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Weeds- Une Mere Que J'Aimerais baiser -recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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Nancy joins the hedge fund crew on a fake trip to the Hamptons to raise investors. Nancy wants to go to sell drugs to pay back Demetri. Nancy tells Silas she won’t partner with the bouncy house girl. Emma wants to combine forces with Emma. Silas freaks out because his mother treats him like he is stupid.

In the Hamptons, Andy runs a game that he is a successful investor. Nancy plays a tennis babe slash mistress. The men they meet are impressed that Klein will buy Spielberg’s house. The men play golf. Nancy and Andy can sign for anything they want with chits. Nancy realizes the people just want to brag about spending money.

Andy and Nancy schmooze and drink Long Island Iced Teas. They try to get drug buyers to the party at the Hamptons place Klein left. Nancy hears men brag abut buying wine for thousands of dollars and smells big money.

Shane does research in the police precinct and goes on a run with the officers. This is the bust that will get the bouncy house out of Nancy’s way. When the officer busts the Pouncy House, he uses Shane’s real name she realizes that Nancy was in on the bust. Emma lawyers up. But then the officer realizes that Silas is not at the bouncy house nor does Shane know anything about the place.

Nancy detects that she can package the weed and claim it has come from France. The Hampstons is ready for branded weed. She wants to sell it for $3700 an ounce. Nancy renames the MILF weed in French and buys pretty boxes and ribbon. Nancy markets the product and says there is blood in the sand and the pot has been around since Louis 15th. Nancy sells her image to the hedge fund, looking for investors, and wants to become the Grey Goose of weed.

Nancy says that the men have been buying weed like crazy. They are all looking for places to park his cash. Andy is depressed because money changes people. Nancy finds a way to make using weed a new way to show off. The luxury pot will be hard to get.

The hedge fund potential is gone because Klein already tapped most of the people and the rest are Madoff scared. Nancy says one coal miner could fund their deal. Andy suddenly has drunk too much and freaks out. Andy Botwin is freaking out and wants to be Bill Sussman, but Nancy can’t get Andy to vouch for them. Nancy tries to cut him off.

Andy insists that he knows how to roll. He gets obnoxious. Andy snaps and refuse to follow Nancy’s lead. Sussman is so drunk he makes friends with the coal miner and they both throw up at the same time. Nancy and Andy fight at the Hamptons party.

Silas has stolen the database and Shane knew it. When the group gets back they don’t realize that Nancy has been screwed over by Silas. Nancy learns that Silas took the database. Silas says it is all out war and everything is up for grabs now. Shane says to let him go, they don’t need him. Nancy realizes her relationship with Silas is over.

Une Mere Que J’Aimerais Baiser

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