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The Closer- Fresh Pursuit -Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 14th September 2011

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The Major Crimes Division comes under the gun in the criminal case. Peter Goldman fires at Chief Johnson from every possible perspective. Gavin applies for summary judgement to end the trial because the murder was committed by person or persons unknown. Brenda gets a page on her buzzer and gets ready to leave, inflaming Goldman.

Goldman claims everybody knows the Crips killed Baylor but Gavin asserts if that is true and the Warren rule does not apply, it is necessary for the Plaintiff to prove the cause of death as asserted. Goldman is stymied and the judge ponders this request for ruling. Goldman starts talking about Johnson abandoned Terrell Baylor in Crips territory, and Gavin argues it isn’t fault Baylor lives in Crip territory.

But Brenda has to leave and Gavin mentions it is because a Deputy Sheriff has been shot and sometimes police personnel have to put public safety before personal business. (Gil Garcetti is a consulting producer of this show). Goldman can’t really say anything.

Chief Johnson arrives on the scene. The driver of the pursuing police car with a Sherriff, Burton, and his partner was taken to the hospital. The driver of the stolen car supposedly killed the deputy sherriff. Brenda orders security camera footage from nearby businesses and the surving West Holywood Sherriff, Burton, kept close at hand for additional assistance (against protocol).

Fingerprints are taken from the stolen car. Lt. Tao runs them at the station.

Brenda sees one of the car thieves looks fifteen years old. She questions the surviving police officer, who says he is working on a special stolen car assignment instead of from his precinct in West Hollywood. Burton says his partner recognized the plate. She learns a joint task force targeting high end vehicles publishes a list of stolen car plates and the Sherriffs saw the Maserati. This is not a usual procedure.

The Detectives run fingerprints and come up with a bad man with a long jacket. Johnson questions the youth in custody and asks for the name of the man in the car with him. Otherwise he will be charged as a cop killer.The young man starts crying and gets very upset but doesn’t say anything. Brenda says he has made a lot of bad choices that day but he’ll want to avoid death Row. They are interrupted by the lieutenant Tao with the fingerprint search results.

The fingerprints on the stolen car are multiple known criminals and Johnson wonders how many people does it take to steal a car, because the Deputy Sherriff says the young man, Kyle, was driving the car alone. Tao fiddles with the resolution on the image alone.

Alone in the questioning room, Kyle pulls a snub gun out of his pants and trains it on th door. The tech, Buzz, is watching close camera surveillance of the interview rooms. He is moving equipment and  notices nothing. But then Buzz sees the gun trained on the door and barely stops Brenda from going in. Jumping back, Brenda motions to Lt. Tao with her hand, in a gun sign, and the backup officers pile up.

Buzz is told by Johnson to shift the monitor near them to show the interview room inside. Brenda yells to Kyle she can see him and is watching him. He looks around wildly.

Kyle says “This bullet was meant for you”. He says the day has gone badly.

Brenda Lee screams as she watches Kyle shoot himself on the monitor from in the interview room. The other officers secure the room. Tao informs the chief the officers tailing the Deputy Sherriff shooting suspect are calling. They want to know what to do and also how the man in custody is talking. Brenda says “you might say he invoked his right to remain silent”.

Supposedly Burton missed the gun at the search at the scene. Although FID needs to interview Tao following this shooting, Johnson orders Tao to find the Honda belonging to the man the stolen Maserati prints and search it and the address it belongs to.

The cops say the cop-killer just shot itself. The Commander and Rader come back to the station. Rader insists on questioning Johnson immediately. But Johnson omits that Lt. Tao was with them. Buzz covers for her. Rader watches the video footage and says to Brenda she just missed getting killed. (Tao is leading the raid on th stolen Maserati personnel scene).

The Detectives tail the owner of the Honda, Cobb, connected with the stolen Maserati to a safe house. But they see Deputy Sherriff Burton go in and think he needs backup. The men break in with heavy slammers and find Deputy Sherriff Burton standing over the dead body.

At the station Gavin says Goldman already knows about the in-station death. Brenda is alarmed the leak in the Division is working again. Gavin says he was in the process of having the case wrapped up. Gavin says he has to talk to Rader about it and that he might be able to afford dropping all his other clients to just represent her in-custody death cases.

