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NCIS A Man Walks Into a Bar

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Written by : published Thursday 10th February 2011

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A U. S. Naval submarine ordered to North Korea is ready to take off but the XO can't come to the bridge.The Captain goes to the man's cabin to find that the body is waiting.

A Man Walks Into a Bar...
The psychological evaluation of the team happens whether Vance wants it or not. SecNav wants the Jethro team evaluated and has been hearing about them for years. David's rescue, other actions and have they been treated for post-traumatic stress? The evasion of onsite psychological evaluations means the interviews must happen concurrent with the case.  She catches DiNozzo acting like a horse to Ziva after a trip to the track. Not a good beginning.
Agent David replaced Agent Todd. Her memories of past cases with DiNozzo and her relationship with her father come up during the questioning. The psychologist asks David what she wants. Agent David says she wants something permanent that can't be taken away. The Naval shrink gets in Abby's head.  She even plays with Ducky's head. She tells Ducky he isn't getting any younger. He tells her the embraces the irony of treating dead people while approaching death.
Reynolds, the dead man, has a death to be investigated and a weird record. But the doctor is in. Jethro says OK and hurries the crew to the shooting victim on board the U. S. S. Colonial. The body is being looked over but as Ducky talks the Twitter report of the murder hits the news. The foreign bullet might be from a journalist with 5 years in the Korean Navy. Foreign journalists are currently guests on the ship.
Reynolds was found in bed in a pool of blood. The gun was Russian made. Rounds markings means a collectors weapon TT-30 and TT-30  was used and Abby tracks gun show sales for possible purchases. Inappropriate conduct by a Navy man. Seaman Leonard. The shrink goes with McGee driving to an interview with the suspect. His house is full of guns. The shrink says tsk tsk. She hints that McGee is looking too hard for the right girl.
The Korean journalist gets aggressive. DiNozzo talks him down and speaks to a Petty officer who say Reynolds argued with the Korean. The Korean journalist said he was sending photographs of United States weapons systems to North Koreans while the XO was killed.  The email timestamps prove him innocent. Reynolds had a relationship with a Naval Admiral. The Admiral says he was an XO who told people the truth and avoided the political game. The Tokarev gun is tracked to a Seaman who says he sold it.
The Shrink attacks DiNozzo as he breaks down the DiNozzo psyche. The history of him turning down his on team abroad to stay with comes back. The shrink goes for Abby, who has memories of the female agent before Ziva. Her past with McGee makes involvement with McGee impossible. The shrink worries that Abby works too hard and has no play. Abby denies being a Goth. But she does love her job.
Peter Reynolds the victim's brother says Leonard was involved with a married woman named Nancy. Jethro suspects that Admiral Hargrave's wife was involved with Reynolds. She says her husband didn't know. Commander Reynolds had settled for a one way commitment all these years. The "murder" turns out to be suicide as Reynolds realized his future with the woman he loved was doomed.
The Naval shrink turns out to be the dead NCIS agent's sister. Her questions were intended to give her closure.

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