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Hell's Kitchen- 5 chefs compete again- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th September 2011

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Jennifer cannot believe she has gotten another life. And she is embarrassed she confessed her crush on Paul. Elise is confused that Jennifer had lost focus enough to flirt.

There is a value challenge when chef Ramsay brings three executives from top Los Angeles restaurants to price the salmon dishes the final five team has prepared. The Maitre d from Nobu, the operator of Chinois, and another esteemed restaurant Mr. Chow are in the dining room.

A 400 pound salmon is on the table, worth $400. The salmon steaks from it can make $700 worth of profit. The goal is to cook a dish they can charge the most for. Elise does the worst, cutting the salmon crosswise and ruining it. Jennifer comes very close but Paul wins the cost challenge with an average of $29.00 with Will running up. Paul gets to pick a friend and he picks Tommy.

Tommy and Paul go for a helicopter ride with Chef Ramsay and drink champagne. Then Tommy and Paul go to the Water Grill in downtown Los Angeles. Paul flirts with the chef. Tommy gets a bigger response, astonishing Paul.

At service the team must execute together to get food out. Ramsay is concerned nobody is coordinating standards. By the second table Jennifer is not leading her station nor timing with the other chefs. Jennifer’s appetizer dishes run the times for the other dishes.

Jennifer is almost immediately in the weeds in the dinner service. Her capellini is not good. Tommy pairs with Jennifer and does not execute the capellini together with his garnish. Tommy cautions Jennifer it was not cooked. But then the capellini is served raw and unseasoned.

Ramsay flips out and tries to get the chefs talking. Jennifer is leading appetizers and does not talk or call the orders. Paul and Will cannot help. Then Jennifer and Elise are paired on an order. Elise’s scallops are not ready, then not cooked correctly. Ramsay is angry at the delay and the bickering. Paul and Will start screaming at them to cook and deliver food.

Elise stalls on the scallops preparation and Jennifer cannot lead her to successful execution. But Jennifer brings burnt risotto to the pass and even Will is shocked the rice is burnt to the bottom of the pan. Then Elise and Jennifer get it together. Paul is working the meat station. Wellingtons and strip steaks partner with salmon entree features.

Then Elise does not know how to cook the salmon. The first one gets overcooked. Paul and Ramsay yell at Elise to cook the salmon. Elise does ask Paul for help preparing the fish.
Ramsay does something he never does, and sends the meat without the fish. Elise is dragging the salmon. But she does finally understand to get the salmon seared.

She keeps cooking it raw because she does not want to sear the skin. Tommy gets flipped off of helping Jennifer and tries to help Elise. Elise gets frazzled because Tommy is too high pressure. Tommy tells Elise the fish needs more heat, and she is hesitant to cook it on the skin side. Elise just cannot get the fish right. Ramsay is angry she is ruining the high profit dishes. Ramsay sends half the table.

But at the next station Tommy ruins a set of dishes with Jennifer. The capellini pasta is not finished, and Tommy tells Jennifer this. But Jennifer rushes it to the pass and Will is critical because he knows Jennifer panicked. Ramsay is disgusted the pasta is al dente.

The salmon is ruined again and Ramsay kicks all the chefs out of the kitchen. Paul is upset. Then Ramsay sends Scott to get Will and Paul to finish service. Tommy is upset he is still out of the kitchen. Jennifer knows her station was at fault. Paul and Will finish the hybrid cod, fish and meat tables. Ramsay says the standard dropped.

Ramsay orders two individuals up for elimination. Tommy gets in Ramsay’s face about not letting him finish service. But then Elise campaigns on the side for Paul and Will to not vote her out. Jennifer says Will and Paul are not dumb enough and too smart to fall for Elise’s wiles. (Jennifer is the real threat). Paul nominates Jennifer and Elise.

Jennifer pleads she cant cook and is organized. Ramsay also calls on Elise and says she cooked the most expensive salmon in the world upside down. Elise says she is a good communicator.  Jennifer starts an argument right off with Elise. Ramsay stops the bickering. Chef Ramsay says he has a chef that can’t shut up and one that can’t talk.

Ramsay asks Paul who is the weakest chef. Shockingly, Paul says Jennifer (who has a crush on him). Jennifer is shocked. She says to Paul that he better hope she is leaving. Will says based on pure cooking, Elise is  a better cook. Will is not snowed, but he admits Elise can cook.

Ramsay asks where Paul’s testicles are and Paul confesses it is Jennifer. Tommy says it is Elise. Ramsay tell Jennifer to take her jacket off and say her heart and palate are extraordinary. He says she is a lady and doesn’t like fighting. Ramsay says that she is just not ready to run the kitchen. Jennifer continues to argue with Elise, and then when Elise rubs it in, Paul and Will both say that she is going about this the wrong way. Jennifer walks off telling Elsie to go F- herself.

The flashbacks show Jennifer fighting with Elise and saying the men will get what they deserve dealing with Elise. Paul says she might be getting played (indicating he voted in accordance with Elise’s urging) but Elise will pay for it. (Elise says she pulled it off).

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