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Entourage-The End-Series Finale-Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 14th September 2011

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Vince comes home from the best 24 hour date of his life. he thinks Sophia is the one and he will get married. Drama is sure drugs are involved. Vince is stunned to learn Sloane is pregnant.

Babs finds Ari snoozing in his office chair. The NFL coaches Ari paid a fortune for are underwhelmed by his lack of joie de vivre. Ari stops talking to them when Mrs. Ari arrives looking pretty. Ari follows her to his office where Mrs. Ari says they must announce the divorce to the kids together. She suggest involving Dr. Marcus.

Vince announces he will marry Sophia and the gang are incredulous. But then Vince talks to E, who is packing up move to New York. E says he is a good Catholic boy. Vince asks E to be the best man and wants the whole gang and Ari at the wedding. Vince offers to talk to Sloane but Eric says to not get involved. Vince urges Eric to come to Paris.

Drama and Turtle visit Sloane at her home. They ask Sloane to Vince’s Paris wedding. Sloane is angry at the supposed trick to get her on a plane with Eric. Sloane makes Drama swear on his career that Eric never slept with Melinda (he did.). Drama swears no. Sloane says she will think about it and as they leave Turtle is shocked at Drama’s commitment. Drama says he had his balls crossed.

At Dr. Marcus’ office, Ari and his wife role play telling the kids about the divorce. Ari can’t get the words out. Ari finds out that Mrs. Ari broke up with Flay. Ari confesses he and Dana broke up too. Dr. Marcus suggests they try again. Ari says he will make himself available. but Mrs. Ari says he can ask the kids hw unavailable he is. Ari says he will ask them that night and then tell them about the divorce.

Vince tells his mother about his wedding. Vince calls Sloane’s father to urge Eric’s cause but is shocked Mr. Terrence (Malcolm McDowell) doesn’t know about the baby. Mr. McKewick jumps out of his barber’s chair and Vince cringes.

Vince goes to pick out a ring and gets advice from a former friend there for a 6 carat emerald cut whopper worth $1.4 million.

Ari calls his daughter, who told her mother the night before that Ari does not listen to his daughter. Ari finds out that her opera transfer students friends made a demo that has been on his desk for two months. Ari is thrilled his daughter is a budding agent.

Eric gets a nasty message from Sloane. E tells Turtle and Drama that Sloane cares. Eric is shocked Drama swore on his career he didn’t sleep with Melinda. Vince joins them for lunch and uneasily tells E some changes happened. Then Mr. Terrence calls and says he is coming for him. Eric is upset he told Vince that morning not to get involved.

Ari goes to the office and demands to find the opera CD. Babs wants to know about the bank loan. Lloyd has it and Ari means it be played throughout the entire office. Ari is delighted to hear the music and tells Babs his daughter discoverd them. Ari tells his partner to take the agency he’s quitting. Ari runs out of his office with his lucky horseshoe as Babs and the entire agency watch in shock.

Vince visits Sloane at her house. Vince apologizes for telling her father and says he knew Sophia was right for him because he felt for her what Eric felt for him. Vince also says it doesn’t matter if Eric slept with Melinda. Vince says if E did sleep with Melinda, it was over her and he is loyal to her above everything. Vince says it is up to Sloane to make a life for herself Eric and the baby no matter what her father thinks.

Ari comes over to his (wife’s) house and sends the kids out for ice cream. He then pleads another chance with Mrs. Ari. She is curious why he is there. He asks for another chance. The opera singers come out and sing while Mrs. Ari gets asked to join him for a year in Florence that they never had. Mrs. Ari says he will be on the phone and it will be a six night seven day cure-all,  but Ari says he quit his job.

Mrs. Ari and Ari kiss while the opera singers play. But then Lloyd drives up angrily says Ari cannot leave him behind, he is family. Ari says Lloyd has to stay with the agency and show Babs what she is doing wrong and that Ari has got Lloyd his first client, the singers (who sing in the background). Mrs. Ari and Ari are stunned to learn that Vince is getting married and E is pregnant.

At the airport, Vince and Sophia are waiting on their jet headed for Paris. Drama and Turtle arrive with luggage, while E waits on the carpet. Scott is there but is not sure what Eric Murphy is doing, chasing his baby, going with Vince, leaving his own agency, or not even sure yet himself. Sophia comes out of the plane saying the ring is so fabulous she might as well find out if she and Vince make good traveling companions.

Ari drives up and Drama does not recognize Melinda. Vince is surprised to see Ari there with his wife and asks if everything is OK. Ari says he has brought a stowaway. Vince introduces Sophia to Ari and Melinda. As they move to get on the plane Vince motions E aside and says the plane is too crowded. poor Eric doesn’t know what to think.

Then Vince tells Eric he got him his own plane. They all turn to see Sloane in a long red dress waiting across the way at another plane for E. Eric is stunned and then realizes he must g and start his life with Sloane. Vince says the jet will take him anywhere in the world he wants to go, but the rest is up to him.

They all say goodbye to the former pizza boy, E. Turtle says Baby Sal is a good name and Drama reminds E to tell Sloane she doesn’t look fat. Scott asks E if he really is quit then, and E says he is not so sure.  Sophia tells Vince he is amazing, and he tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Then E runs to the waiting plane as Turtle and Drama watch, misty eyed. E hugs Sloane and they board. Drama says he had better find some quality companionship in Paris, and Turtle wipes away a few tears.

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