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"Dog Fight" threatens Suits

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Written by : published Sunday 11th September 2011

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     "Dog Fight" marks the twelfth and final episode of USA's Suits this year. After Harvey's old mentor (Gary Cole, Family Guy, The Good Wife) is found to be burying evidence in a previous episode, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is determine to right some wrongs, beginning with an innocent kid who spent a dozen years in jail for murder. The district attorney on the case (Chi McBride, Pushing Daisies, Human Target) isn't sympathetic, though, and comes at Harvey with all guns blazing. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is tasked with helping Harvey, but his go-to helper, Rachel (Meghan Markle), still doesn't want to assist, given their awkward kiss. Eventually, Mississippi Burning teaches Harvey and Mike how to win the day.

     One has to respect any series that uses Mississippi Burning as a reference point throughout an entire episode, rather than the more pop culture-friendly films. Suits has its share of fluff, but the main characters are also very intelligent, and they are allowed to show it. A movie as high quality as Mississippi Burning deserves to be used more in television.

     The contest between Harvey and the DA (or assistant DA, I'm not sure) is an interesting one. The DA won't go out of his way to help Harvey. In fact, he continually makes things more difficult, rather than "doing the right thing," as Harvey asserts. Yet, he is just doing his job as a member of the legal system. And while he does call Harvey on his illicit activities, knowing what Harvey must do to win the case, he doesn't report or go after Harvey, either. This leads Harvey to declare he likes the guy at the end of "Dog Fight." It's a brutal battle, but both men respect each other, and neither is upset when justice is served, no matter how they get to that point.

     Equally neat is the relationship between Harvey and his assistant, Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Harvey is furious at Donna for turning on Harvey's mentor in the previous episode. But Donna does so to save Harvey, a noble cause. Harvey would go down with Donna's actions. It takes Jessica (Gina Torres) to make Harvey see just how lost he would be without Donna, which leads to him forgiving his assistant, and even apologizing. As he right should.

     Donna and Rachel get a little drunk and start talking about men in their lives. Donna reveals that she has never once hooked up with Harvey, but the conversation gets her thinking, especially after Rachel asks, "Why not?" Sure, it could threaten the perfect work relationship they have after many years. But it could also enhance that relationship, strengthening it. They already know each other very well. Why not consider taking things to the next level?

     Mike is torn between Rachel and Jenny (Vanessa Ray). Who can blame him? But Rachel rejects him so many times that he chooses Jenny, and only then does Rachel realize what she's missing. Whom will Mike ultimately choose?  Obviously, Jenny, for now. But Rachel is a main character and Jenny isn't. However, Jenny knows a different side of Mike, which keeps his character more interesting. It's a real conundrum. It's likely Mike will go back and forth, at least for awhile, or until the writers write Ray out of the series.

     Finally, there is a whale of a cliffhanger when Trevor (Tom Lipinski), Mike's oldest friend and Jenny's ex, finds out about the two of them. Trevor, who knows Mike's secret, that he's not actually a lawyer, goes to Jessica. But is Trevor cruel enough to destroy everything for Mike? What will he tell Jessica? This is not revealed. My money is on Trevor reporting that Mike and Rachel kiss, a frowned upon practice in the workplace, rather than screwing up Mike's whole story. After all, what would the series be if that Trevor exposes Mike so early on?

     Suits also stars the wonderful Rick Hoffman.

     Suits will return next summer to USA.

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