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The Closer- Star Turn- recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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A famous teenager’s video to her father “Say Yes, Daddy” plays online. But meanwhile the missing father’s body is found ten days after the search goes on for the missing man. The Chief is surprised that plaster casts show the man was dragged to edge and all other footprints wiped away. The dead man has clean skin underneath his clothes not sunburned, and has pepper spray dried on his face. Supposedly he died, lost.

The teenager, Missy Michaels, is getting famous from the media byplay. Missy Michaels' grandfather Mr. Durant (Ken Howard) describes the father as a Hollywood fame-mad. he was a stage father who shoved his daughter Missy on stage, promising a film career. Mr. Durant says the talent manager Bruno handled everything.

Hollywood struck the family. The family was in Fort Wayne Indiana but his daughter was an amateur actress like Bob Michaels, the dead man. They are in Hollywood to promote Missy’s new video “Daddy Say Yes" which has Mr. Michaels, the dead man, in it.

Chief Johnson is pulled away by the Staff Commander to meet with the Terrell Baylor attorney. Gavin says the agreement appears reasonable. But the agreement is desperate and Gavin suspects a rat. Captain Rayder won’t sign off on it either, claiming the language of Chief Johnson statement is a legal writing. But Brenda feels pressured into getting the matter over with.

The language of the statement admission indicates Johnson left Baylor in harm’s way. The attorney has also lowered his contingency. Gavin delays signing the agreement until he can review the settlement offer. Chief Johnson’s husband also find the disturbing language incriminating. They commander is ready to throw Brenda under the bus to make the lawsuit go away.

The Michaels family crashes Commander Taylors press conference. Bruno the agent is very slick and tries to twist the Chief’s arm by avoiding getting the mother and Missy to answer questions. Chief Johnson threatens to let the media know what’s going on and that she will tell the Press they are not cooperating. Bruno deals for footage of Mr Michael’s body being removed from the hiking mountain for Missy’s next video to let them show up.

Morales says the stomach contents of the victim show he was not lost. He must have had pizza and blue candy before his death. Chief Johnson was not convinced a man hiking lost for five days and had pizza delivered.

Bruno ordered the pepper spray off the Internet. Bruno the agent has many complaints from fathers of other girls about the way he was treating the daughter. Bruno insist on being part of the police process. Brenda sets up phony documents that make Bruno feel like he is in charge. Bruno admits to buying the pepper spray and giving it to Missy for protection because she get her purse snatched. Bruno is arrested on suspicion of murder.

In questioning Missy speaks sympathetically about her father’s death. Brenda cannot find the pepper spray. Bruno calls the media as his one phone call. Missy says the pepper spray was in the manager’s office during her video shoot. The police posit that Mrs. Michaels drove her husband to the mountains in a separate car while Missy was driven home by Bruno.

The police also find credit card bills for Mr. Michaels for blue gummy bears during his “mountain hike”. They paid for the room in cash.

Buzz the photographer sets up a fake video shoot while the family sign documents. Missy knows the exact definition of what a pathology timeline is, startling everyone. Brenda tells the mother they need a video statement they can put on the LAPD website with a link to the Missy song of the “Daddy Say Yes” video. Johnson alleges the missing man was a hoax.

Johnson introduces Buzz the photographer as a media liaison to the “major studios” and can get her video out to media outlets nationwide. They have to get her media release first. Gavin watches Brenda in the media room. Mrs. Michael’s readiness to sign the offer spurs them to further questioning. Missy’s mother talks about finding Michaels at the hotel.

The father Mr. Durant, is shocked his daughter was involved. She then says that Mr. Michaels went on the hike to get real about going back to the old job in Indiana. Mr. Durant affirms there was no job to go back to. Then Mrs. Michaels admits to the plan to garner media attention for Missy’s video. Gavin and the detectives watch intently and nibble on licorice.

Mrs. Michaels says that she and her husband argued spontaneously on the mountain because Bob was afraid to go up the mountain alone. Mrs. Michaels say her husband went wild and she pushed the husband back in self defense. But the police point out she hid the footprints.

Bend alleges they will get a warrant to find the pepper spray on her clothes. This shows premeditation to kill Bob to create more media frenzy. Brenda tells Mrs. Michaels they did’t stop rolling when she admitted her attempt to kill her husband and a jury will see the footage. The watching detectives roll with glee and admire Brenda for her nerve.

Gavin tells Brenda not to sign the legal agreement for Burrell Taylor. Gavin says the lawyer can refile anytime. But the Missy Michael case notoriety would make Johnson fodder for media tabloids. Johnson watches, amazed, as Missy is stopped outside police headquarters by reporters, and turns to bask in the media glow.

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