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Hell's Kitchen- 5 Chefs Compete- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 8th September 2011

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At the black jackets stage, the group celebrate with champagne but Jennifer doubts that this will stop Elise from being Elise. The contestants vow to turn over a new leaf. The new challenge is to turn comfort food into something new and amazing. They have 45 minutes to prepare. The chefs rush to dish it up. Ramsay has a blue ribbon panel to judge this competition.

The players run for plates but Elise sprints and get Eggplant Parmesana. Paulie misses that goal and gets tuna casserole, to his great disappointment. Tommy grabs chicken and dumplings. Will gets meat loaf. Jennifer gets lasagna. Paulie uses canned tuna, a big mistake. Will wraps meat loaf in bacon and fries in like a fish, scalloping slices for presentation.

Elise has 9 pans working and Paulie thinks she is going overboard. Tommy hustles his dumplings. His presentation is good but the taste is so-so. Jennifer presents her dish to the judges saying she hates lasagna. It shows. Elise gets very high marks for her Parmesana tower while Paulie’s tuna is nebulous. Tommy’s dumpling get good scores for presentation.

The panel are very highly esteemed food industry media professionals. Ramsay watches as the payers present their dish and the double scores are for presentation and taste. Tommy’s dumplings are tough. Eric Greenspan the chef calls out Paulie for using canned tuna. The opportunity to change it up is lost. Elise gets the high score which only Will’s meat loaf supreme beats out. he sauteed the bacon in butter before wrapping it around the meat loaf.

Will wins the challenge but he has the chance to invite someone else. Will does the honorable thing and invites Elsie along to a tour of Los Angeles chef specialties by two of the chefs they were judged by. They change while the losing chefs face the music. A white Rolls Royce phantom escorts them to the restaurant. Will and Elise are blown away by the specialties and agree that the drama queen Elise is in the past.

The black jackets must compose a menu to serve in one hour. They are experienced and have a good meeting. The returning chefs finalize their menu fast but the current chefs fight Elise. When she stands up for her opinions the other chefs play the “Elise is difficult” card. The resulting menu is a mishmash. Ramsay sets the competition up.

The rest of the chefs have been prepping the kitchen and cleaning the restaurant and doing the laundry of the linens. But the chefs are told by Ramsay they will be competing against a group of returning players, Tennille, Trev, Vin. Jillian, and Van appear. They mean serious business and go to work serving the menu. The current chef kitchen frays fast.

Ramsay starts yelling at everyone. Jennifer is in the weeds and her food gets sent back. Tennille and Van have problems. Elise asks Vin and Paulie for opinions and gets blasted in the face-to-face. Paulie can’t get it together and Ramsay notices Elise is waiting on his food. Paulie can’t deliver. Elise bickers but gets her food out.

All the dinners are served. The returning chefs really don’t get the best results. They get a 80% approval rating from their diners. After service the current chefs win but they have to decide on a loser. The current chefs win the diner poll with a 96% approval rating. The returning chef crew lose with good grace.

Jennifer had food come back and she is an obvious choice to go home. In the dorm the men relax. The group also wants Elise out. Jennifer draws Paulie off to the side as the others cast suspicious glances. Jennifer confesses to a huge crush on Paulie. He laughs uncertainly but is kind. They hug and then Paulie runs around looking pleased because he is “adorable”. The rest of the chefs are incredulous.

Sadly one candidate must be voted off. Elise nominates herself and Jennifer. Ramsay is flabbergasted and makes Elise explain why. Elise states the team feels she has an abrasive attitude.

Ramsay makes Jennifer step forward and take off her jacket off. Will says “what?" out loud. Ramsay tells Jennifer she is too quiet and takes her jacket but gives her a clean one. He tells her to get back in line and gives Elise another chance as well.

Ramsay says he brought in the other chefs to step up the service. The best service yet. Nobody is voted off. Nobody failed.

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