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Rescue Me- Ashes-recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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Lou solemnly buries five caskets draped with American flags. He shines his uniform and walks with a cane down a long procession through a packed church. Lou gives a stirring eulogy of the lost men and says he won’t cry because he was proud to know them. Then Tommy wakes up, and Lou is dead.

Gavin survives the fire with Black Sean, White Sean, and Franco. Lou dies. Then Lt. Needles walks into the 62 Truck kitchen and tells Tommy he needs to file the blow by blow incident report. Tommy struggles being in the quiet kitchen without Lou.

Gavin writes the details into the computer while remembering when they all got up after the explosion. In the aftermath all the men call out to each other. Black Sean has his leg stuck and they try to help him while Tommy finds Lou. Tommy turns over Lou and he is burned to a crisp, his face completely eviscerated into ash. Tommy screams at the other men to stay away and they are stunned. Even Franco is shocked into tears.

At the desk, Gavin imagines taking a sip of the alcohol in his desk drawer, then bashing the computer in and wrecking the office. He closes the drawer with the scotch in it and takes out a NYFD retirement form instead. He looks at it.

Gavin gets home to tell his wife and daughters he has filed for retirement. Cheers. Tommy proceeds to take Wyatt for a play date at the park. Katie briefs Tommy on the “rules". Tommy lets Katie take Wyatt and sits on a park bench, mystified and bored. Another man sits with him, desperate to talk to another man in this all-female world. They do not bond well.

But Tommy is astonished at how the other single man and women have completely regimented the park rules. Tommy overthinks the park visit and upsets other people. Gavin is shocked at how limited the men’s lives are. The other man says the word “penis” is not to be spoken and Tommy blurts the word “vagina” to scare them. Tommy is not right here.

Gavin sees a woman named Marcia at the park sandbox enforcing the sharing rules. Tommy starts a fight over not sharing the shovel he brought for Wyatt with the other kids. The other parents make fun of Tommy’s bruises on his face. The other parents mock Wyatt’s name and he mocks their named kids, like Tiffany, Madison, Britney and so on. Gavin’s daughter realizes Tommy Gavin in the real world won’t work.

At the station house, the men show up and compare the physical damage. Many are in therapy and discuss future NYFD assignments. Black Sean is a gimp for month. Franco says the house has a weird feel and Mike says it is haunted. All the men discuss the thought of quitting. Black Sean is getting heat from Colleen because Tommy is quitting. They all count down to Lou’s ceremony of ashes.

Tommy returns Damien from a walk. Tommy says he put his papers in and Sheila thinks he wants to be a Lt. then when Gavin stumbles she assumes he will file for a reassignment. Sheila is furious about Tommy quitting. She says she knows every instinct he’s got and without fire there is no love for him. Tommy needs fire and sex together and absent these thrills his life is over. Sheila says he will go mad. Sensing truth, Tommy gets out of there.

But Gavin has to write Lou’s eulogy. He thinks the dream is what he is supposed to say.

On the way to the ashes ceremony all the gum chewing and bubble snapping irritates Gavin. White Shaun and Mike want to see inside the ashes box but Gavin says no. Then Gavin insists the gum chewers have to spit out the gum. They open the windows while driving and the car fills with ash. Lou’s ashes box gets thrown around and ashes fly everywhere.

The men pull over and get out, sputtering and coughing. They are covered in powdered Lou, spitting and sneezing and brushing ashes everywhere. The jokes fly as fast as the ashes. There isn’t much to put back in the box.

Gavin says they have to find something light and fluffy to mix in with the ashes so it will fly into the air on the clifftop. But Gavin insists they have to get as much of the ash back into the box. White Shaun drops his trousers to let the dust fly just as a police car drives up. They decide to go to the store and get something to mix in and make more Lou dust.

Mickey sees Tommy throw the ashes away. He is shocked because the ashes have a suspicious consistency. Tommy reads a letter from Lou. He loved cake. Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix is what they used. Lou’s letter is a recipe of the 62 truck men and says they should stay together. But Lou mentions he was a goner because of his heart and he wanted to go in the job.

Labor pains start while Black Sean, Colleen, and Tommy’s other daughter watch and freak out. Tommy delivers his own baby while the family orders pizza. Black Sean freaks out because he expects Tommy to pass out. Delivering his wife’s mother’s baby wasn’t on the menu. Tommy asks for scissors and towels and string. But the baby comes first as Tom’s kids freak out at the baby presenting right in front of their faces.

Katie says the baby is deformed, upsetting the new mother, then recognises what a baby penis looks like. Colleen wants Alexander, Philip and Joshua as names, Gavin says no. The baby is a boy and then Gavin does a carpet dive. He wakes up with head on a pillow on the floor. Tommy balks at the name Alexander and his wife won’t accept the name of Lou. They settle on Shea Gavin. Black Sean proceeds to order pizza. Tommy is upset Black Sean told the station he fainted.

Then Gavin’s wife says she called Needles (The Lt.) to reinstate his assignment at 62 Truck. She says he doesn’t work in the real world and she’d end up killing him. Tommy assents.

Gavin gives the speech, in front of the NYPD September 11 monument, to the new probationary firefighters graduating from the academy training. One very fat probie laughs at what Gavin says and Gavin barks at him.

Franco is the new Lt. and proceeds after Gavin to give a bracing talk telling them what to expect. Franco Rivera screams at each one to remember three assigned names from the monument.

When Gavin gets in the car Lou is waiting to talk to him. Lou likes the name of his new Godson but isn’t so sure about the cake mix trick. Lou indicates the fat probie is the one to replace him at the station. Lou continues to ‘appear” to Gavin, like many other lost fireman have.

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