey. Autumnal TV is back.

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Written by : published Sunday 18th September 2011

Downton Abbey. Autumnal TV is back. main image

Watch Downton Abbey here.

Series 2 of the hugely successful ITV drama Downton Abbey exploded back onto our screens quite literally. Avid viewers of the period drama will recall at the end of series 1, the Earl of Grantham announcing the advent of War. (WW1)


Series 1 was regal and elegant. Lavish parties and elegant events were all common place. When the war was announced the lords and ladies were enjoying a garden party on a stunning English summers day. Series 2 starts with a more somber tone. The opening shots are the trenches at the battle of the Somme. The heir of Downton, Michael Crawley is seen helping injured soldiers to safety while under prolonged and sustained sniper fire and regular explosions from bombs. The Abbey appears to have lost its regality. The shine has been taken off it. Instead of exquisite parties it hosts an event to help raise money and aid for the hospital, which nurses the soldiers who can be helped back to health.


The storyline is perfect for the building used to film Downton Abbey. Highclere Castle in Hampshire was used as a hospital for the sick and injured during World War 1 so this connection makes the storyline even more believable.


Rumour has it that each episode in series 1 cost around £1 million each to create. Of course critics have tried to pull apart Downton Abbey. The papers and Internet were awash during series 1 with claims of double yellow lines and TV aerials being visible.


I on the other hand never noticed. Period dramas never usually catch my attention. But something about the trailers for series 1 intrigued me so much that I tuned in and have carried on doing so for all the episodes. Downton Abbey is a programme which attracts a varied demographic. It’s a rare gem. A show which can be watched by young and old alike and enjoyed.


Dame Maggie Smith is on top form as per in her role of Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Her quip remarks and off hand comments give a real insight into the relationships and social standing of people back in the early 1900’s.


Another thing that makes Downton Abbey great is that it’s filmed in HD. The programme is beautifully shot and HD really shows off the best of the locations and acting on offer.


Downton Abbey is an amazing success story with an average of 10 million viewers. It seems to have gripped the nation. It’s also shown in America with similar success of 6 million viewers. Not bad.


I expect great things from series 2 and if episode 1 is anything to go by I won’t be disappointed. The storylines have so much room to grow that I believe it can last for many more series. I hope it does. It’s nice during the autumn and particularly the winter months of snow and ice to relax with a drink and be submerged in a whole other world. The pace and tone is just right for a Sunday night when it’s aired.


If you haven’t yet seen Downton Abbey then I strongly recommend it. Even if it’s not something you would normally watch I guarantee it wont disappoint.  

Watch Downton Abbey here.

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