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Edinburgh Comedy Festival Live: A review by Andy Bremner

Edinburgh Comedy Festival Live poster

Written by : published Monday 12th September 2011

I like to consider myself rather a comedy fan. I love to convince myself that comedy is my devine calling just so I can make the claim that I watch stand-up comedy and comedy programmes for research. However as a comedy fan I feel I have rather let myself down in the fact that I neglected the most famous comedy festival in the world because of the trifling fact I am a student with no money.

Yes the Edinburgh Fringe Festival happens every year in August and gives you the ability to see some of the most creative acts in music, comedy and the arts. So in my poorness and disappointment of missing some possibly amazing acts I contacted my friends to console me in my time of need finding out that one of them had been to the festival seen a huge list of amazing acts and another friend had went over to BBC3 to watch "Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live 2011" bloody smart-arse.

Essentially the premise is that of a circuit show but with no headline act. A multitude of 5 minute sets from known and unknown acts. The problem is and trust me I speak from experience trying to impress an audience in just under 5 minutes is difficult. Just as your getting into your stride your dragged off for the next act. So it can lead to a mixed bag of acts. The programme seems to have gotten some of the biggest acts on the circuit and some you have never heard of and mixed them together. Strangely my personal favourite was a lesser known act, Terry Alderton, who performed 5 minutes of some of the most creative stand-up I've seen. A man who can deflate himself on stage then do an ad-libbed dialogue upside down using his shiny shoes as the conversationalists before rolling off-stage deserves recognition. Of course there are problems with the format. While you do get a hell of a lot of stand-up in one hours viewing it does get to the point where acts are cutting parts of their act short which makes you feel like you missing out. Its a little bit like you constantly being cut short. Like a selection of warm-up acts that keep going and never actually reaching the climax of a headline act. Because of this the show can occasionally feel jam packed.

In all honesty though that's a very small complaint essentially I'm angry because these are people who are successful at stand-up and have been successful enough to get a packed venue and gig shown on television. It has a selection of funny people who if you are too poor or lazy to have gone to Edinburgh fits a taste of the festival into your mouth without the horrible aftertaste of financial disturbance that the festival brings.

So all in all if you love stand-up and what you really want to see is a highlighted selection of a variety of different style of creative and beautiful crafted stand-up then you could do much worse and if you don't want original or creative I'm sure there are Jim Davidson DVD's in a bargain bin near you.

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