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The Vampire Diaries-The Birthday

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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Klaus and Stefan attack the Tennessee house looking for Ray. They kill the two women in the house after twisting their arms to invite them in. Klaus tracks Ray to the bar called the Southern Comfort. Compelling the rest of the people to ignore him, Klaus demands Ray direct him to the pack to make more hybrids. Ray will not give up the pack.

At the mansion, Cheryl Forbes calls Elena about her party, but Elena wants to know more about an animal track in Memphis. Elena walks into the mansion to find a naked Damon walking around in his birthday suit. She is angry that although he is involved with Andy he mocks her.

Damon insists on accompanying Elena to check out the tip, because Klaus is supposed to think Elena is dead. Damon does not want Elena to know about the other attacks.

At the restaurant, Jeremy senses Vicky and gets nervous. He sees Cheryl and Tyler dating and smiles.

Damon finds the house in Tennessee with the two dead women. Damon recognises Stefan’s signature of putting the bodies back together after ripping them apart. Before setting the place on fire, Damon discovers the werewolf trap and dungeon below the house.

Klaus continues to terrorize Ray about the pack. But in the middle of the torture Damon hears that the watcher has seen Damon at the farmhouse. Klaus has other informants. Stefan begs Klaus to let him intercept Damon on their trail although he is Klaus’s servant forever. Klaus smirks.

Alaric had Elena’s necklace in his loft and Damon finds it and gives it back to her on her birthday. In a steamy moment Damon puts it on Elena, and memories hang in the air. At the party the spirits are high. Elena won’t give up on finding Stefan. The blowout emphasizes how alone Elena is. The history teacher is depressed about the course of his life.

Jeremy has been seeing things since Bonnie brought him back from the dead. At the party Jeremy smokes a joint and tells Matt about it. This angers Elena who asks the teacher to intervene. He is upset Annie has not yet arrived. Carolyn is angry that she is being ignored by her boyfriend and hungers for her mortal werewolf enemy.

At the studio, Damon scares Annie with the klieg lights. She thinks Damon is toying with her. Then Stefan appears and she realizes he is changed. Back at the party, Damon misses Stefan and tells the history teacher to drink more to feel normal because he has to go and pick up Andy.

At the news station, Andy is nowhere to be found. Then Damon discovers Stefan is there. Stefan tells Damon he doesn’t need saving and compels Andy to leap to her death. Damon is shocked. Damon finds Andy’s body on the floor as Stefan’s message, implying the same will happen to Elena.

At the party Matt and Jeremy try to leave. Jeremy says that he sees Vicky, Jeremy’s dead sister. When he tries to start the car he sees her again. Jeremy suggests they walk instead. At home, they eat ice cream.

Elena is upset to find the stash of Stefan’s trail. She dials Damon before the scene at the news station. But then after Damon sees Stefan kill Andy, Elena confronts Damon and says she is angry because he has been tracking Klaus without telling her. Damon informs Elena it is Stefan who is leaving the kills and he is turned completely.

Ray refuses to drink from Klaus’s wrist. Klaus mocks Stefan for still caring about what Damon thinks. Klaus says every time he feeds the caring goes away. Stefan walks out into the parking lot, emotionally in a mess. He takes out his phone and dials Elena. Elena gets the call and guesses it is him. She tells him she loves him, and to hold onto that.

As Damon trashes his place in rage over Stefan killing Andy, Cheryl and Tyler tumble into bed. After hot passionate sex, Cheryl gets dressed and goes to leave. But Tyler’s mother finds her trying to leave. Cheryl is embarrassed, but when she tries to get her purse it has been spelled and her hands steam. When Cheryl tries to run, Mrs. Lockwood shoots her with a tranquilizer dart gun several times and she falls on the floor.

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