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Suits- Dog Fight-Recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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Harvey can’t get on the top end of the lawsuit. This is a re-opening of the wrongful conviction for the man he put away twenty years ago. Harvey meets with the convicted man, a Latino who only has four years left on his sentence. The man is not sure whether to let Harvey file the case, as it could get retried and more weight put on the sentence. Mike asks Harvey to leave the room and Mike tells Harvey his own story about what Harvey is willing to put on the line.

Harvey goes to court but the Justice representative threatens another trial and a stiffer sentence. All his arguments get shot down. The man mocks Harvey for not knowing what he is talking about. He is also not charmed by Harvey. The opposing counsel sends a message to Harvey explicitly. But the District Attorney’s office is mean to Harvey, paying him back for the surfacing of ancient evident that got Cole between Alexandra’s radar sights.

Harvey Specter doesn’t know what he’s talking about, of course, because Donna gave the evidence to Jessica for the deal. Harvey feels at a loss and tells Mike they will need some real evidence. Ross has to work with Rachel although they are in a feud. Rachel thinks Harvey has requested her services. Jessica questions what value Mike Ross has brought to the company and Harvey suggests he is playing the role for Mike Jessica played for him.

Jenny tells Mike he has to tell Trevor about their relationship before he finds out from someone else. Mike Ross continues to flirt with Rachel, who gets the wrong message. Mike gets help from Rachel on a case but then Mike has to talk her into helping him because Harvey is barking. Rachel and Mike can’t stop the chemistry. Mike talks about freeing the man wrongly convicted and points out to Rachel her research is as important as the law the associates argue.

Harvey gets blindsided again by the cop whose evidence was used to convict the wrong man. The cop is angry at Harvey because he was pointed toward the bust by the District Attorney and can’t believe Harvey is unwrapping the case these many years later. Harvey says the cop broke the law, and the cop says sometimes the good guy has to do a bad thing to get the bad guy. Harvey is pensive. He is doing the right thing but getting stonewalled.

Harvey confronts Donna at the office, completely threatening to fire her if she ever goes behind his back again . Donna says ‘you’re welcome”. Harvey takes up the matter with Jessica, who defends Donna and asks about the status of his current mission. Harvey says they need an expert in appeal court connection, and they both remember Louis’ cousin work in the Appeals division. They both know Louis won’t help, but Jessica says it is for the firm.

Donna approached Louis in a nearly see-through blouse looking for favors. Louis wants Donna under him, as his secretary. Donna offers herself for a few weeks. But Louis refuses to influence Harvey’s appeal hearing, and Donna hands over tickets to the New York City Ballet for an impossible performance. When Louis whimpers, Donna adds that  dinner with Mikhail Baryshnikov is included. Louis says “Mommy". Louis says no but can’t let go of the tickets.

Harvey grills the cop under oath and he says he only returned the DNA on the murder victim’s dress, not the other items that had been tested. Harvey presses for the DNA results of the camisole the dead woman had, with blood on it, found at the scene. But there is no legal reason to look for other DNA at the scene. The public defender shuts Harvey out. Harvey can’t get the other evidence admitted. Harvey admits to Mike he has nothing to argue on.

Unable to make his arguments by the next day, Harvey provokes the client into hitting him by making vehement statements and getting a bruise on his face. This buys them 48 hours of time. The two men who knew the murdered woman show up in the court hallways, angry at Harvey. The issue is whether the letter written by the dead woman to an ex-boyfriend shows previous knowledge of the relationship with the jailed man.

Mike thinks about his own secret relationship and Rachel’s and Trevor’s reaction to it, and compiles a new theory. Mike realizes one of them must have a grudge and Harvey deduces one of them did it. How can they make them talk? Mike and Harvey show up at a bar and teases the two men, who get angry and start an argument. Harvey watches their reaction.

Harvey says the coward didn’t testify at trial and Mike Ross comes up with a plan that involves Trevor. The weaker of the two men gets woken up in his home by an angry Trevor, swinging a bat. Then Trevor leaves the man goes downstairs to get something to drink and make a cellphone call. He looks up to find Harvey, Mike Ross and the cop watching from inside his house.

Mike Ross helps Harvey lay out how the cops singled out the jailed man because they had no knowledge another suspect was jealous. The letter was so the dead woman could tell her past lover so he wouldn’t be angry about the dead woman’s relationship, which the letter shows. Harvey accurately says that the attacks can only stop once justice is done. The man admits that he is afraid of his friend and that it was all the other man’s idea and he will testify.

At the office, Donna had a drink with Rachel, saying that her feelings for Mike Ross are visible for the naked eye to see. Donna talks about work relationships knowingly. Rachel can’ believe that Harvey and Donna have never had sex. Donna says that it changes everything and you can’t go back. When Donna is in the restroom Rachel drunk-dials Mike’s phone to say she is over him dating Jenny. Trevor picks up Mike’s phone, hears the message, and becomes furious.

Harvey presents the letter evidence in the case, and gets the appeal. The opposition senses it was coerced by extralegal means. Next day in court, Harvey wins the appeals motion to retry the case. The defender coolly cites that Harvey did something wrong to get the letter into trial. Although Harvey has won, the man points out the bruise on his face he needed to put there to win. Harvey smiles ruefully.

At Pearson, Trevor waits in the hallway. Dressed in a suit, He confronts Jessica and says he knows something about Mike Ross she needs to hear.

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