Fritzi tells Brenda about a special problem the FBI is working. Customs officers with car thieves are getting stolen cars lifted off shipping vessels in a smart  operation. Burton nd is partner knew the operation and were tired of working the bureaucracy to get results. Johnson is angry to know that when they were questioning Burton at the scene he knew the car the thieves used for the dropoff was still there waiting for their return.

Burton says in custody he and his partner got turned down for special problems unit. Burton admits the search that the gun passed was his fault and Rader indicates the Commander have Buzz make a copy to show Gavin. Burton confesses to being a rogue cop and his partner was shot while they were following the theft ring.

Watching the Interview, Captain Rader indicates to the Commander Brenda’s lecture to Burton about not going over the line might make fine viewing later. Burton says he didn’t want to burn the parking lot making the report to the crime division. Brenda lee determines to catch their murderer they’ll have to close in on the car thieves.

The men work a street sting and follow a stolen Aston Martin from the parking lot to the port. Flynn and Provenza, Tao and Sanchez, on satellite uplink tail the car in undercover cars. Two men try to put the Aston Martin in  a shipping container but the officer pull guns after driving up and arresting them. They find documents in the car.

Fritzi calls in safe, and puts Flynn on the phone, who advises her the stolen cars are headed for Argentina. They track the address by triangulating the phone calls of the arrested men. The cellphones of the thieves are left in their cars. Dialing the last used phone numbers, they discover a central physical location.

They visit and enter and ask for an interview since suspects of a cop killing are suspected to be harbored within. Several cellphones on the counter ring, and ring, and the man answers them in different languages. (This is the car theft ring). The low men in the theft operation kept getting caught but the brains were getting protected. This is the top man.

At the station, the chief listens to Fritzi’s report and asks Gabriel to do an internet search on the word “Recoleta”. They discover this is a cemetery and affluent neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Brenda finds a connection to an import company with connection to Recoleta near the Deputy Sherriff shooting site. This is close to the cellphone calls.

Gabriel gets to the place and goes inside. The man then takes several phone calls while the Detective stands by warily in SWAT equipment. He has several questions to ask, but the man musts first put away a strong box. He is obviously the car theft ring leader.

The Detective watches suspiciously as he runs upstairs. While the detective patrols downstairs, the man quickly opens a safe, gets out a black bag full of cash and checks a gun inside. He runs down the steps to a back door, where he goes out and  nearly jumps in a black car.

But before he can get in Brenda Lee pulls a gun on him, and in her bare feet arrests him with the Detective’s help. He gets hauled away, and the murderer of the deputy sherriff is thus apprehended. Brenda has a headache.

At the trial, Brenda Lee settles back into the proceedings. The courtroom hears the judge say the mistreatment of Terrell Baylor was not a good example of how law enforcement looks after civilians in danger. But he accepts the defense’ motion for summary judgement against the plaintiff, an the group explode with relief.

Gavin gives Brenda a confident hug. She says she wishes he would have told her how he was going to play the trial, but he says she would have told the leak. Captain Rader makes friends with Brenda Lee, saying they wouldn’t be very good at their jobs if they were so likeable.

The squad celebrates with champagne at the precinct and toast Gavin. But the Commander pulls Johnson aside, and asks her is she can act civil and be nice to someone for two minutes. taken aback, the Chief wonders who it could be. The Commander opens a door to show Goldman the attorney in a questioning room, standing over a legal file box.

The Commander asks her to listen to him for two minutes to find out what she can. Brenda is stunned when the man unwraps a file box full of legal files of her past cases, citing one by one explosively antagonistic legal scenarios where she put offenders or persons in custody in jail or in harm’s way. This includes the suicide of a prison in the questioning room. he viciously accuses her of misconduct after misconduct and announces how he just filed against her in federal court.

Peter Goldman, the attorney, says his mission in life is to end her, and that she is a sort of law unto herself in a destructive way for the public. Brenda Lee Johnson is stunned by the vehemence of his personal vendetta, and asks if she ever knew him, or met him, or had any dealings with him to cause this hate. He says no and walks out, after pointing out he just filed a huge discovery motion (giving him leave to poke into the department files all he wants).

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