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Entourage- Second to Last-Recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th September 2011

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Vince shoots a video for his own website, filled with past girlfriends bragging about how they love Vincent Chase. Turtle edits this into a final movie. They put this online at a website called “We Love Vincent Chase.com”. Vince wants to help Turtle with the Don Pepe restaurant but he says he has it covered.

E fights with Scott Levin about accepting Galecki as a client, and Scott Levin points out E’s problem is still Sloan. Levin points out the reason Eric is not together with Sloan is because Eric wouldn’t sign the prenup. Eric says if Levin does not fire Galecki he is gone.

Johnny Drama is mentally unbalanced by the recent turmoil over Johnny Bananas and the strike. The producer of Bananas is still not talking to him and Phil holds the greenlight on the miner movie screenplay. Drama visits Sophia and says Vince is a great brother and a great guy. Sophia says her ex-boyfriend was chief at Johns Hopkins.

Phil has maintained they won’t make Drama’s new miner screenplay because Les Moonves runs CBS and Les and Phil are tight. Drama sends Phil a special apology basket of cookies. But Phil won’t return Ari’s call. Ari is i the thick of solving his divorce mess.

Vince demands Ari read the screenplay. He doesn’t but Dana does and says it is emotionally manipulative. Ari and Dana continue to have a good relationship but Dana is sad because Ari is obviously still emotionally involved with Mrs. Ari.

Dana is sad because Ari is a good person whose life is getting tied up in a financial knot by the divorce, to a woman he still cares about.Dana wants definition from Ari about what their relationship is but Ari can’t commit.

Turtle encounters more problems when his friends the DiLuccas from New York, who pressure him to take a lease on a huge new restaurant space. They ignore his wishes to view the space he has costed out. Although they are putting in no money, they insist on demanding Turtle do what they want. The DiLuccas expect 50/50 profit sharing.

Turtle draws them aside. They admit they came to Los Angeles for a free trip and only want what they want. This is the chef who will cook the clams Turtle remembers from growing up in New York. The realtor says Wolfgang Puck’s people want the space too. Turtle is forced to write a check for $100,000 to cement the space and knows it is a mistake.

Vince continues his pursuit of Vanity Fair writer Sophia Lear, despite her evident disinterest. Drama drops off a copy of the video they shoot with some words of persuasion about what a great guy Vince is. When Lear calls the hotel suite, Turtle relates how Vince paid off the mortgage on Turtle’s mothers house when it came up for repossession without even telling them, for years.

E is in bed with Melinda still talking about Sloan. Melinda understands because she was married to Sloan’s father and knows how the family can twist people’s minds. Melinda points out the sex is really really great. But Turtle calls E and says he spotted Sloan with Johnny Galecki at the farmer’s market. Eric jumps out of bed and gets dressed, running out.

Ari reads the screenplay and cries. Lloyd is alarmed at this chink in Ari’s armor. Ari says it makes him cry. (Since his wife invested all the money in the company and his house. Mrs. Ari will take everything but the kids). Ari screams at his company agents that they are all fired unless they get feet up under Drama’s new project. He says he will owe someone a favor who gets it greenlit.

Ari gets a call from Dana regarding the miner movie screenplay and he says they are all fired because he is doing their job for him. Ari is panicked over having nothing after a twenty year career. He can’t start a fight with Bobby Flay because he can’t afford the lawsuit. Dana reminds Ari he is separated and the husband and wife can lead separate lives.

E meets Sloan at her table with Johnny Galecki at the Farmer’s Market with Melinda in tow, enraging Sloan.Eric is angry because he and Sloan used to lunch their. E behaves spitefully, saying Sloan is a slut and brings up Seth Green. Sloan gets upset and walks out with Galecki following. Sloan calls Melinda a cougar who bosses Eric around.

While texting Levin, Galecki tells Eric he’s fired and to go blank himself. Melinda enjoys seeing Sloan off balance. Sloan leaves and Eric is emotionally a mess.

Ari must take out a loan from the bank to keep his agency stake afloat. Lloyd is alarmed that Ari is out of mojo, and Drama’s screenplay may not get made and Ari is under pressure from Vince to make it happen. Vince says he believes they are friends and that makes it personal. Vince points out Drama is family and that makes it doubly personal, and not just business. (Vince rarely pulls this on Ari).

Turtle calls all his big name sports friends to get more investment money. He has been pressured to do so, but Turtle spends all his currency ruining his relationships and is worried about being out of money. They back off. Turtle tries to logroll big names into investing but the name he mentions is playing hoop with the man he is talking to and they’re both done with Turtle.

Vince teases Turtle that he won’t let him invest in the Don Pepe restaurant. But Turtle is afraid to commit Vince’s money with things going sour. Turtle gets told by one of the would-be investors he should be rich because the tequilas stock just did an IPO and Tequila mix stock owners are rich. Turtle is dumbfounded.

Turtles watches in disgust on TMZ as Mark Cuban fronts as a billionaire from the tequila mix. He celebrated as a pimp businessman. The touted margarita mix IPO makes bank. Turtle and Vince sold their shares long ago for cash. Turtle is very nervous that the restaurant project is getting out of his control so fast. He must also let Vince know they could have made $20 million if they had kept their stock.

Vince knows the screenplay was written for Drama personally and decides after talking to Drama they should make the movie themselves. He speaks with Drama, who is touched by Vince’s commitment t the process.

Vince and Drama come back home to the hotel, where Turtle wrings his hands and waits nervously. Vince and Drama talk about making the movie, (obviously Vince will pay for it). Turtle cowers because he must tell Vince about the money. Billy Walsh is directing the movie.

Dana responds to the pressure on Ari by getting the screenplay to her friend who runs the Hallmark Channel. But they have another way to go for the director. Dana says to avoid a bidding war they have to close the miner movie deal fast. Ari learns that Phil will move ahead with the Drama screenplay with a bigger better actor just to spite Drama.

Afraid that someone will make the movie without his involvement Ari and Vince crash Phil’s office at CBS. Phil is getting a massage on a table and they chortle at Phil’s embarrassment at getting caught. Phil strides back and forth in a robe, emotionally angry at Drama. Vince smoothes the waters as he watches Phil throw Drama’s cookies on the floor and then in the trash. Phil is very upset. Vince asks what they can do to get him over this.

Phil may soon be amenable. Especially when Ari offers Phil $5,000 for his German Shepherd abuse charity. Phil scoffs at the amount and Ari pleads divorce poverty. Vince offers $100,000, dumbfounding both Ari and Phil. Vince demands this never gets mentioned again. Drama is waiting to find out what the deal is and then bear hugs Ari in the CBS lobby.

Turtle looks horrible and Vince asks for the bad news. Turtle confesses about the IPO and Vince gulps. But then Vince surprises him, telling him he never sold the tequila mix shares because he believed Turtle when he said the liquor drink was hot. Cuban said Turtle was onto something and Vince had faith in Turtle.

Drama says this means Turtle is a millionaire and Turtle’s shares are worth $4 million and Vince’s worth $15 million. Vince says Mark Cuban personally guaranteed the stock and wouldn’t let Vince sell it. Vince bought Turtle’s shares to hold for him. After paying back the initial $300,000 Vince fronted, Turtle is now rich.

Turtle is stunned and mentions his conversation with Sophia. Drama also mentions his own diplomacy efforts. Vince is pleased he will be having drinks with Sophia at 9:30 and tells Turtle to cancel dinner with Eric.

Eric drives up in front of Sloan’s house before she can get home and confronts her. Eric apologizes for calling her a slut. She says Galecki and she only went out once and she met him today to call it off. She says she is so much not a slut she has not slept with anyone else. He learns Sloan is pregnant with his child and wants nothing to do with him and is moving to New York.

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